Easy Frozen party Backdrop using cardstock paper and tapeHi!  I’m a 32-year-old woman and I love Frozen!  There, I said it–I’m going to own it!  Check out my “Ultimate Frozen Party Ideas” Pinterest board if you need more proof of my commitment to Frozen-mania!  This is my take on the ever-popular Frozen birthday party!  Every party needs a backdrop, and why not create one with your favorite window in your house!

Easy Frozen Party Backdrop Photobooth MyMommaToldMe.comThe inspiration came from the movie’s “Arendelle” and I wanted to make the backdrop look like a stained glass window on the day of Elsa’s coronation!  I loved having the pink pennant flags with snowflakes and flowers (forget smiles and cries, Frozen is all about snowflakes and flowers, winter and summer, closed and opened).  I also wanted to make sure that Anna was represented in the backdrop design, thus the purples and pinks!  I’m also a Small World freak and I could totally see a color scheme like this if they ever did a Frozen feature for part of their special holiday decorations (okay, this is like my secret dream!).

Easy frozen party backdrop materials needed MyMommaToldMe.comFinally, I loved how stinking simple this was to make.  I hung everything up with tape!  Yup, just good old-fashioned Scotch giftwrap tape (and let me tell you it is strong enough to do the job!).  Make sure to read through tutorial before you begin doing this project!

Here are all the simple and money-saving materials I used for the backdrop:

  • 2 packs of 50 sheets of colored “Recollections” cardstock in “Cape Cod” blue tones (available at Michael’s)
  • 9 sheets of different toned pink cardstock paper (this was leftover from my sister’s pink & gold ballerina baby shower backdrop, also from “Recollections available at Michael’s, or you can buy from open stock scrapbooking papers)
  • 4 wooden tulip cut outs (I found mine at Michael’s during early spring but I have also seen them on  Another option is to print these tulips out on cardstock paper instead)
  • 5 wooden snowflakes (these are from online store Factory Direct Craft and came pre-painted and glittered)
  • 3-4 bags sparkle pom poms in blue tones (these were from Creatology at Michael’s–look for bage with lots of the larger pom poms)
  • light blue crepe paper streamers
  • paper cutter or scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • optional finishing touches: roll blue glitter tulle,  stiffened felt blue snowflakes, ribbon to hang the felt snowflakes, Glue Dots to adhere

Frozen party tutorial photo backdrop MyMommaToldMe.comAfter you’ve figured out which window you want to use, decide on the pattern of blue tones you want.  I did a three tone pattern using the aqua blue color, the periwinkle blue, and the medium dark blue (int hat order).  You will keep this pattern throughout.  Start hanging at the far lower right corner with your first color and hang with a small strip of tape at the top of each sheet.  You do not need to cut the paper!  I did an overlap of 2.5 inches on the left side of each piece of paper (see pic above for reference).

Frozen party photo booth backdrop tutorial creating a pattern MyMommaToldMe.comAfter your first row on the bottom of the window is complete, hang your next sheet leaving about 1.5 inch overhang on the top of the previous row.  Always start each row from the right side of your window working towards the middle.  Continue working up your window till you get to the top row.  If your window has a bar in the middle, hang up to that bar on the bottom row and complete the entire right side of your window first.  Then move on the the left side of your window, starting at the far bottom left corner and working out to the bar.  Make sure the first row starts and meets up correctly with the right-hand sides lines.

Frozen photo backdrop DIY tutorial MyMommaToldMe.comAfter you reach the last row you can fit a full-sized sheet of paper it is time to measure the remaining top row.  Using your ruler, measure from the top of your window down to 1.5 inches below the top of the previous row underneath.  Use your paper cutter to trim the height of your paper to that measurement and continue hanging from right to left (on the right side) and left to right (on the left side of your window).  Finally, you may need to trim or add a strip of paper to the center of your window.  In my case I needed to add a 2.5 inch strip of paper to each row.  Measure and cut according to your window’s dimension.

Frozen party backdrop tutorial adding pom poms MyMommaToldMe.comTake your packages of blue sparkle pom poms and pick out the largest in the bags (there are anywhere from 4 to 6 large pom poms per bag).  Take a piece of tape and make it into a little double-sided roll.  Press firmly into the pom pom and then secure to the corners of the bottom right’s row of paper.  The pom pom will touch four sheets of paper.  Continue in a pattern (see pic below for reference).

Frozen party backdrop tutorial finished window MyMommaToldMe.comThis is what your completely covered (an pom-pommed) window will look like.  Remember, every window is different, so adjust your design appropriately!  I used my office window which is very large and I would suggest using a larger rather than a smaller window, especially if it’s going to be the focal area of your Frozen party.

How to turn a window into an easy Frozen party backdrop MyMommaToldMe.comI cut strips of blue crepe paper streamers to cover the center bar of my window and also to cover the sides.  I added strips of glitter tulle ribbon over the crepe paper for sparkle.

Paint and glitter the flowers for the Frozen photo backdrop MyMommaToldMe.comNow it’s time to work on the pennant flags (or bunting).  Start by painting each tulip (or if you’re using a paper cutout make sure it is with purple paper).  After about two coats of paint (and the tulips are fully dry) add your glitter with Elmer’s all purpose craft glue and a small paint brush,  I found this iridescent purple glitter at Michael’s.  Set the tulips aside.

How to make a Frozen party Backdrop MyMommaToldMe.comNext, make your flag stencil.  Fold a sheet of cardstock in half and using your rule and pencil draw a line from the outside corner diagonally to the folded edge.  Mine went up about 3 inches.  Unfold and place over each of the 9 sheets of cardstock you’ll be using for the bunting.  Trace with your pencil and cut with paper cutter or scissors.

Frozen Party Backdrop MyMommaToldMe.comAfter all 9 of your flags are cut out, tape each tulip or snowflake using small double-sided rolls of tape (like you used to attach the pom poms, above).  Yes, all you need is tape and mine stayed put for weeks!!  Attach each flag to the top of your window using a small rolled piece of tape on each corner of each flag, press hard.  (If you’re worried about damaging your walls you could use removable mounting strips instead).  Note: I used three tones of pink for my flags, the center one the darkest, then alternating darker and lighter tones.

Easy Frozen Party Backdrop Photobooth tutorial MyMommaToldMe.comFinally, if you want to hang the stiffened felt snowflakes (or snowflakes of your choice) at the sides and center of your photobooth, make sure to use glue Dots for a stronger hold!

I hope this Frozen party backdrop idea will help you plan your next Frozen fete!  I loved converting my office into a Frozen wonderland!  I have lots more Frozen party ideas and crafts to share!  So make sure to stop back by in the next week!

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Stay tuned to the blog for my Frozen photobooth prop, Frozen icicle curtain, Frozen Christmas tree, and Elsa’s DIY Castle to be posted soon!



xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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