Torturing yourself trying to find fun Halloween recipes that don’t involve sugar?  MyMomma to the rescue!  Here’s a collection of the best savory Halloween recipes from around the web, from appetizers to the main course, create a Halloween spread that everyone will remember!!

Devilish Dips

Spooky Halloween Hummus dip

Let’s start off with a diet-friendly dip that also makes a spooky statement to your guests: a Halloween Hummus plate!  This beautiful appetizer comes from Laura from Family Spice.  Instead of hummus, Laura served her crudities with a scratch-made White Bean Artichoke dip.  Skip the oil and this Halloween platter is Dr. Fuhrman-approved!

Savory Halloween Recipies - Cheesey Witch Hat Dip Platter //

This Land O’ Lakes appetizer idea aptly dubbed “Cheesy Witch Hat” sounds interesting–with the base of the witch “hat” made out of softened cream cheese flavored with dry Italian dressing mix, cheddar cheese and pimentos, this is sure to be a hit with the adults and older kids at your Halloween bash!  A generous coating of poppy seeds creates the blackening effect, serve with veggies and crackers!

Festive Appetizers

Savory Halloween Appetizer Ideas //

These cute jack o’ lantern-shaped balls were dreamt up by Donna at Apron Strings.  In her aptly-titled post “Sugar-Free Healthy Halloween Treats,” Donna gives the recipe for these super-cute Carrot Rice Ball Mini Jack O’ Lanterns (how creative)!!  Decorated with creatively cut black olives and green pepper stalks, these festive rice balls would be an unexpected (and mega-hit) appetizer at your Halloween fete!

Savory Halloween Recipes -Monster Eyeball Deviled Eggs //

Here’s an oldie but a goodie for Halloween fare: Deviled Eggs a la Monster Eyes (yes, that’s what they’re called in culinary school).  These beautifully done deviled eggs from The Gourmet Mama use food coloring for their green filling and pimento-stuffed olives for the iris.  You could also get the same green color naturally by using this Guacamole Deviled Egg recipe by Shawn of I Wash You Dry.

Sandwiches, Pizzas & Pot Pies (Oh My!)

Savory Halloween Recipes - Jack o Lantern Sandwiches //

This Jack O’ Lantern open-faced bagel sandwich looks so yummy–the kiddos are sure to agree (hello! a bacon smile?)!  This MyRecipes recipe (submitted by Gooseberry Patch) uses green peppers for the eyes and nose, but I think using a crisp green apple might be a tad more kid-friendly (and tasty).  Also, this can easily be used with your favorite tuna salad recipe!

Savory Halloween Recipes - Franken Pizzas //

These Frankenstein-inspired personal-sized pizzas are from Jo and Sue, and were served at their Halloween dinner party last year.  In lieu of pizza sauce, they made a mixture of Alfredo sauce and pesto to serve as the pizza base and give their Franken-pizzas their requisite green tinge.  Another great Frankenstein pizza to check out is this version from Sue at Munchkin Munchies!

Savory Halloween Recipes - Ghost Pizza //

Here’s another Halloween pizza that was just too beautiful not to share!  From Claire at She Knows Chef Mom, this riff on the tried and true Halloween-themed pizza gets its pizzaz from fresh mozzarella cut with a ghost-shaped cookie cutter and (my favorite) green olive spiders with rosemary leaves for legs!  This is sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike!

Savory Halloween Recipes - Chicken and Sweet Potato Jack O' Lantern Pot Pies //

No hunt for a Halloween-themed main course would be complete without a Jack O’ Lantern pot pie!  This version from Woman’s Day Kitchen uses rotisserie chicken and sweet potatoes dished out into ramekins.  Perfect for a cozy family dinner before heading out with the kids for trick or treating!

xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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