Summer Social Stella and Dot invitations and trunk show ideas MyMommaToldMe.comI’m approaching my 1 year Stellaversary and decided to host my own trunk show for friends and neighbors!  I was inspired by some seahorse fabric I found at Hobby Lobby and decided to do a “Summer Social” theme!  I also decided to do a Frozen-themed room so moms could bring their kiddos and they could be suitably occupied!  I started with the invitations and scanned the fabric onto my laptop and edited it on PowerPoint.  I cut the invites to fit some of my leftover envelopes from our Costco holiday cards!

Stella and Dot Trunk show set up decor MyMommaToldMe.comMy muses for the party decor were the Malta bib necklace and the Stone Sutton in green!  I loved mixing the indigo blue chinoiserie vase and bright green table runner with the white and burlap chargers.  The white palm leaf platters were from JoAnn’s and the burlap chargers were from Hobby Loddy (and less than $2 each!!).

Stella and Dot trunk show display ideas Summer trunk shows MyMommaToldMe.comThese burlap chargers are a really inexpensive way to display your jewelry if your a new stylist just starting out and not wanting to invest the $44 (plus heavy item shipping) in the S&D branded display trays!  I used my trays in another area of the house (so the jewelry would be coming from all angles, lol)!

Palm leaf Stella and Dot jewelry display MyMommaToldMe.comThese palm frond platters (again, from JoAnn’s) were also great tray-replacements that really made it feel like a special summer display!

Summer stella and dot trunk show blue and green muses MyMommaToldMe.comI displayed my blue and green statement necklaces in the center of the table to add to the show theme!  I love how the green Linden necklace caught the light in this picture!  I also love how the mini palm fronds on my (fake) potted plant added texture to the display table and gave an elegant jungle-vibe!

Easy Stella & Dot trunk show food to serve MyMommaToldMe.comI kept my food light and simple like you always should for a Stella & Dot trunk show–people are there for the jewelry, not the food!  I also found this indigo painted-zebra fabric at Hobby Lobby and made an easy table runner for the snack area!  I served cheese and crackers, veggies and dips and some mini bundt cakes from Whole Foods (which are ridiculously delicious by the way).



xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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