What is the right month to start watching Baby Einstein?  Can my baby watch too much Baby Einstein?

Like so many aspects to child development, the appropriate answer to this question is: IT DEPENDS!  I know, I can feel your frustration on this one!  I can tell you when my son started really watching Baby Einstein and that was 3 and ½ months.  I tried to get him to watch it at 2 months an all he did was cry in his bouncy chair.  At 3 and ½ months he was truly watching.  My sister-in-law has a two month old who loves Baby Einstein NOW and even cries when the DVD ends, so that shows you that there is no scientific answer to this question!

The best advice I can give you is to try putting on Baby Einstein for your infant when you think he or she might be ready.  Make it extra fun for them by sitting with them, holding them in your lap and talking about the things you see on the screen with them.  Mommy warning for this one: you WILL get sucked in to the random images of innate objects set to classical music, it is truly hypnotic!  As I sat with my DF’s new nephew watching Baby Mozart I finally remembered where those first 7 months of Kysen’s infanthood slipped away to: Baby Einstein comma land!  Sometimes it was the only thing I could do to give myself some time to get myself dressed or grab something to eat!

Now here’s an ethical question: “Is too much Baby Einstein bad for your baby?

Will your baby watch Baby Einstein? Is it good for them?Answer: YES, too much TV of any kind is bad for a child or human of any age.  Come on guys!  We’ve had this invention around for a while now and all the brainwave tests have been sent in and analyzed: watching TV is a passive activity and we want our brains to be ACTIVE.  Educators and entertainers are taking note of this and you can see a shift in children’s programming happening.  Like Dora and Diego, they go out of their way to ask your kids questions and then politely wait for your kid to answer them back.  This is all in an effort to get kids actively involved in watching TV and maybe it helps, I’m not sure.

But for a baby things are a little bit different, your baby can gain something from watching the spinning of a pinwheel or the “blah”ing of an endearing green dragon on Baby Einstein.  Is this cognitive gain as important as them grabbing a pinwheel in real life and sticking it in their mouth?  No.  Touching and feeling the world around them will help babies develop the most and as Freud reminds us this is our oral fixation phase of life, your baby learns through placing things in their mouth.  So, its not good for your baby to watch too much Baby Einstein, their time could be better spent touching different textures of toys or rubbing the surface of your skin.  But Bay Einstein has its place in an infant and baby’s life.

Sure, there were days where I had Kysen watch WAY too much Baby Einstein, justifying to myself that at least it had classical music and apparently that creates special brain pathways, so he was getting something good from it.  But let’s face it, there are better things our babies can be doing than watching Baby Einstein!

What do you think about these important questions?  What is your Baby Einstein watching limit?

xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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  • DinaBoBina says:

    I agree with you, too much of anything is bad…but that stuff is like visual crack! I limit Dexter to only 30 mins in the morning and 30 mins in the evening just as a change of pace.  The real challenge is when they get older. sigh…

  • DCtami says:

    i really try to limit any screentime whenever possible… my 10 month old only gets to watch 30  mins a day if that.

  • Anonymous says:

    My daughter started watching baby Einstein at 3 months old. I would limit her time watching it but it did help a lot with her developmental skills. Another great one is “Your Baby Can Read”. It was created by a father and has been a great hit in many households. My husband and I did see a difference withour daughter and she is in 1st grade now and reads at a 2nd grade level. Her teachers are always telling me how gifted she is.

  • Anonymous says:

    My daughter started watching baby Einstein at 3 months old. I would limit her time watching it but it did help a lot with her developmental skills. Another great one is “Your Baby Can Read”. It was created by a father and has been a great hit in many households. My husband and I did see a difference withour daughter and she is in 1st grade now and reads at a 2nd grade level. Her teachers are always telling me how gifted she is.

    • Miley's Mommy says:

      Hi!  I’ve heard great things about your baby can read to, when did you start your daughter with it?

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi Miley’s Mommy:

        I started my daughter on “your baby can read” when she was 6 or 7 months old. It’s better than Baby Einstein. I highly recommend it. As I mentioned before, she is reading at a higher level than her grade. She is also very good at spelling. I owe it all to Your Baby Can Read, I believe it truly helped. Try it out and let me know how it goes. Good Luck!

        • Kristen says:

          I can vouch that my niece does read at a VERY high level!  It totally amazed me when she read her flower girl invitation almost entirely by herself!  Good job sis!

    • Dana Conrad says:

      I guess My baby can read isn’t that great? I didn’t have it and I was reading at a 4th grade level in 1st grade.

  • CHEERY cherry <3 says:

    Lyle never watched baby enistien but has made up for it with bob the builder and diego!  im pretty bad about controllign the tv time

  • Bnorton says:

    Why do you want your baby to watch TV? Smart kids get that way because their parents talk, play and interact with them. Although educational television can be better than other shows/ videos, there is NO reason to ever subject or “teach” a baby to watch TV. As a developmental educator who provides early intervention services to infants and toddlers with speech delays, my advice would be to turn off the TV! (also use pacifiers sparingly). Seriously, TALK to your babies!!!!!

    • Kristen says:

      Hi!  Welcome to MyMomma!  Thank you for posting on this topic and offering your expertise!  I used Baby Einstein when I had to get things done around the house and couldn’t be there giving my son full attention.  Most moms I know use it for the same reason.  I figure the classical music is a good thing, but maybe you can shed more light on the issue of TV at early ages! 

    • Ladyrin1031 says:

      a child being smart depends on the child. you can talk to your kid all day and they could still be dumb as a rock.

      I have a brother who is 15 now and THE smartest kid I know, always has been, and he has been playing vidio games since he was 2years and watching tv for longer. tv and vidio games are awesome because they can also teach us new things as well.

      The first words baby einstein viodio I have for my son has signing. I didn’t know signing before. now my son AND I can learn it together and be able to communicate better because of it.

      Also, Pacifiers do not Cause speech delays, my brothers and I had passies untill we were 2 years old and we all talk perfectly fine. again it al depends on the child.

      • Kristen says:

        Hi & Welcome Ladyrin!  I tend to agree with you on this one, Baby Einstein saved me big time when my son was an infant!  I’m not saying that watching TV makes you dumb, what I’m saying is there are other things that are more engaging to the baby in a physical and tactile way. 

        I think a lot has been made about Baby Einstein making your baby, and subsequent child, smarter and Disney had to stop proclaiming that on the videos because the science didn’t support it. 

        You make an important point that every child is different and learns in different ways. 

        • Ladyrin1031 says:

          I Agree, the videos will not Make you baby smart, Disney does need to put an end to that noise. I’m just saying that, like myself, there were many things on tv that my parents would never know and I had to learn things that way. I know I don’t know everything and I will need TV and enternet to help explain things to my son. TV is still teaching me things that I probably would not find as on hand anywhere else.

          Kids are curious by nature, they will eventually get curious enough to want to enteract with things around them, like my son, you can’t stop him from touching everything. They will eventually get up on their own and do things, you just have to give them time

          • lisa says:

            its better for infants to not watch tv and that includes baby einstein are you talking about infants or kids?

          • Ladyrin1031 says:

            both. my son is almost 8 months. but I think they begin to get very curious at about 3-4 months

            Baby einstien is fine. it gives very little babies, newborn and up, something to stimulate them until they are able to get up and do things themselves.

            it is people like you that are so anti tv that it just ticks me off. how much tv do you watch a day? if you are so against tv,video games and internet stop using them. if you are using tvs and computers then you are being a hypocrite.

          • Ladyrin1031 says:

            thank you so much for sideing with me. 😀

      • lisa says:

        i think it s crazy to say that playing video games and watching tv isn t bad for children! all you can point to is your own little brother and how do you know there aren t smarter kids than him in his class who didn t do either of those things?  you can teach your kids “new things” by opening up a book and engaging with them or why should anyone go to school when they can just watch tv and play video games!

        • Ladyrin1031 says:

          chill out. I said that he was the smartest kid I know. I don’t know about other kids in the class being smarter, but it isn’t about them being smart by playing games or not playing games, it is about that it doesn’t matter if they do or don’t if a child is smart they are if they’re not they’re not. and sometimes you can’t find a book that has what you need and a show or website, and sometimes even a video game will have it.

          growing up, if I asked my parents a question most of the time they didn’t know, and I had noone to take me to a library so my, and my brothers only solution was to look to tv and enternet.

          as for my brother, do you know a kid that can teach himself algebra? he did, just because he wanted to know it. and most schools do not teach things like mythology and water down real history to make it “kid friendly”.

