Make your own Stella & Dot note cards for Valentines Day by MyMommaToldMe.comHi Stella sisters!!  I have a really cute and super-easy craft idea for those absolutely stinking-cute thank you cards from Jessica and Blythe that ship with every order!  Gosh, the first time I saw one I immediately had this ridiculous overwhelming need to come up with an amazing way to use them!  I ended up making some really cute Christmas cards with them (I’ll post them soon!).

I loved how easy these Valentine cards were to make!  I used some blank thank you cards I had laying around and I found a package of foam heart-shaped stickers from the Dollar tree.  I used some leftover pink cardstock paper from my Frozen party backdrop as a boarder.

DIY Stella and Dot Valentine Note Cards MyMommaToldMe.comMaterials Needed:

  • folded cards of your choice  (the ones I used measured 5 1/8th inches by 3 6/8th inches)
  • light pink cardstock paper
  • foam heart-shaped stickers (I found these at Dollar Tree and they measure 2 inches across)
  • Stella & Dot red thank you cards
  • glue stick
  • scissors or paper cutter

Stella and Dot DIY note cards MyMommaToldMe.comTrim down your pink background cardstock to fit your cards (you could also just keep it as a flat note card using just the pink cardstock!).  Paste the cut-out pink cardstock to each of your note cards.

Stella and Dot Note Cards Easy DIY MyMommaToldMe.comPaste the red Stella & Dot thank you card to the front of the card, making sure to leave an equal amount of the pink card stock showing on all the boarders!  Finally, stick one of your foam hearts on each note card!  YAY!  You’re done!

Stella and Dot Valentine Note Cards Tutorial by MyMommaToldMe.comWARNING: Making ridiculously-cute Stella & Dot Valentine’s Day note cards is NOT a HVA (High Value Activity) but it will make you feel happy and accomplished none-the-less!

Send these out to December and January hostesses as thank yous or to a top customer with a Valentine’s gift attached like 10% off or free shipping!

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xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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