Turn a simple toaster pastry into an easy back to school themed dessert!

Use this decorating idea for a special back to school treat!  While I wouldn’t recommend this for a nutritious breakfast, it would make a fun dessert for the night before the first day of school or as the dessert (instead of cake) at a back to school party!  Have your little one help you decorate for a fun (and tasty) back to school craft in those last days of Summer (when you need to think of something to keep them occupied!).  Whatever you decide to use it for, these cute little school buses are sure to please!

If you search the web you’ll see all kinds of beautiful school bus cookies, cupcakes and cake pop ideas.  While I would love to roll out and bake a batch of sugar cookies, I just don’t have the time!  So, this is my solution for the busy momma who still wants to impress the people she loves with a semi-homemade back-to-school treat!  I wanted to get more carried away with the decorating of the buses, I had bought different candies for lights and stop signs etc…, but in the end I decided simple is best!


Instead of rolling and cutting out sugar cookies, make your school buses with Pop Tarts!


  • strawberry Pop Tarts (or comparable toaster pastry), without icing
  • white icing (I used leftover lemon cream cheese frosting)
  • yellow and orange food coloring (I used Wilton gels)
  • black decorator icing
  • Twizzlers “Nibs” Licorice flavor
  • Mini Oreo Cookies
  • icing decorating tips
  • plastic bag


  1. Arrange your Pop Tart on a flat surface for decorating.  Mix your icing with food coloring using mostly yellow and a bit of orange until the desired color is achieved.  Cut a small hole in the corner of your plastic sandwich bag and fill with the yellow icing. 
  2. Begin by piping along the perimeter of the Pop Tart then fill by piping lines horizontally until entirely filled.  Use a spatula or knife dipped in warm water to smooth the surface of the icing.
  3. Attach your smaller circle decorator tip (I used Wilton ___) to the black icing tube.  Pipe two lines horizontally about 1 inch from the bottom of the Pop Tart.  Use 7 of the Twizzlers “Nibs” as windows.  Use your larger circle decorator tip (I used Wilton ____) and pipe a horizontal line above the row of windows.
  4. Pull apart your mini Oreos by gently unscrewing the two cookies so the white cream stays on one cookie.  Scrap off any cookie crumbs from the creme using a knife.  Arrange on your Pop Tart as the two wheels for the school bus.
  5. I used a line of pine tree stickers on a Styrofoam plate to serve my Pop Tart.  For a back to school party theme, you could easily make a display board using cardboard, decorative paper and plastic wrap (see my tutorial for ideas).  

While licorice isn’t my favorite flavor, these Twizzlers “Nibs” were much easier to work with than trying to cut up a chocolate bar, and it matches better with the black decorator icing.  As most kids don’t appreciate the taste of licorice have them dismantle the bus’ windows before they dig in–what they’re left with is a frosted Pop Tart and a lot of smiles!

One other note: I used Wilton’s pre-made decorator icing for the black accents on the bus.  I chose this brand because I already have all the Wilton decorating tips and you can use those with any Wilton coupler (which makes it super-easy).

xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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  • Kristen says:

    Hi again!  Sorry, I totally forgot to “fill in the blanks” above!!  The tips are: #7 (the larger round tip) and #4 (the smaller one).  Let us know how they turn out!!

  • Kristen says:

    You’re cracking me up over here!  “Plastic” is certainly an appropriate word, no dispute there!  Really this one was more about the aesthetic than the recipe–just because it’s edible doesn’t necessarily mean we should eat it 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Very cute, I would make these for a back to school party (not that my daughter will eat it) LOL :-). I loved pop tarts as a kid but never did I try any that looked like this. Super creative, loving it!

  • Kristen says:

    That’s awesome!!  If you have a pic of how they turned out please let me know and I can post it for you!