Here are some of my favorite Halloween cupcake decorating ideas for your upcoming Halloween party or other ghoulish festivities!  From classic to freakish, these super-easy cupcake decorating ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing and give you ample time to gather together your perfect cupcake decorating supplies!

Use your favorite cake mix, toss in some mini chocolate chips, frost with orange-tinged frosting & stick in your pick of choice!


There is nothing easier than buying some festive Halloween picks and liners and using your favorite boxed cake recipe to quickly get some fabulous cupcakes on your Halloween spread!  You can find so many cute vintage Halloween cupcake picks on Etsy and eBay and you’ll have plenty of time to order them in time for the holiday.  Also, check out your local Michael’s or Jo Ann’s to check out what picks Wilton may have available this year.  Nothing is more classic and chic than a black cat!


Halloween is the one holiday where it is okay to scare people with your food!  This is the easiest idea for a Halloween cupcake that children and adults alike will appreciate.  Bake and frost your own go-to cupcake recipe and then take a toothpick and pierce the top of your frost.  Add some edible red gel that you can find at any supermarket and you’ve got a simply perfect Halloween cupcake.  These would also be fab for a “True Blood” viewing party or before you Twi-Mommas head out to see “Breaking Dawn Part II!”

Gummy Lifesavers and M&M's make these eyeball cupcakes pop!


If you have a eight-year old at your house, these are the cupcakes for you!  You will definitely score on the “gross” factor with these eyeball cupcakes.  Sure, it’s been done a million times but there is a reason–it just works.  Plus, decorating these couldn’t be simpler: bake your favorite boxed recipe, frost white and use a pack of gummy Lifesavers, M&M’s for the iris and grab a tube of red decorating frosting at your local market, and voila: cupcakes you can’t take your eyes off of!

Marbles create these perfectly skull-shaped cupcakes, just frost white and decorate with M&Ms!


This Halloween cupcake idea comes from “scoochmaroo” over at  By using glass marbles on either side of your cupcake liner when baking you get the perfect skull shaped cupcake.  Then, just frost them white and decorate with big and mini M&Ms!




xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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  • Gabby R. Wilson says:

    these look amazing! i want to try to make all of them really the vampire cupcakes are 2 cute also those skeletons i have never heard of using marbles for shaping a cupcake how clever is that! my nephew would be happy to see the eyeball ones 2, thanks for great ideas

  • Liz says:

    I recently just did a post on the same topic. You came up with some pretty great ideas. I am definitely going to try the Eye Am Watching You! cupcake. Check out mine: