Unbreakable Christmas Ornaments Toddler friendly christmas decorations Natural Rustic Chritmas treeHave a little terror roaming around your home this Christmas?  Still want to have a gorgeous Christmas tree?

Don’t let your toddler cramp your Christmas tree style! 

I promise you can still have a beautiful tree.  Pinky promise!   

Check out some of these (ridiculously) simple, chic and unbreakable Christmas ornaments, for a beautiful, rustic and natural Christmas look (that I can pretty much guarantee you’ll want to keep using even after junior has had his first loose tooth)! 

Toddler-proof christmas tree ornaments decorations Unbreakable christmas ornaments rustic christmas decorOh, the good old days of baby’s first Christmas!  Safely confined to her crib or bouncy you could gleeful admire your collection of vintage mercury glass ornaments as they hung proudly on the tree.  

Now, it’s baby’s second Christmas and your home is literally ground zero for search and destruct Holiday edition.  Yeah, Nana’s heirloom ornaments are going to be spending the next few years in the attic as you enter the wonderful world of toddler-proof Christmas trees. 

I’ve checked Pinterest, it’s slim pickins’ folks!  

I was in a bind cause we had just bought our very first home (which pretty much demands a really awesome first Christmas tree) and our daughter was only 1 1/2. 

Here’s what we did…

Kid Friendly Christmas ornaments unfinished wood christmas ornaments toddler proof christmas tree decorationsQuick trip to Michael’s and found all these (super-cheap) unfinished wood ornaments!  I enlisted the help of my 4 1/2-year-old and we got to work with the glitter and glue! 

We started with our “K” and “H” letters (that you can find in Michael’s unfinished wood isle) and you can see that really easy tutorial for monogrammed ornaments here!

Unfinished wood christmas ornaments snowman gold glitter kid friendly christmas decor toddler-proof treeAll you have to do is add a touch of glitter to these wooden ornaments and you’re in business!  We’re talking Elmer’s glue and a paintbrush, kind-a-easy! 

The only thing that can really be “damaged” is some glitter falling off–which is favorable to sharp shards of glass in my book!

Here’s what we made…

DIY Christmas Ornaments Unfinished Wood Bird house ornament tinsel flitterFor this birdhouse, I used some silver tinsel glitter on the roof and hot-glued a little bottle brush wreath I had picked up from an Etsy shop a few years before.

Wooden bird christmas ornament DIY Wooden Christmas ornaments gold tinsel birdWe only found one of these cute little wooden birds at Michael’s so he is extra-special!  Gold tinsel glitter for his body, silver glitter for his eyes and fine gold glitter for his beak. 

He came prepared for hanging with that little steel loop on top and I used natural twine for hanging.

Gingerbread man Christmas ornament Unfinished Wood Christmas Ornaments Gingerbread man ornament toddler-proof christmas tree decorationsUm, this gingerbread man is just the cutest!  Just use different colored glitters for each element!

You can learn how to make that bell ornament here! 

Toddler-proof Christmas tree ornaments baby boot christmas ornamentI used my daughter’s boots form her very first Christmas picture as ornaments too! 

Here’s how it all turned out…

Natural Christmas tree decorations toddler-proof christmas tree unfinished wood christmas ornaments Christmas tree decorating ideasYou can find the tutorial for the little angel ornaments here!

I hope you’ve been adequately inspired to make some wood and glitter ornaments for your own toddler-proof tree!  

Full disclosure: I DID NOT leave our presents under the tree during “normal business hours,” if you look closely at the first pictures in this post you’ll see my daughter quickly nabbed one of the jingle bells off of one of the presents within t-minus 60 seconds of doing this photo shoot!

I promise, this too shall pass!

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xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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