DIY Disney Frozen Advent Calendar Frozen Hair Clip Advent Calendar Frozen Christmas Decor

Are you ready to make the ultimate Frozen Christmas decor?  Your little Frozenista is going to squeal with delight and break out in her favorite Frozen ballad-of-choice when she sees her new Frozen hair clip advent calendar!

Yes, you heard right!  It’s a traditional felt advent calendar with hair clips instead of ornaments!  It’s a crafting game-changer and it’s the project I’m most excited to share with you for Christmas 2015!

Find out how a hair clip advent calendar works, about the inspiration for the Frozen Hair Clip Advent Calendar project plus more beautiful pics, here!

Frozen Hair Clip “Ornaments”

I’ve always been an icing-over-cake kinda gal, so let’s start off with the hair clips!  And since Elsa gets all the love, we’ll let the Anna-inspired hair clips go first!

Disney Frozen Hair Clip Advent Calendar Tutorials Anna Sven Arandelle Castle Flower

  1. Arandelle Castle: I used deep blues, bright magenta and pinks to evoke Anna’s color scheme.  Get the full tutorial and free template here! 
  2. Anna’s Flower:  I started with a ribbon-covered alligator clip (see tutorial here).  I used this free “Anna’s Nordic Flower Ornament” template with a few minor changes.  I scaled down the template so the completed flowers are 2 1/4 inches long.  I kept the” fashion gems” off and combined the upper and lower leaf petals on each side into one piece (this made it easier to trace and cut out)!  I used glitter fabric from Polly Chrome Crafts in pale pink, royal blue, frosty blue and bright pink.   I also used felt in teal blue, bright blue, fuchsia and light pink.  I alternated colors to make 3 unique clips.
  3. Anna:  This amazingly-detailed hair clip was custom made for me by Etsy shop Little Magic Pieces!  I’m happy to report that shop owner, Dovile, has since added this Anna clip to her boutique collection and has recently made Anna in her coronation dress too!  (Okay, I kinda have to get that one now!)
  4. Sven:  I used another free template “Sven Ornament” for this clip.  Make sure when you print out the template to scale down the size so that Sven measures 3 1/4 inches from top of antlers to bottom of nose.  I used honey brown and tan felts with gold and brown glitter fabric (also from Polly Chrome Crafts).  For his eyes and nostrils, I used black glitter glue. 

Disney Frozen Christmas Decor Disney Frozen Hair Clips Frozen Advent Calendar tutorial

Here’s Elsa’s collection of ornaments!

  1. Elsa:  Another beautiful hair clip by Etsy shop Little Magic Pieces!  Shop owner, Dovile, used light blue glitter fabric and hand beaded details for Elsa’s famous dress.  She also hand-sews the eyes and lips and adds a beautiful rosy-pink to the cheeks!  I can’t rave enough about the level of detail in this clip, it’s truly a work of art!
  2. Snowflakes:  Good news!  These are super-simple to put together because you can buy the felt snowflakes pre-cut!  I started with a ribbon-covered alligator clip (see tutorial here).  Then, simply glue 2 or 3 styles and colors of snowflakes stacked on top of each other!  Make sure the snowflakes are 2 inches in diameter and you get several different shapes so you can layer them!  I bought some regular felt snowflakes from Etsy shop, I Felt Sprightly)!  If you want to do glitter fabric snowflakes as well, I got mine from Etsy shop Polly Chrome Craft from the UK, in colors: pale blue, frosty blue and royal blue. 
  3. Elsa’s Ice Castle:  This is another MMTM exclusive design and you can get the tutorial and FREE template here
  4. Olaf:  I can’t say enough about how inspirational the Etsy shop Little Magic Pieces was to the making of this Frozen advent calendar!  Shop owner, Dovile, used bright white felt with accents in orange and brown glitter fabric.  Complete with Olaf’s own personal sow flurry and glitter-glue accents, this hair clip is seriously an amazing thing to behold!

