For a heartier twist on the traditional gauze ghost, use fast-setting plaster bandages!

This is one of those quintessential Halloween crafts that I can remember making in my elementary school days.  Well, everything old is new again and these blissfully easy handmade Halloween decorations are back en vouge whether being made by your precocious kiddo or by yourself.  What I love most about making these ghosts is that you don’t have to be perfect!  In fact the more you mess up the better the end result!


Materials Needed:

  • gauze or cheese cloth (see notes below for plaster variation)
  • Styrofoam balls (or you can use balloons), and square base (or cup)
  • All-Purpose craft glue
  • water
  • toothpicks
  • black permanent marker or black paint pen
  • helpful: gloves and cover for your work & drying surface


  1. Prep the basic shape: Using the Strofoam balls and base (I prefer the Styrofoam cup), make the shape of your ghost using your toothpicks.  Generally you want a larger ball for the head and two smaller balls for the arms.  Make sure you vary the heights of the arms for added interest.
  2. Make the glue mix: Use 1/4 cup of water combined with 1/4 cup all-purpose craft glue, like Elmer’s.
  3. Cut the amount of gauze you desire, keeping in mind how you want the ghost to lay on a hard surface.
  4. Dip your piece of gauze in the glue mix and squeeze off any excess.  Drape it over your Styrofoam shape, keeping in mind some of it will have to lay on a hard surface for display.
  5. Allow to fully dry over night.  Then use your pen/marker to draw on a face.  You can hang your ghosts or display them on a hard surface!

NOTES:  You can also use fast-setting plaster bandages (like the ones used for a cast) in a similar fashion by putting petroleum jelly on your Styrofoam base and dipping the fast-setting plaster bandages in water.  Once wet, layer and arrange the bandages (or bandage if making a smaller ghost) to create your ghost shape; let dry overnight and finish the same as above!  Great thing about these is they are less likely to get bent or damaged in storage every year!

Glue on accessories like this chain to make this super-simple Halloween craft more uniquely spooky!
xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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