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Becoming Nutritarian Dr Fuhrman review what is the nutritarian diet eat to live plan no oil no added salt recipes whole food plant based forks over knives Dr Greger how not to dieUPDATE: Welcome to Hello Nutritarian, this is my very first post about Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live plan that I published on January 27, 2013.  You can see how much I lost at the end of the post and find links to my weekly journals.  Since my first 6 weeks I became a nutritarian for life and I created this site to help you become a pro at this plan too!  xo, Kristen

So, what is a “Nutritarian” anyway?

Created by Dr. Joel Furhman, author of the book Eat to Live, a Nutritarian is a person who bases their dietary decisions on those foods that have the most micro-nutrients per calorie.  Macro-nutrients are the things we all know (fat, protein and carbohydrates) that provide us with calories or the energy to live.  Micro-nutrients, on the other hand, are the vitamins, minerals, fibers and phytochemicals that can have a profound effect on our health, either for the better or for the worse (if you’re not getting enough).

You see our body’s cells actually require phytochemicals just as much as they require fat, proteins and carbs, it’s what our bodies drive us to eat.  The problem is that the SAD (or Standard American Diet) is deficient in phytochemicals and this causes us to overeat (our body is searching for those vitamins and minerals) and since fiber is lacking in diet of processed foods, there is nothing there to tell us that we are full!  So, the idea is easy: Flood your body with phytochemicals and fiber from veggies and fruits,and watch the fat fall off!

I love this new classification that Dr. Fuhrman bestows upon the dietary landscape!  I’ve been a vegetarian, I’ve been a vegan, I’ve been a carnivore and an omnivore–heck! I’ve been all of them inside of a year!  But I’ve never stopped to think about food in this way before: Base my choices on which food will give me the most phytochemicals (or vitamins, minerals and fiber) instead of worrying about the carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

If you haven’t already, BUY EAT TO LIVE!  It will change forever the way you think about food!  With a forward written by the famous Dr. Mehmet Oz (not to mention he’s had Dr. Fuhrman on his show six times and counting), and 45 pages of notes on the scientific studies and data cited–this is the real dietary deal!

becoming nutritarian dr fuhrman diet review eat to live 6 week plan whole food plant based diet reverse diabetes the end of dietingWhat is Dr. Fuhrman’s 6 Week Plan?

Download a free printable copy of Dr. Fuhrman’s aggressive weight-loss guidelines here: Nutritarian Guidelines Printable

Daily Guidelines:

Eat these as much as you want:

  • all raw vegetables (goal 1 lb.)
  • cooked green and non-green nutrient-rich vegetables (goal: 1 lb.)
  • beans, legumes, bean sprouts, and tofu (goal: 1 cup)
  • fresh fruit (min. 4 daily)


  • cooked starchy vegetables and whole grains (max. 1 cup)
  • raw nuts and seeds (max 1 oz.)
  • avocado (max 2 oz.)
  • dried fruit (max 2 tbsp.)
  • ground flaxseeds (max 1 tbsp.)

Do Not Eat:

  • dairy
  • meat / Animal products
  • between-meal snacks
  • fruit juice
  • oils
  • added salt

Why adopt the Eat to Live lifestyle?

If you adopt the 6 week plan, along with losing about 20 pounds, Dr. Fuhrman promises a self-healing process with “subtle changes in physical and emotional well being.”  He claims that most people get so excited with their results during the six-week “trail” that they are motivated to keep going until they reach their ideal weight.  And reaching your ideal weight is what this book is all about!

Our risk of disease, cancer and death are all correlated to our ideal weight.  The bigger your middle the shorter your life span.  Dr. Fuhrman advocates adopting the 6 week plan until you stop losing weight and therefore have reached your ideal weight.  (I haven’t been at mine since my last year of undergrad!)

This diet makes sense to me.  The fact that it is vegan is not a big surprise–I lost a ton of weight going vegan for my wedding and have always weighed the least when I was vegan.  What DID surprise me was that oil is banned.  Dr. Fuhrman reminds us that oil is just fat–yes, even my beloved olive oil!  The reasoning is that we should get our fat intake from avocado and raw nuts and seeds instead of oils.  Why?  Because the human body can store 100 calories of fat very efficiently–it only costs us 3 calories to do so.  Whereas our bodies have to first process the fibers (in the avocado and nuts and seeds) before it is able to be stored as fat.  (Check out pp. 44 – 46, Eat to Live, for more info on oils and fats).

The other surprise for me was the emphasis on raw foods.  But this is another example of getting the most bang for your caloric buck.  Raw foods actually have a negative caloric effect, which means that it costs our bodies so many calories to process them that it out weighs the number of calories in the raw veggies themselves!  (See p. 50, Eat to Live)

Finally, I was amazed by the fact that you can have unlimited fresh fruits daily!  How many times have you heard that diet myth that bananas make you fat?!  Not any more!  Because fruits have so much fiber and micronutrients, their benefits outweigh the high-caloric cost–so eat up!  Plus, you have to have something to live for on this diet, right?!

Why am I going to do the 6 Week Plan?