Notes on Hair Clips

Use What You Have:  What I love most about this advent calendar is that you can use hair clips you already have on hand!  Then, you can choose to add or make a few special ones each year! 

Glitter Fabric Substitute — Hand Glittering: If you don’t have time to order the recommended glitter fabric from Etsy (apparently this magic stuff can only be found in the UK) no worries!  All you need is a paintbrush and some Elmer’s glue!  Take your cut piece of felt and paint on a thin layer of Elmer’s glue.  Sprinkle liberally with fine glitter in corresponding color.  Allow the piece to dry over night or at least 6 hours.  Yay, instant and way-cheaper glitter fabric!!!   

Frozen Advent Calendar Frozen Christmas Decorations Frozen Christmas tree Disney Frozen

Frozen Advent Calendar Tutorial by Kristen Hong of MMTM

Materials Needed:

  • light blue felt (or color of your choice) cut into 22 inches (width) by 33 inches (height) rectangle  **Optional: Sheer layering fabric (like tulle or similar) cut to the same dimensions or slightly bigger than the felt piece and trimmed.  Make sure to chose a fabric that doe snot unravel whe you cut it–this will keep you from having to do any finishing!
  • round wooden craft stick cut to at least 23 1/4 inches long (NOTE: You can find these at most craft stores in the unfinished wood isle.  I used one that was 1/4 inch in diameter and 36 inches long.  You can easily cut it with a hand saw or sharp serrated knife!)
  • darker blue felt cut to 18 inches (width) by 5 1/2 inches (height) (Optional: Sheer layering fabric for added texture (like tulle or similar) cut to the same dimensions or slightly larger and trimmed)
  • 1 yard white felt (Optional: decorative white fabric of your choice to layer on top of the felt.  I used a synthetic, glittered, scroll-patterned material from Hobby Lobby).
  • 1.5 yards of 1/2 inch wide decorative ribbon
  • 1 yard white decorative ribbon
  • 27 inches sheer 1-inch wide white ribbon (or color of your choice) for hanging the calendar
  • white felt snowflake for tree topper (I bought a 5-inch-wide stuffed and hand-beaded snowflake from Etsy shop Wool Hearts)
  • white paint or spray paint for wooden craft stick
  • two packages of Steam-A-Seam 2 (Warm Company Steam-A-Seam 2 Double Stick Fusible Web-9″X12″ Sheets 5/Pkg)
  • iron, ironing board & thin pressing fabric (I used some leftover cotton fabric)
  • fabric shears (I use & highly recommend Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears)
  • fabric glue (I used & highly recommend Loctite 212220 2-Ounce Tube Stik ‘n Seal Indoor Adhesive)
  • fabric glue for trimming (I used & highly recommend Aleene’s Platinum Bond Adhesive Super Fabric 2 oz
  • pins
  • ruler
  • masking tape or blue painter’s tape
  • permanent marker
  • regular Scotch tape (or equivalent)
  • OPTIONAL: Sewing machine & corresponding accessories if you are adding a layer of decorative sheer fabric on top of the light blue felt advent calendar backing and want a more finished look. 

Optional Trimmings:

STEP 1 – Prepare the Felt Advent Calendar Backing:

There are two ways to make this Frozen advent calendar project, 100% no-sew or sewing on the advent calendar backing only.  I will go over both ways below!

