Toilet tube thanksgiving pilgrim and indian playset MyMommaToldMe.comWe had so much fun creating this toilet tube Thanksgiving play set!  We started off with just a papa indian and then I went nuts creating a whole two families while my 5-year-old son had quickly lost interest!

Toilet tube Thanksgiving craft indian Family MyMommaToldMe.comThese toilet tube creations ended up having so much character!  My favorite is the little indian girl in turquoise!  I used sequins for big happy cheeks on all the tube dolls, reserving the bigger pink cheeks for the momma indian and pilgrim only, all the others had gold.  I could have gone on an on embellishing but we ran out of time!  We used a glue stick, construction and patterned card stock papers and scrapbooking embellishments (like the rick rack stickers from Martha Stewart).  To adhere the sequins we used tacky glue and zots.

Toilet tube Thanksgiving craft Indian napkin rings MyMommaToldMe.comI love the idea of using the indian tube dolls as little napkin rings for the kids’ table!  It doesn’t really work with the pilgrims, since they are wearing hats!

Toilet Tube craft Thanksgiving Indian Corn MyMommaToldMe.comThis little basket filled with indian corn just makes me happy!  I had saved the miniature cardboard tubes from some Martha Stewart twine I used last Christmas and I’m so glad I decided to keep them!  We just covered them with yellow construction paper, drew kernels with some markers and added two tissue paper husks to each corn!  The basket is a cut-down toilet tube wrapped in paper and embellished with sequins!

Toilet tube craft Thanksgiving pilgrim family by MyMommaToldMe.comEven though I thought they’d be too “boring” I ended up loving the little pilgrim family too!  I decided I had to figure out a way to jazz up the pilgrims without going overboard (a decidedly un-pilgrim-y in doing so).  I opted to throw in a splash of blue as an accent color and used sequins for their buckles and buttons!  The tree was easy to do, just let my son finger paint the leaves on construction paper and stuck it on a taller paper towel tube!

Toilet tube pilrgim thanksgiving day craft MyMommaToldMe.comTheir hats were made by cutting down a toilet tube to about 1 inch high then gluing  apiece of heavy black cardstock around the ring.  I traced a small circle ramekin for the brims and secured them on the dolls with Zots.  I glued the blue bad around the hat and secured the gold sequins to make a buckle with Zots (the Zots worked faster than the tacky glue).

Toilet tube craft pilgrim Thanksgiving family play set MyMommaToldMe.comI’m really proud and in love with this cute little playset!  Kysen had tons of fun playing with it and I know it will be a treasure decoration for years to come!

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xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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