After gaining more than my fair share of pregnancy weight, it’s been slow going getting the weight back off.  After I saw the amazing results my mother achieved by (partially) adopting Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live lifestyle a few years ago, I decided, while I was still pregnant, that I would go on his 6 week plan when my daughter turned 6-months-old.

Well, I would try and then there was Thanksgiving, and then I would try again and then there was Christmas (you get the idea).  So, now the time is upon me!  My daughter turns 1/2 a year old on January 28th (conveniently a Monday) and I will be adopting the Eat to Live high-nutrient aggressive weight loss plan invented by Dr. Joel Fuhrman!

I’m excited (and scared) to start this weight-loss (and health-gaining) journey!  I’ll be posting what I eat every Monday when I weigh in!  Let’s get healthy together! 

UPDATE -The Results Are In!

Check out Week #1 journal & results!

Check out Week #2 journal & results!

Check out Week #3 journal & results!

Check out Week #4 journal & results!

Check out Week #5 journal & results!

Check out Week #6 journal & results!  (P.S.: I lost over 21 pounds!!!!)

Are you ready to become nutritarian yourself?  Head over to the START HERE page for a guided tour of the site and its resources!

Eat to Live Fridge Tour BUTTON Dr fuhrman whole food plant based diet dr greger daily dozen nutritionfacts orgMake sure to take the Eat to Live fridge tour!  I’ll show you how to have a fridge-tox and the essentials you need in your fridge right now–plus print out two free printables for your fridge door!

eat to live weekly food prep BUTTON dr fuhrman nutritarian diet plan weekly meal prep no oil recipes the end of heart diseaseAre you ready to be an eat to live food prepper?  Find out the 8 essentials for weekly food prep using Dr. Fuhrman’s 6-week plan!  Get your free printable weekly food prep schedule too!

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xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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  • Gabby R. says:

    Im feeling as fat as a heard of cows! I know thats part of being preggers, I know. I have three days left till my due date and my obgyn says Im not even a little bit dilated. I saw this doctor on Dr. oz once and it seemed like a doable thing. So you did this while you were breastfeeding, how was that?

    • bella says:

      my sister tried to do a diet while breastfeeding and found it to be extremely difficult…apparently…I have no first hand experience in this department…you are quite hungry while breastfeeding…in time it will come off love!

      • Tiffany says:

        I did ETL while breastfeeding my 6month old, and it was tough but I loved that I could eat as much as I wanted. I lost close to 25lbs in 6weeks (this was 4 years ago). I was incredibly motivated because I was going on vacation which certainly helped. I have gained 15lbs in the past 4 years and today is now Day 2 of my ETL 6 week plans. i have tried everything to diet in the last 4 years since I never quite has the motivation to be this dedicated with having two little kids but I know it will work. The first week is the hardest and all the food prep, especially with little ones.

        • Kristen | Hello Nutritarian says:

          Hi Tiffany!

          Thanks so much for sharing your story!

          I also started ETL when I was breastfeeding (my daughter was 6 months)!

          I’m so, so happy you found you way back to ETL and I’m wishing tons of success!

          xo, Kristen

  • mveggie says:

    Wow! i just read through your 6 week journey and i am impressed! I love that you gave us an insight into the struggles and the triumphs. I am going to start this program next week and i am looking forward to reaching my own milestones. Honestly, I was iffy about this plan, but you my dear have just convinced me to dive right in!
    thank you!

    • Kristen says:

      Hi!! So glad you found the site 🙂 I am on day 15 of doing the plan again, I’m determined to reach my ideal weight! My advise is to be prepared for the psychological battle ahead. There are going to be so many days you are going to want to quit just keep following the plan! I’m here for support!!

      • mveggie says:

        Well day 1 has started out well enough, but i am finding it difficult to NOT snack between meals…this first week will definitely be an adjustment period. But on the plus side, spritzing my salad with balsamic and a dusting of salt free herb seasoning was a lot tastier than i thought it would be!

        • Kristen says:

          Hi again! So happy for you to start strong 🙂 Yes, snacking in between meals is rough. When it was really bad and I would be making my lunch or dinner I would snack on carrot sticks or an raw veggies, I considered it a jump on my salad course (aka the main course)! Please keep me posted–can’t wait to hear about your journey!

  • Alikat says:

    I was reading through your diet and it doesn’t seem like you eat any whole grains during the 6 weeks and it says you can eat 1 serving a day I was just wondering why?

    • Kristen says:

      Hi! SO glad you found the site! I did eat the 1 serving of whole grains most days, and many days I would eat more than 1 serving. I usually would eat 1 cup of rolled oats in the morning or a whole wheat wrap for lunch or dinner. I also would eat quinoa with my “stir frys.” The first time I did the 6 week plan I was not working out at all, so I tried to keep my whole grain intake down as much as I could stand to. When I did the 6 week plan for the second time I was working out along with the diet so I added an extra serving and continued to lose weight. In his book, Eat to Live, Dr. Fuhrman says if you are doing high intensity workouts you can up your carb intake, as long as you are continuing to lose weight–so just monitor and adjust accordingly.

