Easy raw dessert no sugar no oil Eat to Live Program friendly recipeI’ve mentioned before how I dread family gatherings and holidays when I’m on the Eat to Live program.  Most people can’t understand why I can’t allow myself a day to “celebrate.”  What can I say?  I eat according to my goals.  My goal this year is to reach my ideal weight by using the nutritarian approach, and I’m not letting anything get in may way!  Not even my birthday.  But when a dear friend wanted to cook me and my family a birthday dinner I felt compelled to contribute.

What could I possibly make that would have no sugar, no processed grains and no eggs or dairy?  Oh, and please a plethora of kids and meat-and-dairy-eating adults?   Well, this!  This right here!  And guess what?  EVERYONE loved it.  From my almost three-year-old to the tween crowd (11 & 12) and the adults too!

Raw Peach Cobbler Cake Raw No Sugar recipe Eat to Live ProgramI owe it all to this YouTube video by FullyRawKristina of! that I had pinned to my Eat to Live Pinterest board over a year ago.  You can find all the details for this recipe in the comments section of her video!

Here are a few things I learned by making this recipe: (1) You HAVE to use a food processor (I used my old Ninja) for the crust because that part does not work in the Vitamix.  (2) The sides of the crust may stick to the sides of the pan, so be cautious.  (3) Make sure to use enough peaches to offset the richness of the crust–more is better.  (4) The nectarine sauce is the!  (5) Making raw desserts is no longer intimidating to me!  Woop woop!  And, (6) Just because it’s raw, organic, no-sugar, no-oil and no-dairy, doesn’t mean it’s no calories (boo!)–you still have to show some restraint and cap it off at one slice!

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xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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  • BATYA says:

    Where is the recipe for this pls ? I LOVE your site

    • Kristen Hong says:

      Hi Batya, it is linked in the post–the recipe is by Fully Raw Kristina!