Stella & Dot pop up shop displays tips and tricks how to have a pop up shop at a salon or business

Tis’ the season for Stella & Dot pop up shops!  Small businesses, like hair salons and wine bars, are ready to celebrate the season and welcome a fabulous Stella & Dot stylist, like you, to set up “shop” within their shops!  The more the merrier! 

So, how are you going to make it happen? 

How much space will you have? 

What pieces are you going to display? 

A good dose of planning out your Stella & Dot pop-up shop display can go a long way in creating excitement for your brand, gaining new customers and developing new relationships!

Stella & Dot Winter Christmas Display ideas Small pop up shop tips and tricks

I’m lucky enough to have a pop up shop booked this December.  This small business has limited space for me to set up, so I’m making it all happen on my 3 foot by 22 inch folding Ikea table!  

Now that I have my display down-pat, I want to share some tips behind my pop-up shop design process! 


The best place to start is the season.  Fall, winter, spring or summer–this is your perfect jumping off point!  If your pop-up shop falls on or around a holiday, even better!   

Once you have your season or holiday, it’s time to come up with a theme that will tie your pop-up space together. 

Take inspiration from home decor items you already have on hand!  The less you have to buy the better! 

Here are some other display themes I’ve done in the past:


Now that you have a theme, it’s time to create a visually appealing space (no matter how limited) for your customers. 

You want to use decor items to get people to touch the jewelry.  People, especially women, are drawn to visually appealing things.  Make your Stella & Dot pop-up shop space an area everyone wants to be! 

You also want decor items that are beautiful, interesting, but (above all) cheap–because we are running a business here, right? 

If you already have items that fit your theme, perfect!  Start with those items and add a coordinating tablecloth (or even a colored wrapping paper works well under your trays) and some fresh-cut flowers! 

Winter Wonderland Theme:

For my December pop-up shop I wanted to transport my customers to a white and grey winter wonderland! 

I used some paper birch Christmas trees I made a few years ago as part of my home holiday decor (you can see how cheap and easy these are to make and I have a free printable if you want to try your hand at them too!).  I borrowed a few white bottle brush trees from my three–year-old daughter’s room to add some different texture! 

Stella & Dot Holiday display ideas Pop up shop tips and tricks Stella and dot Pave wishing bracelet silver


This is an editing issue! 

And, let’s face it, when you’ve been a Stella & Dot stylist for long enough your self-editing mechanism begins to weaken (yup, I’m guilty of layering 3 statement necklaces onto one outfit–like, frequently).

Here’s what I’ve found: keep the pieces you display approachable! 

What kind of jewelry do the majority of women tend to like?  Delicates! 

I know, it may feel boring to us, but we are giving people exactly what they need to feel more beautiful or feel comfortable to gift to a friend!

Imagine my small table filled up with 3 or 4 statement pieces, that would not give the zen-like, come-over-and-touch-me vibe that I’m going for!  It would scream: INTIMIDATING JEWELRY YOU WILL NEVER WEAR!   DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT!

I plan on keeping my lookbooks under my little table (in a pretty white basket) and handing them out to people I’ve personally talked to.  Then, if someone is flipping through and wants to see a statement piece, I can pull the statement piece out of my portfolio (which will also be stashed under my little table).

Chose one (approachable) statement piece to highlight.

I really, really wanted to display the Freya Fringe necklace on my bust form, but I had to stop myself.  That necklace is great to highlight our versatility but if I wanted to make sales for standing on my feet for 3 or 4 hours, it would be better to go with a lower price-point and (here’s that word again) approachable statement piece. 

I know for a fact that someone will see the Somervell necklace and envision themselves rocking it out at their next holiday party–sold!  You will always sell more of a  $60 statement than a $120 statement.


Yup, even more editing!  Packing your trays close together is a total missed opportunity. 

Let’s call it a pop-up shop foul (that I’ve been guilty of myself–but I’m a changed woman now)!

Using negative space allows your customer to better process what is visually in front of them.  And you know what else it prevents?  Your customers from feeling overwhelmed.

You want your customers, relaxed, interested and touching your pieces!

Highlight special pieces between trays!

As you can see my small display has only three trays. 

In between them I am highlighting our packaging (with the Icon watch) and giftables, like the Pave Wishing Bracelet a giftable ring and coordinating cuff!

Stella & Dot Momento Locket Gold Stella & Dot pop up shop display ideas


After you’ve established how many trays you can fit on your display area, hand have accounted for space in between trays, you can add in some special details! 

I love our Stella & Dot Memento Locket (IMO you need this displayed at every show) and I wanted to highlight it on a bracelet pillow right in front of my bust form. 

Here’s a fun little display trick: Wind the chain around the pillow then loop it through the top of the necklace so it can hang securely! 

I also love using my faux-suede single-standing ring holders and double ring holders for smaller displays because you can fit them in here and there. 

I also, very consciously, chose to keep my colors very neutral.  I didn’t do any statement pieces with colors in them because it would conflict with my winter wonderland theme. 