  • Lindsey Larson says:

    I’m so glad to have come across your site! I followed the “Eat to Live” plan with great success a few years ago. However, grad school and a much less active lifestyle in general have cause those pounds to creep back on, so I’m starting again today! I’m still in grad school and student teaching all day, so I’m not going to have a chance to workout like last time. Here’s hoping I have similar results – sounds like you did! All I know is I can’t wait for that day that hits around week 3 when my head clears up, the veggies start to taste like magic, and the cravings stop!

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Lindsey!! Wow, I hear you in every way! I’ve done the 6 week plan 3 times now–every time I lost a lot of weight. The 6 weeks I journaled about here was my very first time on the plan and I lost the most this time. My problem is the 90/10 maintenance plan. After I finish the 6 weeks I gradually go back to my old habits. So, this year I decided to give myself a year of 90/10 eating–90% of the time I eat like I’m on the plan and the other 10% of calories can be processed foods, oils, etc… I made myself a contract (I’ll be posting about all of this soon) and I just finished my first month yesterday, down 9 lbs.! By week 3, like you said, it got SO much easier! DO IT!! YOU GOT THIS!!

  • Niccie says:

    Hey I’m just starting this diet! On day four so far. I am enjoying eating all the fruit and veggies, but I’m having a hard time eating it all. I am used to eating every couple hours so not eating in between meals has been hard. I am always hungry but after reading the book I don’t think it is true hunger. Are you supposed to eat until you’re stuffed? My dinner isn’t until 7-8 ish and I’m a little concerned about eating so many carbs that late at night. Do you think it will affect my progress any? Any advice would be great! I have enjoyed reading your blog and want to try some of your recipes!

  • Niccie says:

    Hey I’m just starting this diet! On day four so far. I am enjoying eating all the fruit and veggies, but I’m having a hard time eating it all. I am used to eating every couple hours so not eating in between meals has been hard. I am always hungry but after reading the book I don’t think it is true hunger. Are you supposed to eat until you’re stuffed? My dinner isn’t until 7-8 ish and I’m a little concerned about eating so many carbs that late at night. Do you think it will affect my progress any? Any advice would be great! I have enjoyed reading your blog and want to try some of your recipes!

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Niccie!! So happy to hear you have decided to give Dr. Fuhrman’s method a go and congrats on making it to day 4!!! Snacking, as I’ve mentioned before is a hard one! Sometimes while I’de be preparing lunch or dinner, I would have some carrots or celery with hummus as a jumpstart on my salad course. I’ve been a serial over-eater most of my life so eating large portions was what I really loved most about this method. What I did find, for me, was after I hit week #4 I couldn’t eat as much. Dr. Fuhrman talks about this in “Eat to Live” and he says for many the portion sizes will seem giant. Just remember your 2 large salads a day actually have a negative caloric impact (talking about the lettuces, onions, peppers, and veggies), so your body burns more calories digesting them than it retains. These raw veggies are the miracle workers that actually help to melt the fat off of you! I always try to finish my salad first, before rewarding myself with the bean stew or tofu stir fry–this would help me ensure that I eat the most nutrient-dense foods first–cause that’s what your body needs most. As far as the time of day, Fuhrman never really talks about that, what you’re doing here in flooding your body with the nutrients it needs, don’t think about it like just “carbs,” these fruits and veggies are what will make you lose! You will be amazed how your body will change during this 6 weeks! Please keep me posted and congrats again!

  • Ernie says:

    Hi! Can you tell me what the recommended dosage of Vitamin B-12 is?

  • Lindsay says:

    I read “Eat to Live” last year and gave the diet a try.I was on it for about 2 weeks before I fell off the wagon.However, it has been a constant nagging in my head ever since. I know how great the plan is and how great I felt while on it.I believe in the science and I wish everyone in America follwed the plan! I started the diet again this week after re-reading the book and to my surprise my two roommates are doing it with me! I think i’ve read your entire blog 5 times for inspiration and I hope with the group effort I can stay on the diet and lose a few pounds before an upcoming bachelorette party! Thank you so much for sharing your story!

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Lindsay!! So happy to know that the blog is helping you on your mission to get healthier!! Nutritional excellence is HARD WORK, I does get easier, I promise, stick with it and even if you mess up start again! Any meal you eat on the plan is a victory because it is promoting your health!

      Could you please let me know how you found the site? I’m trying to figure out if it’s Pinterest, Google searches or some other method! Thanks so much and please keep me updated–I’ll be cheering you on!!!

      • Lindsay says:

        Hi Kristen,

        I believe I searched “Nutritarian” on Pinterest and found your site! I found it some time last year, but when I just searched it again yours is one of the most appealing pins to click!

        Day 5 and no cheating yet, but how did you sleep when you first started? I feel like I have been wired and keep waking up during the night…even after I worked out twice yesterday.

  • Jacqui says:

    Hi Kristen- Love this blog!! I have been eating mainly salads for the past two weeks, but am ready to switch it up a bit! I saw a few of your other recipes and was wondering if it was OK to have a whole wheat pita? Does that fall under the approved grains? Thanks so much!

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Jacqui!

      I’m SO happy you are finding the blog helpful!

