Toilet Tube Craft Cute Paper Turkey Thanksgiving Craft by MyMommaToldMe.comI had been saving toilet tubes for a rainy day!  With a bored kindergartner who was getting super-interested in the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I finally found the perfect way to use my stash!  Behold!  Our super-cute toilet tube turkey!

Back of thanksgiving turkey toilet tube craft MyMommaToldMe.comShe was super-easy to create!  We wrapped the tube with brown construction paper and secured with a glue stick.  Then using a bowl as a pattern we cut out four circles with pinking sheers.  Fold each of the circles in half and glue two of them together, letting 1/4 inch of the bottom circle peek through.  Measure where they will hit the toilet tube, mark with pencil and cut slits so the two “turkey tails” can be slid into position!

Toilet tube cardboard tube turkey craft thanksgiving decor close up MyMommaToldMe.comAdd a folded triangle for the beak and two smaller triangles for feet.  For the gobbler I used some pink sequins I had in a variety pack and glued them onto a piece of red construction paper.  I finished him off with Sharpie eyes and two golden sequin cheeks!

Thanksgiving turkey toilet tube cardboard construction paper craft MyMommaToldMe.comThis cute toilet tube turkey craft is perfect kid-friendly decor for the kid’s table or to accompany a Thanksgiving toilet tube play set (yup, I went there!)!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Check out our full Thanksgiving toilet tube craft set here!

I’m so excited to add this craft project to the I Heart NapTime Link Party palooza! 


xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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