Diy Frozen hair clip Advent calendar tutorial base

  1. Layering Fabrics for Backing: If you are not attaching the optional sheer, textured fabric to your felt backing, skip this step!  If you are layering the fabrics you can: (A) use your sewing machine and make a 1/4th inch boarder along your felt backing, then trim off extra fabric OR (B) use your fabric glue to attach to the felt.  
  2. Measure and Mark the Backing: Place your craft stick at the top of your calendar backing.  Fold over the stick, leaving 1 1/2 inches to the back of the calendar.  If you are using glue only, apply glue between the folded felt layers and keep the stick in place to ensure there will be an opening to slide it through.  If you are sewing, use masking tape to mark where you will sew your pocket for the stick holder (this may vary based on what diameter craft stick you use).
  3. Sew the Stick Pocket: Use the masking tape as a guide and sew along the top of the calendar backing to create a pocket for the craft stick.  
  4. Measure & Cut Holder Stick: After sewing or gluing to create the holder pocket, insert the craft stick to ensure proper functionality.  If you have not cut your stick to size, do that now.  Leave 3/4 inch on each side if you are doing the optional ribbon streamers on the sides.    

STEP 2 – Make the Hair Clip Holder:

This design is based on those hair clip holders you see popping up all around Pinterest!  I found this decorative ribbon with a Scandinavian folk-art-esque print at JoAnn’s!  I love the gold metallic details in the print that catches the golds used in Sven’s antlers and Arandelle castle.

Frozen Advent Calendar tutorial ribbon clip holder

  1. Gather & Prep Materials:  For this part of the calendar you’ll need the 18 inch by 5 1/2 inch darker blue felt piece you cut out earlier; optional layering fabric (if you’re using it), Scotch tape, fabric shears, pins, ruler and  fabric glue.  Prep your ribbon by measuring out six 9-inch pieces.  Apply clear Scotch tape before you make your cuts–this will help with any unraveling and make the ribbon pieces easier to handle.  Set the prepped ribbon strips aside.   
  2. Adhere Optional Sheer Fabric (Optional):  If you are layering the felt with another fabric on top, as I have, then you can either use your sewing machine to make a stitch 1/4 inches around the boarder (see pics above).  Or, you can adhere the layering material with fabric glue.  Trim the layering fabric around the edges of your hair clip holder piece using the felt rectangle as your template.  
  3. Measure Out Ribbon Placement:  Take one pin and find the midpoint of your felt rectangle piece (see red pin in pic #3 above).  This should be 9 inches from either side, and will serve as your guide to make sure everything is symmetric.  Mark your first ribbons measuring 1 inch from either side of the felt piece.  Place a pin at that 1 inch mark on both sides.  Now, working your way in, measure 1 inch (to represent your ribbon width) and place another pin.  Now measure 2 3/8ths inches and place your next pin.  Add another pin 1 inch away (representing the ribbon width).  Continue in this pattern until all 6 ribbons have been marked out (as shown above). 
  4. Adhere Ribbons to Hair Clip Holder:  Take your fabric glue and add a dollop of glue to the where you marked out our ribbons to be.  Allow 1 3/4 inches of your ribbon to hang over the top of the hair clip holder piece.  Press your ribbon into the glue dollop and use your ruler as a guide to make sure each ribbon is straight add another dollop of glue to the bottom of the felt rectangle (where the bottom of your ribbon will be) and press the bottom of your ribbon piece down on the glue dollop.  There should be another 1 3/4 inch of the ribbon hanging down. Turn the felt hair clip holder piece around and add dollops of glue to the top and bottom of each ribbon strip and press down to secure.  Cut the ribbons so only the glued down portion remains. 
  5. Glue the Hair Clip Holder to the Calendar Backing:  Measure 1 inch from the bottom of the advent calendar backing and mark with a pin.  Now, measure 2 inches from each side of the calendar backing and mark with pins.  Add a liberal amount of fabric glue to the back of the hair clip holder piece, paying special attention the the edges of the piece.  Using the pins as markers adhere the hair clip holder to the calendar backing.
  6. Create 12 Spaces for the Hair Clips:  In the midpoint of each strip of ribbon, carefully lift the ribbon and add a dollop of glue and press the ribbon down to secure and set.  Do the same to all 6 ribbons, and this will leave you with 12 individual “slots” for the hair clips!  Allow the glue to fully set (preferably overnight).

