Fridge Love Gifting Guide

Share the gift of a more organized fridge and less food waste!

I’ve been inspired to create this guide by readers who have messaged me on social media letting me know that they are gifting the book this holiday season.

Below you’ll find:

  • estimated costs for each level of gifting
  • how-to picture collages
  • how-to videos
  • links to my favorite tea towels, bins and jars to use

Hope you enjoy these gifting ideas and my biggest thanks for considering gifting Fridge Love this holiday!

tea towel gift wrapping ideas cookbook Christmas gift

Tea Towel Wrapping

What’s better than wrapping your gift in another gift?

No paper waste, no cleanup–win-win!

I’ve included four tiers of tea-towel gifting:

  1. The book wrapped in one tea towel – EST. COST: $20.95 (not including ribbon)
  2. The book wrapped in two tea towels – EST. COST: $27.11 (not including ribbon or card & with these potholders)
  3. The book wrapped in one tea towel with wire bin, 6 Mason jars & 2 additional tea towels – EST. COST: $46.95 (not including ribbon or decoration)
  4. Same as above with homemade Oil-Free Fruit-Sweetened Nut or Seed Granola on pp. 308-9 – EST COST: $56.00+ (depending on what ingredients you already have on hand)

How to wrap a cookbook in a few towel Hello Nutritarian Fridge Love Cookbook gift guide

How to wrap a book in a tea towel

I can only vouch for this working with 20 x 30 inch tea towels.

  1. Open the tea towel and place the “right side” down on your work surface. On the short end of the rectangle, place the book and fold the closest edge over the book as shown (about 5 inches).
  2. Fold the two long sides of the rectangle in so they cover the book.
  3. Fold the book over one time.  Then measure where the second fold will end and fold in the opposite short side of the rectangle.
  4. Fold the book over to meet the pre-folded edge.  Secure with ribbon.

How to wrap a cookbook with tea towels for Christmas gifts with a pocket tea towel wrapping with pocket Hello Nutritarian Fridge Love

How to add a pocket to your tea towel wrapping

Nothing is more satisfying than having a dedicated place for accessories and gifts are no exception.  Add a small gift like a potholder or an oven mitt or a wooden spoon or spatula.  You can also just have the pocket house your card!

  1. Place your tea-towel-wrapped book face down.  If you’re adding a potholder or oven mitt add that on top of the wrapped book and place both face down.   Fold the long sides of the second tea towel in so you have a long strip about 11 inches wide.  Place your book in the middle of the strip and slide one side of the folded strip under the wrapped book.
  2. Fold the other side over the back of the wrapped book.
  3. Tightly wrap one side of the pocket slip over the back of the book.
  4. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Flip your book over and add any other items to your pocket.
  6. Secure with ribbon and add a bit of fresh greenery for interest!

In case you’re more of a visual learner, you can see my Instagram video here:

Links for tea-towel-wrapped cookbook gifts:

My cookbook:

I found that these tea towels were a great size (20 x 30 inches):

This pantry bin fits my book perfectly:

You’re looking for Ball Perfect Mason 8 oz. regular-mouth jars.  Approximate size is 3 inches at the base and 3.3 inches high.  Unfortunately, I could only find a generic version on Amazon but the size is right to fit correctly in the bin.  You can also find these jars at Ace Hardware and occasionally Target and Walmart.

Fridge Love gifting guide Hello Nutritarian Fridge Love Favorite Containers

Do you know that I made sure that my book would fit inside my favorite fridge bins?

Yes, that’s right!  And it was because I was thinking of this exact way to gift the book!

I’ve included two options:

  1. Small bin with four 8 oz. jars and one tea towel – EST. COST: $57.96 (not including wrap, ribbon or white lids) 
  2. Large bin with four 16 oz. jars and two tea towels – EST. COST: $55.66 (not including wrap, ribbon or white lids) 

Amazingly, the large bin set is less expensive than the small bin set.  That is because I’m going off of Amazon prices and for some reason the half-pint Mason jars are very pricey right now at $21.99 when you can even find them available.  If you can find them in-person at your local supermarket, hardware store, Target or Walmart, the price will come down considerably.

Links for plastic bins & Mason jars:


Small Bin:

Large bin:

Tea Towels (the size doesn’t really matter as much for this version so feel free to get a different kind):

NOTE ON MASON JARS: The problem this time of year is that the stock on Amazon runs out of the brand name Ball Mason jars. I’m including the exact jars I usually buy on Amazon and hopefully you can see if those sizes are available at a brick and mortar store near you.

8 oz. Half-Pint Wide-Mouth Mason Jars:

16 oz. Wide-Mouth Mason Jars:

Alternate 16 oz. Mason jar size option: This is a slightly taller shaped jar but you can fit 5 of them in the large bin.  Just note that the book will sit up higher out of the bin, but as long as you wrap it securely with ribbon it won’t be an issue.

Optional white lids: I originally got these when they were manufactured by the Ball brand but they have since been replaced with their dark grey leak-proof lids.  The coolest approximation are these generic white lids: