Royal Wedding Official Wedding PictureYes, I was one of those American geeks who stayed up till 2:45 AM watching the Royal Wedding—I put it in caps because it meant That much to me!  I have always felt a type of bond to William, since he and I shared the same due date in 1982, I actually came a bit later than that, and my mother fittingly gave me the middle name of “Diana” in honor of his mother—what can I say, I reek of being a baby of the 80s!  So the wedding was a pretty big deal to me!

Like any other warm-blooded woman was wondering: What will Kate’s dress look like?  Plus, I’m getting married this year as well, so I was extra interested in that factoid!  I also liked the story behind Will & Kate, and no, I’m not talking about the Lifetime made for TV movie about their relationship (although I probably would have watched if I had the time or remembered to record it), I’m talking about how they met in college, broke up a few times, he made her wait for what seemed like ages and then poof! It is all happening so fast (and I can bet a little Will or Kate is soon on their way).  There are many similarities that could be made with my DF and I, and many more differences (oh, like no royal blood or million dollar castles)!

Then there is the Diana factor: she was beautiful, she was real, she was damaged but still lived her life in grace and humility.  Then there was the tragedy that none of us ever expected—it was sad!  I never like Charles and I wish Camilla had never been made an honest woman by him!  But on William’s wedding day all any of us could think was: Diana would have been SO proud and happy!

When I saw William and Harry in their military uniforms, I got a bit choked up, they certainly looked dashingly handsome and you could just see the differences in personality between them, but how they were each others’ best friends at the same time!  Endearingly cute!  A lot of people have said that William’s uniform was not to their liking but I fervently disagree!  I loved the red, it made everything pop!  And I loved the message it was sending to the world, namely there is a war going on where troops are dying.  And that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Then there was the Queen’s outfit that was another mystery: would it be in the blue color range (as she previously has worn) or would it be yellow?  I went with blue and I was wrong!  But it was still exciting to wonder and see her step out looking like a lemon bar with a whisp of gray meringue on top!  I also soaked in all of the commentary by Barbara Walters describing to us viewers that this was a private ceremony and therefore Will & Kate could invite whom they liked, whereas Charles and Diana’s wedding was a wedding of state.

Then there were the hats!  I have to say princess Beatrice takes the cake for the most hideous hat ever!  I think Victoria Beckham had a beautiful hat and looked lovely in general.  It was strange that the Prime Minister’s wife did not wear a hat to the ceremony and there was quite a lot of commentary about that.

I thought Will & Kate made an important statement with the minimal decorations in Westminster, choosing to have trees that would be replanted instead of tons of flowers imported from all over the world and costing who knows how much in their carbon footprint!  Even Kate’s bouquet, which many in the fashion world critiqued as being too small and too plain, was appropriate in the “lets not get carried away with frivolity” spirit of the ceremony.

Then Kate finally was on the scene and when I saw Pippa Middelton, I though okay the dress is not going to be that plain since Pippa was wearing the gown that I envisioned Kate to wear.  When Kate did step out all I could think of was: Grace Kelly 2.0!  Or maybe 2.0 is even out dated now, how about: Grace Kelly 4G!  It was SO Grace but with an extra refinement and modernity to it.  It was absolutely perfect!  The lace sleeves, the sweetheart neckline, the separated and pointy bust, even the story behind the designer—it all worked together and looked stunning and kept the bobbleheads talking!   The dress did not disappoint any of us in the least!

Then there was the ceremony itself, which went along flawlessly.  And I have to give credit to the Anglican church because all of the sermon-ing in the ceremony was engaging, tasteful and appropriate.  I especially enjoyed the emphasis on the family and having children because when you come right down to it that is what marriage is all about: providing a secure and loving environment in which children can thrive.  I also thought Kate’s brother did a fine job reciting the scripture they had chosen for the event.  The boy’s choir was beautiful, although a little too much singing at parts.

At one point, the next day when I was watching parts I hadn’t stayed up for and several times leading up to the event, DF said “I just don’t get why everyone care about this wedding, it’s so useless!”  But don’t worry Royal-Wedding-Loving moms everywhere, I told him that many people would feel the same way about Madden 2011 or fantasy football.  He didn’t say much after that J

I wasn’t disappointed by Will & Kates nuptials and it was particularly inspiring for someone like me who is about to get married as well!  Did you enjoy watching the Royal Wedding?  Is it stupid to be interested in the Royal Wedding when there are so many more important things going on in the world?  I would love to hear from you!

xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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  • FUTURE MRS. W says:

    ROTFL!!!  I stayed up with my MOM watching it too!!!  We both cried my fiance was fast asleep!