STEP 3 – Prepare the Tree Cutout:

I took a large piece of paper and folded it in half.  I marked out 20 1/2 inches in length, then free-handed a tree shape.  The tree width ended up being 21 inches.  I promise you, making your own tree template is not hard at all!  You can do a triangle type tree or a tiered tree shape like mine. 

If there is a demand for my specific tree shape, please let me know in the comments below and I will work on getting a .pdf printable template up! 

diy frozen advent calendar tutorial white tree

  1. Cut Out Felt Tree:  Take your tree template (as mentioned above) and trace it onto a piece of folded white felt.  I like to use a permanent marker for tracing on felt and I cut with fabric shears inside the lines.  If you are keeping your tree just plain felt you can skip to step 5!
  2. Prep Optional Texture Material Tree Cut Out for Applique:  If you are using another layer of fabric over your white felt tree (like I did), you will have to trace your tree template onto that fabric and cut it out as well.  Then, peel off one of the backings off of a sheet of your Steam-A-Seam fusible webbing and stick the top of your textured fabric’s tree onto it.  Continue to cover the back of your textured fabric tree with Steam-A-Seam until completely covered.  Trim around the edges.  
  3. Peel off all the Steam-A-Seam backings and get ready to adhere it to your felt tree cutout (this process is called applique).
  4. Iron the Pieces Together:  After the back of your textured fabric tree is completely covered in Steam-A-Seam, and the backings removed, it is time to break out the iron and a pressing cloth (I used a thin piece of white fabric I had laying around).  Set your iron to its highest setting.  Peel off the Steam-A-Seam backings from the textured fabric tree and press with your fingers onto the felt tree cutout.  Cover the trees with a pressing cloth and iron on both sides, pressing down firmly, for about 5 minutes on each side (remember to always use a pressing cloth to prevent spills and damage!).  Now your felt tree has a facing of textured fabric. 
  5. Prep Felt Tree for Adhering:  Apply more sheets of Steam-A-Seam to the back of your felt tree cutout.  Leave all the backings in place until ready to adhere the tree to the advent calendar backing.
  6. Measure Out Where the Clips Will Go:  Using 12 pins, plot out where you want your Frozen advent calendar “ornaments” to go when they are on the tree.  
  7. Make Clip Holders:  If you are doing a plain felt tree, simply cut out twelve pieces of felt, 1 inch by 3/8ths inch, and adhere in the locations you pinned using two small dollops of fabric glue, one on each end, see pic above.  If you did a textured fabric front, then you will need to repeat the applique process you did for the tree on a strip of felt, and then cut out the 12 strips (1 by 3/8ths inch).  Make sure when you glue the strips onto your tree, you glue very close to the top and bottom edges of the strips, so there is plenty of room to insert your hair clips!  

STEP 4: Adding Decorative Details:

Your tree is ready to go!  All you have to do now is peel of the Steam-A-Seam backings and use your iron to adhere the tree to your advent calendar backing.  The tree should be placed 3 inches down from the top edge of the backing, in the mid point and 1 inch above the top edge of the hair clip holder that you previously glued on the backing.

Disney Frozen Advent calendar tutorial finishing touches

  1. Adhere Trim to Boarder of Tree:  Give your felt tree a finished look without touching the sewing machine by gluing decorative ribbon trim around the boarder.  Start and finish at the top point of your tree (this part will be covered by your snowflake tree topper later) so it won’t be seen.  Apply your fabric glue liberally (for this part of the project I used Aleene’s Platinum Bond Adhesive Super Fabric 2 oz because the applicator tip made it easier to apply the trimming), and try to place the trim so that it covers the gap between the tree’s shape and the calendar backing. 
  2. Here’s a closeup of the finished tree trimming! 
  3. Apply Optional Snowflake Sequins:  If you want  a more decorative tree you can apply the iridescent snowflakes on both the tree and the calendar backing.  I used the Loctite indoor glue (listed in the materials section) for the sequins because it is low odor and can be applied more thinly.  I advise you do a very thin layer of glue all around the sequins.  
  4. Apply Optional Light Blue Felt Snowflakes:  Even though these felt snowflakes are not immediately noticeable in pictures, they give a little bit more texture and visual interest to the advent calendar backing!  Use your ruler and the Loctite glue to adhere these around the tree (keeping in mind to keep the design symmetric on both sides of the tree.

