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Day 52 Daily Eat to Live Meal Plans Dr Furhman Nutritarian menu no oil vegan recipes whole food plant based Dr Greger How Not to Die What the HealthStarting something new is hard.

Maybe you’ve just read one of Dr. Fuhrman’s books, or seen him on Dr. Oz or one of his PBS specials.  What he says makes sense to you and you’re not happy with your health.  You’re ready to change…

Here’s the bottom line: you know that if you eat to live and adopt a nutritarian lifestyle you are going to reach your ideal weight, protect yourself from diseases and feel absolutely amazing along the way!

But changing your diet in such a radical way can be completely immobilizing.  And a whole lotta hard work.

I should know because it was for me.

I don’t want you to have to suffer through the growing pains during your first 6 weeks (or beyond) on this diet.  That’s why this bank of over 50 days of nutritarian menu plans was made for you.

I want better for you!

I want it to be so ridiculously easy for you to follow this life-changing plan that you literally just have to click your mouse to get it done!

Here’s what you’re getting:

  • a full day of what to eat (that’s breakfast, lunch and dinner) on Dr. Fuhrman’s plan
  • a FREE PRINTABLE shopping list, get it right here (right now!): Eat to Live Day 52 Shopping List
  • links to all the recipes you need to make it happen!

Free Printable Recipes Shopping List for Dr Fuhrman Eat to Live Nutritarian 6 week plan Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plan What the HealthYou asked and I listened–free printable shopping lists are now available and they begin on Day 48!

Are you a start-things-from-the-very-beginning type?  Well, then head over to Day 1 and work your way back.

It really doesn’t matter which day you choose, just as long as you pick a menu that looks yummy to you and START!

And while these individual days are a great place to start, your absolute best chance at sticking to a nutritarian lifestyle is by weekly food prep and batch cooking, so be sure to head over to that post next!

Let’s dig into this day of seriously delicious nutritarian eating, shall we?

Eat to Live Daily Menus Meal Plan Day 52 What to eat on Dr Fuhrman plan Whole Food Plant Based No Oil Vegan


  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1 to 1 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • strawberries
  • 1 tbsp. chia seeds


  • large mixed greens (at least two cups) salad with shredded carrots, sliced tomato, chopped red cabbage, 1/4 Hass avocado
  • topped with 3- 4 tbsp. No Oil Tofu Ranch Dressing and a sprinkle of hemp seeds and dried chives (optional)
  • 1 1/2 cups Golden Cauliflower Cream Soup topped with oven-roasted mushrooms and zucchini (place parchment paper on baking sheet, chop mushrooms and slice zucchini and sprinkle with No-Salt seasoning, roast at 375 degrees for about 30 minutes)


I’m so excited to share a new salad recipe with you!  This is the perfect all-in-one recipe because it has loads of veggies and protein!

Day 52 Eat to Live Meal Plan BBQ Tofu Ranch Salad Recipe No Oil Vegan Dr Fuhrman Nutritarian Dr Greger What the Health Whole Food Meal plan


Allow tofu fingers to cool down and give them a chop.  Layer all the ingredients in a bowl (see above), top with ranch and BBQ and fresh parsley (if you’re feeling fancy)!

Notes on Day 52:

This menu is perfect when you are following Dr. Fuhrman’s Aggressive Weight Loss plan!  It has only 1 cup of whole grains for the day (1/2 cup oatmeal at breakfast and 1/2 cup corn at dinner).  It has no added oils and stays within your quotas for sodium and nut and seed intake.

The only way I would make this menu even more ideal would be to add extra baby kale to your lunch soup!

I give this menu an enthusiastic “A”!

Alright, you’ve got this!

Print out your shopping list, click on those recipes and print them out too!

You are going to love how you feel on Day 52 of nutritarian living!

What do you think of these daily menus?  Are they helpful for you?  What could I do to make them even better?  Please leave a comment, I love feedback!


Let’s live better together! 
xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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  • Jayne says:

    These are so helpful!!

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Jayne!

      Sooo glad you are finding them helpful! More good things to come 🙂

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment!

      xo, Kristen

  • Larna Brown says:

    I’m very allergic to tofu and all soy products. Any suggestions for substitutes.

  • db says:

    You are just amazing and so inspirational! Thank you.

  • Hima says:

    Kristen, In your daily menu, I do not see any fruits in lunch and dinner. Are they optional? Cause I remember reading in Diabetes reversal book that Dr. Fuhrman recommends atleast 5 servings of fruit in a day. I also remember checking fruits in your aggressive weight loss program initial weeks. Please suggest.

    • Kristen | Hello Nutritarian says:

      Hi Hima,

      I really leave it up to each individual to choose what fruit is seasonal/available for them to eat after their lunch and dinners! In my earlier Daily Menus I think I had fruits listed.

      But you are absolutely right, you can have fruit daily on the aggressive weight loss plan, in fact, it’s unlimited on that plan but with a minimum of 3 pieces.

      So, choose what you love and eat it either in your salads or after your salads and cooked food!

      xo, Kristen

      • Hima says:

        Thank you so much. I am loving your website. You are a savior for newbies like us

  • Katie says:

    I’ve been getting my ducks in a row to start this diet ASAP, lookin up recipes, writing grocery lists, comparing prices to do it as inexpensively as possible etc… however I haven’t seen anything on what to drink! We are BIG coffee and kombucha drinkers in this house and I wanted to know if that was okay to have on the diet? And what about alcohol?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Kristen | Hello Nutritarian says:

      Hi Katie!

      I’ve never been a big coffee or caffeinated beverage drinker so it’s never been an issue for me.

      Dr. Fuhrman allows for limited coffee and tea due to caffeine being a stimulant that can cause you to want to eat more. But you can find a wonderful article by Dr. Fuhrman on the subject here: https://www.drfuhrman.com/library/eat-to-live-blog/54/is-coffee-bad-or-good-for-you

      SO excited for you to start your nutritarian journey and wishing you all the best!!

      xo, Kristen

  • Erin says:

    I think your breakfast is a double serving as it calls for 1 cup of oats and 1 1/2 cups Almond milk. Reading further down I see you mention your total starches = 1 cup a day (1/2 cup oats and 1/2 cup corn).

    • Kristen Hong says:

      Thanks so much for catching that discrepancy, Erin!

      I’ll be sure to correct the amount of oats so it complies with the 1 cup quota.

      xo, Kristen

  • Tami says:

    The daily menus and shopping lists are so helpful! Thank you!

    • Kristen Hong says:

      I’m so happy to hear that, Tami! Enjoy!

  • Joyce says:

    7 day salad

    • Kristen Hong says:

      Hi Joyce,

      If you’r looking for where you sign up for my emails to get the 7 Day Salad Cleanse here is a link: 7-Day Salad Cleanse