Easy to make crepe paper vases centerpiece idea for birthdays baby showers

If you hadn’t noticed: I love decorating with crepe paper!  Check out these Mickey & Minnie Mouse pinatas, this crepe paper photo backdrop, and this 1st birthday highchair makeover!  What’s not to love?  It’s super-cheap, extra-versatile and comes in tons of bright and cheery colors!

Here’s another great way to utilize this DIY-er staple: a simple crepe paper vase!  I used this idea for my daughter’s special Korean 1st birthday party, called a Dol Janchi or Dol party for short.  I had them out for the photos (and my nifty crepe paper backdrop) and for the dessert table.

crepe paper centerpieces for dol janchi first birthday dessert table year of the dragon dol party

These are super-simple to DIY and make a very colorful impact to any party decor!


Materials Needed:

  • square glass vase (I found mine at Michael’s)
  • double-sided tape
  • crepe paper
  • “wet” floral foam
  • bread knife
  • flowers (make sure they have a strong stem like roses or I used carnations)


Cut your wet floral foam to fit the size of your square vase.  You can even put smaller pieces together to get it to fill the inside.  make sure to measure so that the the foam will not go over the top of the crepe paper (since the crepe paper is hiding the foam).

Arranging the flowers with the wet floral foam How to make a simple baby shower or brithday centerpiece MyMommaToldMe.comStart at the back of your vase and place a piece of double-sided tape that runs the width of your crepe paper (about two inches).  Tape just before every corner of the square wrapping the crepe paper til it meets at the starting point at the back of the vase.

Begin arranging your flowers, starting on one side of the vase and working to the other, making the flowers at the edges shorter than those in the middle (making a domed-looking top, see pic above).

How to make a simple crepe paper centerpiece for baby shower or birthday MyMommaToldMe.comUsing a small cup or watering can, fill the finished centerpieces with water!

Dol janchi Crepe Paper backdrop and crepe paper floral centerpiece idea MyMommaToldMe.comSmile!



xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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