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Daily Eat to Live Meal Plan Day 51 Dr Fuhrman Nutritarian 6 week program review Dr Greger How Not to Die What the Health Recipes Oil Free Vegan RecipesStarting something new is hard.

There’s no way of getting around those growing pains when you bite the bullet and take the plunge!

Here’s the bottom line: you know that if you eat to live and adopt a nutritarian lifestyle you are going to reach your ideal weight, protect yourself from diseases and feel absolutely amazing along the way!

But changing your diet in such a radical way can be completely immobilizing.  And a whole lotta hard work…

I should know because it was for me.

That’s why this bank of over 50 days of nutritarian menu plans was made for you.

I want better for you!

I want it to be so ridiculously easy for you to follow this life-changing plan that you literally just have to click your mouse to get it done!

Here’s what you’re getting:

  • a full day of what to eat (that’s breakfast, lunch and dinner) on Dr. Fuhrman’s plan
  • a FREE PRINTABLE shopping list, get it right here (right now): Eat to Live Day 51 Shopping List
  • links to all the recipes you need to make it happen!

Free Printable Recipes Shopping List for Dr Fuhrman Eat to Live Nutritarian 6 week plan Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plan What the HealthYou asked and I listened–free printable shopping lists are now available and they begin on Day 48!

Are you a start-things-from-the-very-beginning type?  Well, then head over to Day 1 and work your way back (I won’t mind)!

It really doesn’t matter what order you choose, just as long as you pick a day that looks yummy to you and START! 

Now, let’s dig into this day of seriously delicious nutritarian eating, shall we?

What I eat in a Day 51 Dr Fuhrman Diet review Fall Recipes No Oil Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes Kale Casserole What the HealthEAT TO LIVE BREAKFAST:

I’m so excited to share a new breakfast recipe with you: Apple Nachos!  So, so easy to prepare and perfect for dessert too–I think you’re going to love them as much as I do!

APPLE NACHOS (serves 2)

  • 2 Fuji apples (or your preferred variety)
  • 3 tbsp. unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 tbsp. raw almond butter
  • 1/2 cup diced strawberries (or any fresh berries you have on hand)
  • 1 tbsp. raisins
  • 1 tbsp. raw sunflower seeds

Slice apples and arrange in a single layer on a large plate.  Mix the almond butter with almond milk in a small bowl, stirring with a fork until a pour-able consistency is reached.  Sprinkle with berries, seeds and raisins. 



  • mixed baby greens salad with 1/2 cup garbanzo beans, frozen broccoli (steam in microwave for 2 to 3 minutes), diced orange bell pepper, sliced cucumbers, optional: 1/4 cup WildBrine beet sauerkraut
  • 1 serving (about 1 1/2 cup) Cheesy Kale Casserole

Notes on Day 51:

Two areas of concern for this menu if you’re following Dr. Fuhrman’s Aggressive Weight Loss plan:

  1. Processed Foods: At this time in my nutritarian journey I did rely on processed foods–this was before I started weekly batch prepping and was short on time during the week.  If you’re just transitioning into the plan and need some convince then I would recommend this veggie burger brand.  If you are following the strict protocol opt for Extra-Creamy No-Oil Hummus and raw sunflower seeds in place of the veggie burger.
  2. Store-Bought Pickled Condiments: I went through a patch of eating this Wild Brine sauerkraut before I learned how to pickle my own veggies without using sodium.  I recommend you chop red cabbage and cover with white vinegar in a glass mason jar and spices of your choice.

You can use this menu as is if you are following the Basic Guidelines or you’re just transitioning in.  Other wise make the modifications listed above for following the strict plan.

Alright, you’ve got this!

Print out your shopping list, click on those recipes and print them out too!

You are going to love how you feel on Day 51 of nutritarian living!

What do you think of these daily menus?  Are they helpful for you?  What could I do to make them even better?  Please leave a comment, I love feedback!

Let’s do better together!  xo, Kristen

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xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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  • winnie says:

    Do these menus go beyond day 51 ? I have really enjoyed this guide to help me on my journey. I tend to suffer from paralysis by analysis and have a hard time putting it all into practical application. This site is a Godsend because it shakes me out of my rut of trying to figure out meals by giving a sort of training wheels approach . I still need my training wheels for a while so dont abandon me. I had my book for over a year and never made it work until I found this site. More menus please ! you must come back !

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Winnie!

      SO wonderful to hear that MMTM has been helping you so much! I am definitely going to post more individual days! I have the blog on a slow-burn right now as I am working on my very first eBook that will have 6 weeks of batch meal planning–and I am super excited about it!!

      Have you been through all 51 days? If not, you can start at day #1 here! Also, check out my 6 week journal where I listed everything I ate, and, finally, there is the 7 day Eat to Live meal plan you can tap into! Honestly I have plenty of repeat meals that I eat all the time. Find your top 10 to 12 meals and put those on rotation!

      I hope these ideas can tide you over until I get Day #52 up and thank you, so very much, for your support!!

      xo, Kristen

  • Rachel says:

    This is such a big gift. This is just Day 2 of my journey and I have 100 pounds to lose. To have this guidance when so much needs to change is brilliant. What’s also so powerful is your blog that expresses the real ups and downs of doing something as daunting as this. I’ll doit step-by-step and day-by-day –and thank goodness for your supports.
    With much appreciation.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Rachel!

      Oh, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment–feedback from readers is what keeps me going!

      Huge congratulations on starting your Eat to Live journey and getting to day 2! You wouldn’t believe how many people cannot make it past day 1! This lifestyle is difficult at first, but it gets easier the more you practice good habits!

      If you haven’t already, make sure to read up here about batch food prepping–this has really made life easier for me!

      Again, thanks so much for your comment!

      xo, Kristen

  • Amanda says:

    I am loving your blog! Such great ideas and I like how simple most of your days are. Great for us busy peeps. Keep up the great work. This blog has been so helpful for me.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Amanda!

      Yay! I’m so happy you are finding the content helpful!

      Stay tuned for lots a great things to come!

      xo, Kristen

  • Bonnie Cook says:

    This is so helpful.. I’m on day five and wondering if I need to be more disciplined. Do you always eat all you’re fruit for breakfast? I find myself eating one banana and 1 tablespoon of almond butter at breakfast and then when I get really hungry another fruit later in the day. I have 3 total fruits a day. Will this make the diet less effective ? I need to lose a few pounds, but my reason for beginning to eat this way is to nutritionally manage my cholesterol. I was put on statins and they made me feel ill. My Dr. will check my cholesterol 3 months from now. Thank you so much for your help.

  • Aubrey says:

    Are the garbanzo beans canned?

    • Kristen | Hello Nutritarian says:

      Hi Aubrey,

      Yes, they were canned but I also buy them in packs now to!

      xo, Kristen

  • Kelly Morgan says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey, your insights and recipes. I love your sight and have found it so helpful in my busy life. I have been on the nutritarian eating plan for 4 months and have lost 26 pounds and feel so much better. Keep up the good work! God is using you to lead people into a healthier lifestyle.

  • Emmillie Ritz says:

    Kirsten. Please keep your meals coming. They are so delicious and they make my days easier. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Kristen Hong says:

      Hi Emmillie,

      Oh, I’m SO very happy to hear that you’re enjoying this resource! I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know they have been helpful for you!