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What to eat on Day 2 of the Eat to Live Nutritarian Plan by Dr. Fuhrman // MyMommaToldMe.comJoin me as I blog my way through Dr. Furhman’s Eat to Live plan (again)!  My goal is to reach my ideal weight by doing the aggressive 6 week Eat to Live plan by Dr. Fuhrman until I reach that magic number!  I will be posting what I eat each and every day (or as close as I can get) with pics!  If you are currently on the plan we would love to hear from you–please comment and post pics below!


What to eat for breakfast Day 2 :: MyMommaToldMe.com

BREAKFAST: May I present the “Banana Blossom!”  Made this up this morning, because food tastes better when it looks cute!  1 medium banana, 1 tbsp. raw creamy almond butter, sprinkle of pomegranate seeds and a sprinkle of hemp seeds (fyi: hemp seeds and bananas = perfect together like PB&J).

LUNCH: (see pic above) Baby spinach salad with sliced Crimini mushrooms, 1 clementine orange, 1/4 large avocado, grape tomatoes, 1/2 ounce raw cashew pieces, and a more than generous sprinkle of Trader Joe’s “21 Seasoning Salute” non-salt seasoning.  Leftover tofu, mushroom and kale saute (from dinner last night).  1 apple for my after-lunch dessert!

What to eat for Eat to Live Nutritarian dinner day 2 :: MyMommaToldMe.com DINNER: Main course is the salad of course!  Mixed baby greens salad with grape tomatoes, sliced cucumber, sliced strawberries, 1/4 large avocado, sprinkling of raw sunflower seeds.

What to eat on Day 2 of the Eat to Live Nutritarian Plan by Dr. Fuhrman // MyMommaToldMe.com

“On the side” (of the mega-huge salad, that is): tofu, mushroom and broccoli “stir fry,” sauteed in Trader Joe’s low-sodium veggie broth with powdered ginger, dried minced onion and powdered garlic.

What to eat for dessert on the 6 week Eat to Live Plan // MyMommaToldMe.com

DESSERT: Leftover “fruit freezer” (as my 4-year-old calls it) from last night (just freeze extra in plastic bag and allow to thaw for 5 minutes before re-blending it with a tad more unsweetend almond milk), 1/2 tbsp raw, ground flaxseed.


Went to bed last night feeling hungry, woke up feeling hungry.  Felt REALLY hungry in the late afternoon, before dinner.  I know it’s that nagging toxic hunger and it’s hard to get out of that pattern of: What am I going to eat now that’s incredibly salty, gooey, rich and comforting??  My brain would snap back to that emotional eating mode throughout the day.  Sometimes it was daunting to think I could be on the plan for 12 weeks (since I don’t know how long it will take me to get down to my ideal weight).

Viewing my Pinterest feed was like self-inflicted torture today, I need to be following more Nutritionistas while I’m on this adventure!  TMI-alert: I’ve been “going” like crazy today!  At least 4 times!  And the massive salt-detox peeing is still on too!  Trying to mentally take this day by day–blogging about this really, really helps!

If this is your first week EVER doing the ETL plan: please check out how I felt for the first week–remember: you are not alone, it’s tough but worth it!

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xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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  • Rachel says:

    Your salads always look so amazing!! My salads never look that good. You’re posts have been very inspiring, so thank you! I’m currently on a juice cleanse but when I’m done I’m going to start a nutritarian diet. Dr.furhmans book is on it’s way in the mail!

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Rachel! So glad you found the site! My favorite thing to photograph are salads–so colorful! When the salad looks pretty it makes me more willing to eat it! I am SO behind on posting my days–that is my mission for this weekend! I’m 2.5 pounds away from my pre-baby weight and it’s been a month now! Dr. Fuhrman’s book is life changing you’ll understand food better than you ever thought you could! Check back for more salad ideas and let us know how you progress on Eat to Live!

  • Cynthia says:

    But you eat a lot of tofu and I thought it was in good for you because it mimics the female hormones ?

  • Teresa Loughlin says:

    Hi, I’ve just ordered Eat to Live, but don’t want to wait until it arrives to start, so your blog is really helpful, thanks.
    One question, maybe a stupid one, but there is no mention of drinks? Is it just water or is there anything else?

    • Kristen | Hello Nutritarian says:

      Welcome Teresa!!

      So, so excited for you to start your nutritarian lifestyle!!

      Liquids are smoothies, water and decaf teas! You can also do infused waters too!

      I’m so happy you’re finding the site helpful!!

      xo, Kristen

  • Teresa Loughlin says:

    Thanks Kristen
    Day 1 !!!!
    Wish me luck, I’m a coffee loving, choc alcoholic veggie who hates banana’s!
    If this works for me, it’ll work for anyone!!😆

  • Kay Powell says:

    Just saw a show on Dr. Furhman, saw only the end and was disappointed I had missed it. I was holding my tablet and looked on Pinterest – love that site – and found a lot of information. Found your blog and now I am hooked- so helpful and beautiful pics of food I WANT to eat. I am going to try it.
    Thank you for your information and Daly log – makes it easier to decide what I really want.

    • Kristen Hong says:

      So happy to hear you found your way here, Kay!

      Wishing you all the best on your nutritarian journey!

      xo, Kristen