      It is absolutely okay to eat a whole wheat pita–it is counted as your 1 cup of whole grains under Dr. Fuhrman’s plan!

      xo, Kristen

  • Elsie says:

    Hi Kristen,

    My name is Elsie- and I’m really excited about all the comments that people are making regarding this diet. Can’t wait to start. Came across your postings while looking into the Nutritarian diet. Not exactly sure how soon I will start but will keep u posted.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Elsie!

      I’m so excited that you are going to start the nutritarian lifestyle and I’m so happy you found the blog!

      If you are planning to start soon, you definitely want to read here about weekly food prep and download the free printable weekly schedule!

      Wishing you much success!

      xo, Kristen

  • Rachael says:

    I found the site on pinterest. What’s the name of the book?? I’m going to buy but I want to make sure it’s the exact one. Is there a recipe book as well?

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Rachel!

      I just replied to you on Facebook too!

      The original book is called “Eat to Live” and there is a follow-up, “The End of Dieting.” Both are fantastic, but “The End of Dieting” is newer! Each book has a recipe section!

      Another great place for daily menu plans is my archive:

      Wishing you all the best on your new health journey!

      xo, Kristen

  • Wendy Luckie says:

    This seems to good to be true. Going to try it again

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Wendy!

      Definitely not too good to be true! It is going to take a lot of commitment but as long as you follow the 6 week protocol you will lose the weight!

      Wishing you the best on your health journey!

      xo, Kristen

  • Jess says:

    I love your website! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Kristen says:

      So nice to meet you, Jess!

      So happy you are finding the site helpful!

      xo, Kristen

  • Amanda says:

    I am obsessed with the Tahini Date Spread with a pita stuffed with roasted veggies. Does the whole pita count as one cup? or just half. I have been eating the whole thing, and I ‘m loosing… but I don’t want to accidentally sabotage my efforts! Thanks for your great advice.

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Amanda!

      Yay!! I’m so happy you’re rocking out the nutritarian lifestyle!!

      I always consider 1 pita to be 1/2 of your daily whole grains allotment–so I think you’re good! The biggest thing to pay attention to is your weight loss to determin how much whole grains you should have. And that’s what you’re doing!

      So happy for you!

      xo, Kristen

  • HMJ says:

    I have just started reading Eat To Live and will be living a nutritarian lifestyle soon. I am morbidly obese and so scared I won’t stick with it! I would appreciate prayers that I really do this! It will save my life!!

    • Kristen | Hello Nutritarian says:

      So happy you are starting HMJ!

      You CAN do this and you WILL do this! A huge part of having success in this program is with the right state of mind. Your ego is going to try to get you to stop and quit–tell you that it’s impossible and to just accept yourself the way you are. Call that out like the lie that it is!

      You have to identify that continuing with your current habits causes you great pain. You have to identify that eating to live will make you feel better and feel good. Humans will do twice the work to avoid pain, so make sure you identify that eating SAD is painful!

      I’ve struggled with food addiction and disordered eating my whole life–to help with the mental side I highly recommend “The 30-Day Sobriety Solution” it takes you though a month of mental exercises aimed at helping you break any addiction.

      Sending you tons of powerful, you’ve-got-this vibes!!

      xo, Kristen

  • David Wilson says:

    There is nothing new or ground breaking with this diet. Any diet that you eat nothing but salads and fruit will cause weight loss and lower cholesterol.
    It comes down to, you will never be able to eat a big juicy cheeseburger. You will never be able to eat BBQ ribs or chicken on your grill.

    On this diet , you will rarely if ever be able to eat a nice rib-eye, T-bone or porterhouse steak hot off the grill. No chocolate chip cookies, or non fruit sweets or any kind.

    No ice cream , yogurt, or strawberry short cakes. No Eggs, sausage links or bacon, hash browns, toast. No pancakes, no muffins. No blueberry, apple, or any pie of any kind.

    If you are ok and happy with living without these delicious foods, then go for it. You will lose weight, but will you be happy ? A decision only you can make. I for one would rather limit the above foods, and eat veggie meals every other day. I have used this this eating habit, and I lost weight and was quite happy to not deprive myself of all these delicious foods.

    • Kristen | Hello Nutritarian says:

      Hi David,

      All the foods you listed are very delicious, no doubt about it. I can speak from my personal experience when I eat those foods I only crave more of those foods. It sends me into a spiral where I become food-fixated, wanting more salt more sugar–and it is never enough to “satisfy” me.

      I know that I am a food addict and I am incapable of eating those foods “in moderation.” I’ve tried and it just doesn’t work for me. To me portion-control is for the birds! I’d rather be able to eat as much as I want of foods that I know are optimizing my life!

      Just know that you can still eat the foods that you love as a nutritarian, but they are going to be different. I make back bean burgers, I make tofu eggs, I make tacos and cheese sauces, I make all kinds of different flavors of nicecream, I’ve made peach cobbler pie and all of these foods are delicious to me. They make me happy, they help me feel good. When I used to eat the foods you listed above I didn’t feel good after the first 5 minutes they went in my mouth.

      I think you’ve missed the point that more than half of the people who adopt a nutritarian lifestyle do so because they want to get their health back on track. My father ate those foods you listed and got high blood pressure and became pre-diabetic. Now after being on a modified-nutritarian diet he has reversed both conditions!

      When you talk about being “happy” keep in mind that happiness can also stem from not having to deal with disordered eating or the health problems that come with meat, sugar and processed food consumption.

      Wishing you all the best!


  • ki says:

    thank you for all the helpful info you have shared….I have the last 10 pounds to lose but struggle with food addiction and eating for other reason than just hunger. I eat very clean but over eat then don’t lose weight so pig out and fall off the wagon pretty much a 3 week cycle. The no snacking is terrifying to me especially bc I cant eat beans due to how hard they are on my digestive system ( have celiacs and leaky gut) Would love to know how you were able to over come the snacking and addiction aspect.

    Thank you

    • Kristen | Hello Nutritarian says:

      Hi Ki!

      This is such a wonderful question and issue. I am a food addict myself. So, that is something I will struggle with for the rest of my life and the best I can hope for is to live in recovery. And that’s what the ETL plan has done for me! It’s given me a blueprint for recovery.

      I was really lucky when I first started this plan in 2013, I did the 6 weeks at 100% and I saw just how powerful this lifestyle can be. I felt better than I ever had in my life! Then, after the 6 weeks were over I continued on the plan at about 80 to 90% compliance and slowly slid back into my food addictions. Luckily I have never regained those 21 pounds I lost. But for about 3 years I treated the plan as a “diet” rather than a “lifestyle.” I would go back on for a month or up to 3 or 4 months to lose weight, just the “reward” myself with food and fall back into binge eating.

      Last year I realized that I had to work on making this my lifestyle. I started developing a weekly food prep system and that has helped me more than anything to practice this lifestyle! Do I fall off track sometimes, yes–but nowhere near as often or as hard because I’ve been developing my habits! Oil, salt and snacking are the 3 hardest nutritarian restrictions to deal with. It takes practice but is so, so worth it. Not snacking inbewteen meals is wehn my body gets the leanest and it’s worth the commitment! I will be sharing much more about this in the months to come on the blog.

      Do not give up on beans! They are too powerful for your health and for some people Dr. Fuhrman suggests you “practice” eating them and developing the bean-digesting bacteria in your gut that you need to process them effectively (without bloating or excessive gas). I was watching one of his lectures on YouTube where he suggests you start with 1 tbsp. or beans a day and slowly work yourself up to 1/2 cup daily over the course of 6 months.

      So excited for you and I would definitely suggest eating tofu for fullness if you’re going to concentrate on not snacking!

      xo, Kristen

  • Sandra says:

    I’m pregnant and because my high weight I’m a high risk pregnant
    Do you know if there is any específic diet from dr. Fuhrman that I can follow?
    I appreciate your reply
    Thank you

    • Kristen | Hello Nutritarian says:

      Hi Sandra!

      Yes, you can follow Dr. Fuhrman’s plan when your pregnant! You just want to add more raw seeds to the plan. The seeds will give you extra protein and DHA, which is great for you and baby!

      Make sure to concentrate on eating a big raw salad as your main course (with a nut-based dressing) and add seeds on top. Then make a bean-based soup and make sure to have a big serving of greens daily!

      This will greatly help you keep your weight within range!

      xo, Kristen

  • Sandra says:

    Thank you
    I will do that

  • Varsha says:

    hi Kristen…loved your post..i really want to start ETL plan…just that I wanted to ask you..i am exclusively breastfeeding my 4 month old baby ..can I still do this without affecting my supply.

  • Lauren says:

    Hello! I’m in the military, and still trying to lose the pregnancy weight for work and my son is a YEAR OLD!

    I just wanted to thank you for your blog! This seems like the vegan hope that my vegetarian butt has been looking for! I’m so excited to follow this plan, using your easy-to-use posts and recipes!! Thank you so much for doing this and sharing your journey with us! I’m so excited to begin this plan. You’ve given me the hope and the motivation to get back to my pre-mom bod.

    You’re AMAZING! Thank you! <3

    • Kristen | Hello Nutritarian says:

      So, so wonderful to meet you Lauren!!

      Thank you so much for your military service for your country–my father and both grandfathers were in the Army and I know the sacrifices you make!

      Oh yeah–that’s exactly what led me to go nutritarian–that baby weight! I don’t know if this is your first but I gained over 60 pounds with my second and I was just STUCK!! I started thsi plan when she was 6 months and lost 21 pounds, so if any plan can do it it’s most-definitely Dr. Fuhrman’s Aggressive Weight Loss plan!

      I’m so, so happy that you found your way to the site and that you’ve been finding the content helpful!!

      Make sure to stay in touch–I will be rooting you on!

      xo, Kristen

  • MiMi says:

    HELP! I just finished my first week on this eating plan and I GAINED 5 pounds. Any ideas????

    • Kristen | Hello Nutritarian says:

      Hi Mimi!

      Congrats on finishing your first week!!

      A few questions: How much fats (nuts, seeds, avocado) did you have? Did you go animal product free? How close are you to a BMI of 23?

      Definitely want to help you figure this out!

      xo, Kristen

      • Alia says:

        Same thing happened to me… I have gained 6. I have been working out everyday, eating only fruits veggies beans and 1 tbsp of flax and 1 tbsp of chia. why is this happening 🙁

  • Erin says:

    This website is so helpful! I found Eat To Live on Pinterest and then your website by Googling “Nutritarian”. I haven’t started the official plan yet because I just started the book, but I know most of the basics, so I’m trying to eat the foods I know are good as a jumpstart. I know the psychological aspects will be hardest for me as an emotional eater and someone with a latte addiction since college. I really need to stick to it, though. I’ve been overweight since junior high and it’s creeping up even more as I get older. I also still have the acne I’ve had since high school and would love that to go away if I can get my hormones in order.

  • Tammy McCoy says:

    Hi Kristen,
    We are starting on the Eat to Live diet to try to reverse my boyfriend’s pre Type 2 diabetes that seems to be worsening over time. The weight loss will certainly help greatly and the diet will be beneficial also. I don’t drink coffee, but he has his morning cup that he just loves. I know that the diet discourages any artificial sugars including stevia and also low glycemic agave. I need to add something to it to for a little sweetness. I can switch the milk to almond, so that’s doable. I am enjoying your site and all the email from your readers and your great advice and recipes. Thanks for doing it. It is nice to get this kind of support and help on this journey.

    P.S. – I searched “Eat to Live Plan” on Google and your website came up towards the top of the offerings.

    • Kristen | Hello Nutritarian says:

      So wonderful to meet you Tammy!

      I’m so excited that you and your boyfriend have started your nutritarian journey!!

      For the coffee sweetener I would advise that you take unsweetened almond milk and blend it up with 1 pitted date. That will give the sweetness in the absolute safest form and as your boyfriend’s body heals–say in 3 months–start reducing the amount of coffee. Dr. Fuhrman really advises against it because it is a stimulant that also contributes to increased hunger! But concentrate first on cleaning up all the foods especially processed food and sugar, then you can move on to refining things.

      My number 1 piece of advice is to have salad with no-oil dressing as your main course for lunch and dinner–that gets the body healthy fastest (and drops the weight too)!

      Thanks so much for letting me know how you found the blog–it really helps me know where to spend my time!

      xo, Kristen

  • Maria says:

    Hi Kristen, I also found your blog through Pinterest and became very inspired. I have struggled with depression for many years and I eat when I get emotional, so my weight has suffered immensely at 5′ and 225 lbs. Antidepressants have never seemed much help and the extra weight just adds to my depression. I have read other blogs where people struggling with depression started feeling a lot better after switching to a plant based diet, so I have decided to give it a go. I am very inspired by your website. I love the journals, your detailed meal plan, and the recipes. I spent a few hours yesterday cleaning out my fridge, making trips to Trader Joe’s and Publix, and then prepping everything to start day 1 of the 6 week plan today. This new diet is going to be extremely difficult for me because I absolutely love all things meat and cheese along with sweets such as cheesecake, but I am putting my foot down because I really want to start feeling good and better about myself. I look forward to seeing a change in my mood and losing the weight finally. Thanks for your awesome site. 🙂

  • Snow One says:

    Glad to have found this info!! I WAS on this program several years ago. I fell off and have had a hard time getting back on track. I’ve suffered a few, potentially life threatening, health scares recently that are bringing me full circle back to the nutritarian lifestyle. This site is exactly what I needed to help, inspire, motivate, and guide me to get back on track. Thank you!!!

  • Sigrid says:

    I am starting today. I understand everything but i have one important question: how about coffee? can i drink 1 cup a day or should i stay away?
    Thanks for helping ☺

  • Sharon Newman says:

    I purchased the ETL book several years ago after my doctor recommended it. I just wasn’t ready to make the committment at that point but have made some significant changes in our diet based on Dr. F’s recs. The GBOMBS and the daily salad meals have really made a difference for me. Now I want to really get into this but, as usual, I can’t put my hands on the book. Where did I set it down a month ago??? I guess I’ll just have to buy another copy!
    Oh, I subscribed to the email updates and had expected to get the Salad Cleanse, but as yet, I haven’t seen it.

  • Leah says:

    Hi Kristen! I am a skinny 37 yo just diagnosed with T2 diabetes. I ordered 2 of Dr Fodhmans books online and should be getting them soon. I am doing a lot of research to see what plan will fit me best. The doctor prescribed me some meds and the side effects were so bad that I am determined to reverse my diagnosis. I stumbled upon this blog and am super excited to follow your journey and advice. Before delving into this, do you think this will work for me? I am not trying to lose weight but want to reverse the diabetes and lead a healthier lifestyle. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Monica Hunter says:

    Hi Kristen,
    I have known about your site for quite a while but did not really get into the site. First of all I have been following a nutritarian food plan since 2011 and lost 24 lbs the first time. However, in the last 6 months I have gradually introduced a lot of SAD foods and the result is a 16 lb gain which I am determined to lose. Your website was re-introduced to me and after reading it I became excited that this was exactly what I need. I have shopped and am ready to start the 7-day salad cleanse tomorrow. I am really impressed with what I see so far and I’m even interested in purchasing your Food Prep Ebook. Can’t wait to download it.
    I have a question about Pay Pal. Is this the only way I can pay? Is it possible to do so with a credit card?
    Thank you for this wonderful site. Love it!!


