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What if a single kitchen tool could help you eat healthier, cook more efficiently, reduce food waste, and stretch your grocery budget?  And even better?  It’s one you already own.

This book—part organizing guide and part meal-prep handbook—is your ticket to a smarter, better-organized, harder-working fridge that serves your real-life needs.

Inside, you’ll find the secrets to optimal fridge organization (customizable to suit your lifestyle as well as your fridge’s model and configuration), plus shopping tips, storage guidelines, meal-prep strategies, the best storage containers, and more than 100 easy plant-based recipes!




















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I started sharing pictures of my organized and prepped fridges on social media back in 2016. It was my way of celebrating that I had finally figured out how I could follow my nutrtiarian lifestyle when the rest of my family didn’t.

I quickly noticed that every time I shared my refrigerator I would get asked a ton of questions, like:

    • How long do chopped strawberries last in the fridge?
    • Do you wash them first?
    • Are glass storage containers better than plastic?
    • How do you keep your lettuce from getting slimy?
    • What’s the best way to store fresh cilantro?
    • I feel like I have no space in my refrigerator; what’s the best way to organize a side-by-side?

These countless questions made me realize a frustrating truth: We’ve never been taught how to use our fridge to its maximum potential.  And I say that ends now!

Fridge Love is about deciding what you want from your fridge, learning helpful organization and storage practices and enjoying recipes that align with your personal fridge goals.  I focus on five of them in the book.

I created this cookbook to be useful for everyone, no matter if you’re Keto, vegan, Whole30, vegetarian, nutritarian, low-carb, or just a standard everyday eater.

What makes Fridge Love so special is the practical substance it provides that most cookbooks shy away from or omit.

When you’re done reading, you’ll be armed with all the information you’ll ever need to know to make your fridge the number one tool for your health!

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