          I’m not anti school, or anti book. I LOVE books, I’m just saying that books can’t be the ONLY things kids turn too. I am not saying ONLY watch tv and paly games I am saying that they can be educational.

  • Hunter says:

    Hi Kristen. Great image of the Baby Einstein. I was curious where you found it? 

    • Kristen says:

      Hi!  Welcome to MyMomma!  I found this image on a google image search.  Please let me know if it’s yours and who to credit!

  • Ladyrin1031 says:

    you people are WAY too wound up about not letting them watch TV. I have a 7 month old and he will watch the same baby einstein vid over and over, a few times a day. he goes to sleep by it most of the time. I don’t beleve that there should be limit on TV time as long as they are learning something and they are happy.

    Growing up Myself and my 3 younger brothers would sit in front of a tv most of the time and they are all the smartest kids I know. we went out and play and got exursise, but noone cut off the tv and made us.

    Baby einstein is awesome, my son has the baby lullaby and the first words around the house and loves both. I say as long as it keeps him quiet and in one place for more than a second, let him watch it as long as he wants!

    • Kristen says:

      As an infant, limiting TV is not as much of an issue as I think it is in the case of my 3 year old.  He wants to watch “TB” as he calls it all the time, but I would rather him be outside at the park (if weather permits), interacting with friends, reading a book, playing a board game, or just playing make believe with his toys. 

      I think it’s more important with our kids’ generation, who will be bombarded with internet, cell phones, video games and TV from day one, that we “teach” them to limit these activities in favor of less “instantly gratifying” sources of entrainment.

      • Ladyrin1031 says:

        I admit that kids should spend some time outside, I did once I hit about age 5, when I got to that age I wouldn’t stay inside unless my favorite shows were on. and then it was stuff like Arthur and pbs shows. and my brothers were the same way.  It takes some time, but they will eventualy go out on there own, and sometimes watching tv helps boost their imagination, gives them somthing to play when they are outside. like playing PowerRangers or SuperWhy, whitch in my sons favorite to watch.

        I think that you should monitor what they watch, because there is so much out there that is Not kid apropiate, finding the wrong chanell could end badly.

        Don’t worry about him not playing outside he will when he feels ready. Try playing games with him that involve his favorite shows, playing make believe of some episodes or buying toys that are of it. it might help.

  • Snobbaby says:

    I have a 7 almost 8 month old baby, and yes he watches cartoons, including baby einstein. As a Stay Home mom i need time to fix the house, prepare meals, take shower etc.. And i don’t see anything bad with it! I beleive that at some point people were connecting tv with add but we all know that wasn’t proved. My brother and I grew up waching tv, and I mean stupid soap operas, and we never have any delays in nothing in our lifes. Actually today my brother is 32 years old and he is already a very well known doctor who lecture all over the world the laser spinal column cirgury he developed. I am a journalist and speak over 8 languages. All the kids that grew up with us are also very smart. We are from South America, Brazil, there things are diferent then here. No one is smart from watching tv or not, people are smart from studing. My brother, friends even mylself study A LOT and ready lots of books and educated ourself as much as we could, so everything we are today is not because we did or did not watch tv. One thing I can assure you. Tv will not make your cild stupid, slow or whatever!

  • Dana Conrad says:

    I don’t believe in any of this nonsense. Just because your kid can do something earlier doesn’t mean anything. It all evens out. Besides, I’ve never seen grown adults sit around and talk about how they could read at this time and talk at that time, walk at this time, etc. It’s just so parents can brag. When people ask what my kid is doing, and how he’s developing I simply say, “What 3 months old do, and he’s doing it just fine.” I couldn’t be bothered to compare my child to some insane, results-driven super-mom.

    • Gabby R. Wilson says:

      Seriously I totally agree with you: IT ALL EVENS OUT. I have seen this with my nephew and nieces and its just true. Watching or not they get there