    • Kristen | Hello Nutritarian says:

      So lovely to meet you Monica,

      I’m SO happy to hear that you are re-invigorated to get beck on track with your nutritarian lifestyle!

      The Salad Cleanse is the perfect way to re-start and I would recommend using the free printable calendar in this post as way to reinforce your eating habits!

      Yes you can pay with a credit card but it’s done through PayPal.

      I’ll be rooting you on!

      xo, Kristen

  • Tara J says:

    Do you have any tips on getting through the day without the snacking? I am used to eating at least 2 snacks a day and I am having trouble. I am trying to drink water in between meals and some decaf tea.

  • Andrea says:

    I’m starting the Nutritarian life today. Going to do it over the summer to reverse my diabetes. If it gives me the promised results, it will stay a way of life. I came across you site while searching for meal ideas. I have found it very helpful and inspiring! So thank you for putting all this info together for us.

    • Kristen | Hello Nutritarian says:

      So wonderful to meet you Andrea, and I’m so happy you found the site!

      You’ve got this–you can certainly reverse your illness over the summer and I wish you all the love and healing possible in your mission!

      xo, Kristen

  • Kathy says:

    My husband and I are empty nesters. He works for the US State Dept. and we are living in Guatemala City. He is not interested in changing his eating habits. It is difficult for me to make two different meals when there are only two of us. I either end up not making any meals and “foraging” in the kitchen or I start with good intentions, but end up eating his meal, too. I lost 15 pounds when I first came across your website and read Eat to Live. Since then I hover around the 228-230 lbs mark. I’m 5’8” and 51 years old. I have been struggling with my weight since having children in the 90s! I know what I need to do, but I struggle with my chocolate addiction and trying to think of food for 2 diff. people. I would say, make your own food, but I am not working right now so I feel it is only fair he comes home from a 10 Hour day to dinner. I don’t know that you have any magic advice for me, but I just need to voice my frustrations to someone. Thank you for your inspiration. I really want to do this!

  • Jennifer Minnis says:

    Hi! Thanks for all of the effort you have put into this site. I’ve purchase your ebook and cannot wait to start my first food prep (for the salad detox) this weekend and then the actual 6-week plan after that!

    • Kristen | Hello Nutritarian says:

      Hi Jennifer!

      Oh I’m SO excited you are going to be prepping with us!! And I’m so happy you’ve been finding the site helpful in your journey so far!

      Thank you for your purchase and I’ll be seeing you in the support group!

      xo, Kristen

  • Shelley says:

    Howdy! I’m planning to start following the ETL plan but know my husband will not be interested in doing the same. He is not a veggie lover. Do you have any tips on how to manage ETL foods with someone who will eat differently?

  • Nita says:

    I’m ready to start this plan. I am going to follow your advice and try my hardest. I have always thought of dieting but now I am thinking of a lifestyle change.

  • Kristen Dillard says:

    Hi! I wanted to thank you for this site. I ate nutritarian for almost 4 years and did very well. Then life changed and I slowly came away from it and gained all of my weight back and quickly adapted back to a “sad” way of eating. Today I meal prepped, made my salad bar and 2 of the delicious salad dressings you recommended. Anyhow, I have saved your website to my internet home page and am so excited about my new fresh start. Thank you again so much for the time you’ve spent making this awesome site!
    Atlanta, Ga

    • Kristen | Hello Nutritarian says:

      So wonderful to meet a fellow “Kristen” and a nutritarian to boot!

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing a bit of your journey with us!

      I’ve had to “re-start” so many times on my own personal journey, and I know how difficult it can be! But, like you, I’ll never give up on making this my forever lifestyle!

      Wishing you all the best!


  • Lydia says:

    I’m 8 weeks pregnant and feeling horrible. No morning sickness just no energy and bad headaches all day. Wondering if this is okay for pregnancy/anything to do differently? I really want to feel my best for the new bub as well as my two littlw boys already here

    • Kristen | Hello Nutritarian says:

      Hi Lydia!

      Congrats on your new addition!

      I did not follow this plan while I was pregnant. I started once my youngest was 6 months old! I know people who have followed a whole food, plant based SOS-free diet while pregnant but they were following the diet for quite some time before becoming pregnant.

      If you’re just starting to eat this way now, you may want to take a more gradual approach because the withdrawal period can be lengthy and painful. Subscribe to my weekly email list here and get my free ebook “The 7 Day Salad Cleanse” and follow the “Good n’ Green” level to increase your phytonutrients while still eating the foods you’re accustomed to eating!

      xo, Kristen

  • Merl Glasscock says:

    I heard part of a program and am interested

  • Brittany Smith says:

    Hi Kristen,

    I am new to the site, and just getting started. I love the site, it is quite food beautiful. One thing that would make it easier would be to have all the printables in one place. Especially if you are coming back to reprint. Thank you so much for so much information. I’m looking forward to starting.