Disney frozen Advent Calendar diy tutorial snowflake**Apply Your Snowflake Tree Topper:  I bought this beautiful 5-inch-wide stuffed and hand-beaded snowflake from Etsy shop Wool Hearts because I plan on this being an heirloom Frozen advent calendar!  The level of detail on the snowflake is just gorgeous and it catches and reflects light beautifully!  Feel free to use any large felt (or other material) snowflake or even a nice bow to the top of your tree. I used the Aleen’s Super Fabric glue for this part and I only went around the inner circle of the snowflake. 

STEP 5 – Final Details:

Yay!!  You made it to the end of the Frozen felt advent calendar tutorial!  I promise this last step is the most fun!

Frozen Advent Calendar tutorial finishing touches DIY Frozen Christmas decor

  1. Attaching the Calendar Hanger:  If you haven’t already, paint the two ends of your wooden craft stick white.  I used spray paint and only did about 4 inches on each side since most of it will be covered by felt!  Tie the 27 inch long piece of 1-inch sheer ribbon (in the color of your choice) to both ends of the calendar holder stick. 
  2. Adhering Calendar Hanger:  Trim off all the excess ribbon and add a large dollop of Loctite Indoor craft glue (link in materials section above)–this will keep the ribbon in place and keep the edges from fraying.  Allow to dry for at least 3 hours.
  3. Add Ribbon Streamers:  Cut 4 or 5 pieces of different ribbons for each side of the calendar.  Use a lighter to heat-seal all edges of the ribbons to prevent fraying.  Tie securely to each side. 

Congrats!  Your very own felt Frozen Hair Clip Advent Calendar is complete!  I hung ours in my daughters room using Command Medium Designer Hooks, White, 2-Hook.

Make sure you find out how to use this hair clip advent calendar by clicking below:

Frozen Advent calendar button

If you’re all about this Frozen advent calendar then you’re really going to need a Frozen Christmas tree to match!  Click on the image below for the whole DIY tutorial:

Frozen Christmas Tree BUTTONLearn how to make DIY Frozen Christmas ornaments with your home printer, click below:

Frozen Christmas ornaments Button


xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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  • Lisa says:

    Thanks for posting such a thorough tutorial! Feeling inspired to get my craft on!

    • Kristen says:

      I would have never finished it “on time” if it wasn’t for you!!

  • Dovile says:

    This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to make something similar last year 😉 Thank you so much for including Little Magic Pieces hair clips in such a brilliant and most magical project I’ve ever seen. My girls would love this 🙂 xoxo

    • Kristen says:

      Dovile, thank you so much! Your stunning hair clips were my total inspiration–I love your Etsy shop SO much!!! Thanks for the comment too!!

  • Mimi Lee says:

    Good instructions. I just may be inspired to try this.

    • Kristen says:

      You should do it with Erika, Mimi!

  • Suzie says:

    I wish I could sew… this was a very thorough and great tutorial. Anyone who has the time and knows how to use a sewing machine has got to do this! Love it.

    • Kristen says:

      You don’t have to sew to make this! You can do it all with fabric glue! I have instructions for both ways!

  • Leslie Cuevas says:

    Wow…amazing! A lot time and hard work went into this! Thank you for the step by step details! You ROCK!!!

    • Kristen says:

      Thanks so much Leslie 🙂 Love you!!

  • Ant M says:

    I can envision a clip pinned to a white sweater.

    • Kristen says:

      That would look really pretty! We will try it Ant M!!