Toddler girl halloween costume Hippie Flower Girl 60's MyMommaToldMe.comI love handmade Halloween costumes (as evidenced by that time I made an entire Julius Caesar costume by hand and by that time I converted my wedding dress into a Cleopatra costume)!  Well, now that I have two kiddos to contend with I’ve had to be a little more realistic about what constitutes “handmade.”  And since I decided on being a War General for my costume, picking out my little one-year-old something cute was a cinch!

Adding details to a store bought halloween costume MyMommaToldMe.comWe bought this toddler hippie costume online and got to work embellishing!  I found these flower and peace sign iron-on patches at JoAnn’s and the suede-like fringe trim as well.  I cut the ends of the pants off and sewed the fringe on with embroider thread and a simple, large cross stitch around the leg openings.  This went a long way to making the costume look more authentic and handmade!

Hippie toddler girl halloween costume idea semi handmade MyMommaToldMe.comI cut off the bottom of the faux-fur vest because it looks very shabby right out of the package!  I found a beautiful, sheer, flower-print trim at JoAnn’s and used that to edge the bottom of the shirt and the armholes.  With the extra trim I made a better headband–just pulling off one of the flowers that came with the costume’s headband and sewing it onto the ribbon trim!  After having tons of leftover pink ribbon from Kamryn’s first birthday high chair decorations, I used a few strands to make a little bouquet of flowers (that, big surprise, she never wanted to carry around).

toddler girl 60s flower girl hippie costume ideas MyMommaToldMe.comWe used boots for her footwear, but later that day I found some cute white sandals with flower decorations that were handed down from her cousins, but I never took a picture!  She used this white basket leftover from Easter to carry her Halloween candy (and flowers to kindly give out to strangers)!

Hippie girl costume MyMommaToldMe.comShe stole the show at her big brother’s preschool Halloween parade and we certainly got a lot of smiles and laughs when I dressed up in my Mommy War General costume!

Feed Flowers not Bones Little girl Hippie Costume ideas MyMommaToldMe.comYou remember the hippie saying “Make Love Not War,” well this pic makes me think “Eat Flowers Not Bones!”  I couldn’t believe how cute she was to offer our doggy, Cleo, a flower and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to capture that moment on camera!

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xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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