    • Kristen Hong says:

      Hi Brittany,

      Such a great recommendation! I’m actually working on making a printable collection that should be out in early fall!

      xo, Kristen

  • Connie says:

    I am not a vegitarian but do need to loose weight


    I would love to try this program, although I have not I’ve never been vegetarian neither vegan. So I am going to try my best. I have high blood pressure (controlled with meds. and diabetes type 2 also controlled with meds. and diet. But, my huge problem is that I just can not lose weight. My doctor told me that is because I am going through menopause.

    • Kristen Hong says:

      Hi Brenda,

      So happy that you’ve found the nutritarian lifestyle! While I know that being in menopause affects your weight and can cause weight gain it is not impossible to lose weight. It is going to be a much slower process but I’ve seen many women who have done it! Eating nutritarian is anti-inflammatory and will definitely help you in losing weight. Also, walking for 1 hour a day is a great low-impact, fat-burning exercise that would be great to layer with the program!

      All the best,

  • Lili Lustig says:

    My husband has been a vegan for a very long time, but still struggle with his weight. So we are starting the nutritarian plan.
    So other than the nuts and a avocado there should not be any other fats, is that correct in the first 6 weeks?

    • Kristen Hong says:

      Hi Lili,

      So happy to hear that you’re both starting the plan together!

      Yes, you are correct. Besides nuts, seeds and avocado there should be no additional added fats!


  • Margaret Moulin says:

    I am hoping your plan will help me lose 20 lbs.

    • Kristen Hong says:

      Hi Margaret, I can’t take credit for Dr. Fuhrman’s amazing plan but definitely wishing you all the best!

  • Teresa Briggs says:

    I see that people on this way of eating use store bought marinara sauce. The ones that I see have olive oil in them. Is this okay?

    • Kristen Hong says:

      Hi Teresa, there’s inly one store-bought no-oil pasts sauce I’ve found and it’s from Trader Joe’s. I say as long as you’re not using more than 1/2 cup at a time it should be okay.

  • Starr says:

    Hello, I find it difficult to apply the vegan lifestyle because I’m allergic to all nuts, berries, cruciferous vegetables and nightshade vegetables. What are some meals to eat as a 60 years young woman who exercises? Thank you. All the best of health and happiness.

    • Kristen Hong says:

      Hi Starr, if you are allergic to those items just take them off the list and eat the items that you are okay with. Beans and tofu should feature strongly! If you’re active add in more grains and sweet potatoes! For sauces go for seed-based dressings and such–this is one of my favorites:

  • marlo moffitt says:

    i always use regular yellow mustard on my salad watered down a bit. is this allowed for a salad dressing?

    • Kristen Hong says:

      Hi Marlo, yes that should work, just be mindful of the total sodium used for the day!

  • Vacara Quant says:

    I need to lose 30 pounds immediately.

  • Nancy Darling says:

    Working to get healthier.

    • Kristen Hong says:

      So thrilled to hear that, Nancy! Wishing you all the best on your journey!

  • Rich Suval says:

    One week on this program……feel great, clothes a bit looser….don’t have a lot of weight to lose, more for my health with an autoimmune condition. The prep is a bit of work initially. My partner does not necessarily eat this way and she asked why I was being so extreme today. I didn’t really have an answer. The beat goes on……

    • Kristen Hong says:

      So happy to hear that you’re enjoying the lifestyle and how it helps you to feel!

      I’ve found that when I say “I’m trying it out for a while,” that makes it less intimidating to others in my family. I think they caught on around the 5th year though, lol!

  • Kathy G Underhill says:

    would love to be healthier and reduce inflamation through diet

  • Helen says:

    Could you explain the fat content on the 6 weeks nutrutarian plan? Is it x amount nuts AND x amount Avocado and x amount flaxseeds or is it only one of those three per day as a max? Hope you get my point thank you a lot

    • Kristen Hong says:

      Hi Helen, so you want to be getting your fats from raw seeds, raw nuts and avocado. Dr. Fuhrman’s recommendation is 1 ounce of raw nuts and seeds and 2 ounces of avocado used daily.

  • Crystal Epps says:

    I am ready to “Eat to Live,” so I will be starting my journey on May 1, 2023. I have already made substantial changes in my eating habits, so I will take this next week and pull out my Eat To Live Book and review it. Review this website and mentally prepare myself for the journey ahead!

    • Kristen Hong says:

      Congratulations on starting your nutritraina journey, Crystal! I’m thrilled that you’re finding the site helpful as you prepare to start!

      Wishing you all the best,

  • Adjeley Akwei says:

    Thank you!

    • Kristen Hong says:

      My pleasure!

  • Julian Gregor says:

    Kristen, I resonate with your post and the Nutritarian shift after my own bariatric journey. Dr. Fuhrman’s focus on phytochemicals aligns with my daily routine. Have you noticed any specific benefits or challenges in terms of nutrient absorption since starting the 6-week plan?

    • Kristen Hong says:

      Hi Julian,

      I have been following the nutritarian lifestyle now for over 10 years and so far so good!

      Congratulations on your health journey and I’m so happy to see that you made your way to the eat to live protocol!

      All the best,