Stella & Dot Pop up shop Winter Christmas Stella & Dot Display ideas tips and tricks

I hope these Stella & Dot pop-up shop display tips help you maximize you impact at your next pop-up shop! 

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xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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  • Becky Jordan says:

    I am a brand new stylist with Stella & Dot and am thankful for any and all help/advice I can receive with getting my new business off the ground!! Reading this has been very helpful, indeed!! I am not at all computer savvy! Never have used Pinterest, Snapshot, Instagram, …only know a little about Facebook. To say I’m struggling in this area would be a gross understatement! My background, career-wise, is in Early Childhood Education, and I haven’t taught in over 5 years. I have zero experience in sales. I have just jumped into this business with blind faith. I hope I’ve not made a huge mistake. ????

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Becky! It is totally understandable to feel out of your element as a new stylist! When I started out, I wore no jewelry and had barely any friends in my new city. I’ve been a stylist now for 2 1/2 years and I can tell you with confidence, you will grow so much through this job! Really, knowing about Pinterest and Instagram isn’t necessary! As a new stylist all you really need for success is to keep booking new shows with new people–this is the number 1 skill that will keep your business thriving! Then, you can learn new things–focus on one new area per month. One month learn about Pinterest and how you can use it in your business, next month set up an instagram account, and so on. You are a work-in-progress right now! Just keep focusing on booking your shows and the rest will develop naturally! xo, Kristen PS: I will be writing more helpful posts for stylists so stay tuned!

    • Teresa Howard says:

      Becky, Keep on mind that these are tips for displays at pop ups at businesses, NOT for in-home trunk shows. Trunk shows you want to keep SUPER simple in your display, otherwise you mayl find you will not book or apomsor. The key for trunk shows is to be EASILY DUPLICATABLE. For a pop-up in a business, you’re going for a different goal, and that is to get people to approach you.

      Kristen, I love these ideas and tips and plan to incorporate some of them into a pop up I have next week in a salon!

      • Kristen says:

        Hi Teresa! Yes! That is a super-important point to make! For in-home trunk shows NO DECOR! Focus on the jewelry, the ambiance is set by the hostess and her lovely home!

  • Tiffany says:

    This is such a great visual representation. This is my fourth holiday season as a stylist and I am FINALLY comfortable with NOT taking the whole display. When I first started it was all about being able to have the big, optimal display. Now I know from a marketing and selling standpoint at a vendor show/pop up (and even some in-home trunk shows), less is definitely more! I shared this with my team and my upline’s team because I think you are spot on. Every stylist, whether new or seasoned, can get some great take aways from this. Thanks for your time in posting this! Have a great and successful season!

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Tiffany! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing with your team! I agree, starting out it is all about the jewelry! Too many samples is just overwhelming for the stylist and customers too!

  • Courtney says:

    Hi Kristen!
    I’m so happy to have found your blog – you have such an elegant, yet witty, writing style, your photography is beautiful and your insight is inspiring! I’ve been enjoying reading posts 🙂 I do have a question for you – how do you approach a salon, boutique, etc. to host a pop-up shop in their store…? Do you offer a portion of your commission or the hostess credits? Which approaches have you found to be helpful and perhaps you could share others that you realized were unnecessary or even business bummers? Your thoughts and experiences would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you,

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Courtney! Thank you so much for your very kind words–I love blogging and I’m so glad you are enjoying it! I literally have the biggest smile right now, so thank you for that!

      So, booking in salons and boutiques! I wish I could say I’m a super-star at it but that would be a lie! I’ve only had 1 pop up shop (that I recently posted about) and 2 vendor events since becoming a stylist. I have approached about 20 salons and boutiques in my area and booked one.

      The biggest obstacle is actually getting face-to-face with the decision maker. I’ve played a lot of phone tag and emails with no responses. I’ve gotten a lot of “we have a S&D stylist already.” For the one I did book I was very upfront and said I was trying to meet more people in the area and introduce them to the line. I said I’d do a small display for customers to peruse while their hair is highlighting, etc.

      I think what pushed it over the edge was that I would do a raffle (I did it for the Light bracelet that was a TSEO). I did it to make contacts but ended up selling a few pieces too. I’m hoping to get better at it!

      One of my best hostesses of all time owned her own salon and did a traditional show at her salon, but after hours. She had great customers and it ended up being the biggest show of my life, $2800. But, to me, it was a traditional show rather than a pop up.

      I would have several options available to the decision-maker. Try and find out what would excite her most, free jewelry, a fun experience for her customers and pitch it that way!

  • Marg Taylor says:

    You are what Stella & Dotmis about: no competition among stylists. We genuinely want each other to be successful.

    I am just starting my second year. Do you think I should hold an anniversary trunk show for myself?

    Thank you.

    • Kristen says:

      Thanks so much, Marg!

      Absolutely you must host an anniversary show!! 2 years is an amazing accomplishment!

      XO, Kristen

  • Ali says:

    Hi! I was looking for a jewelry organizer and found your site.

    I ordered the Alex Drawer set and love the trays you show in them. Based on your previous response, they come from Stella and Dot.

    May I ask your assistance in providing their measurements?
    Height, width, length, and depths?

    Thank you!