Jewelry Organizer DIY Project Tutorial Jewelry holder by MyMommaToldMe.comIt’s only two days till Mother’s Day!  Remain calm.  You still have plenty of time to make something useful, beautiful, thoughtful, and guaranteed to make your mom smile!  Did I forget to mention that it costs less than $15 to make?!  Oh yeah, baby!  Welcome to the guaranteed easiest DIY jewelry organizer tutorial on the web!  This will be your go-to-emergency-yet-awesome-gift for birthdays, holidays, teacher appreciation, besties, you name it!  And all you need is a hammer to get ‘er done!

Jewelry Organizer DIY project tutorial by This idea started out innocently enough at Michael’s a few months ago when they were having a super-amazing sale on canvases!  I found this beautiful 8 by 10 stretched linen canvas with bronze nail details on the sides on sale for 40% off (it turned out costing about $6–remember to use a Michael’s coupon to get the same discount if it’s at regular price)!  I thought I could turn it into a display piece for my Stella & Dot engraveable necklaces collection.  I even thought about putting studs on the sides of it, similarly to what I did with this frame.  Basically, it just sat on my desk for a hella-long time before I decided how to make it happen.

Last week I took a trip to my local Hobby Lobby when both kids were at school (a.k.a. the only time I can actually focus on what I’m doing at Hobby Lobby).  Mind you, I only get 6 hours a week kids-free and I squandered half of it browsing around this massive store.  But in this case it was worth it, because I found the secret ingredient that makes this the absolute easiest DIY jewelry organizer ever!  DECORATIVE NAILS!  You should be hearing operatic hallelujah music right now!  Let me say that again: DECORATIVE NAILS!!  When I found these I immediately took the glass drawer pulls out of my cart.  Why in the world would I try to drill holes in the canvas frame (without knowing what would happen), and have to get my hubby all involved, when I could just hammer these puppies in while he was safely at work?

Decorator Nails for Jewelry Organizer ProjectLadies, these decorative nails are your new best friends!  They literally take less than a minute to “install” (if you can even call it that) and they come in different styles and colors.  They are in the curtain and window coverings section of Hobby Lobby.  I’m sure you can find them in other places too!  They cost $4.99 full price but I pulled up a handy dandy little 40% off coupon on my phone and scored them for $3!  Great thing is there are 10 nails in there so you could potentially make two organizers from one box!

Materials for DIY Jewelry Organizer Necklace Holder MyMommaToldMe.comYou could totally just hang this puppy up on a wall and it would be perfect, but since I wanted it as part of my jewelry display I found a cute coordinating bronze stand (also from Hobby Lobby) for $3.99.  I love this one cause it can be stored flat, which is ideal when you have a larger display.  This is also great for displaying on a vanity or dressing table!


Materials needed:

  • canvas (in desired size, I used 8×10)
  • 4 decorative nails
  • hammer
  • ruler
  • Optional: display stand


You are going to want to hammer in your nails along the top edge of your canvas.  Take a look on the back of your canvas to see where the wood frame ends and be mindful of that when you’re planning where your nails will go.  I needed my nails as far up on the frame as I could.  I placed my first nail 1 inch in from the left side of the canvas and 3/8ths of an inch down from the top edge.  I had the canvas flat on my desk and kept my ruler on the canvas and just hammered in the first nail–no need for any markings.  Do the same measurements on the right side (see picture below for reference).

DIY Jewelry Organizer Project Tutorial by MyMommaToldMe.comThen I placed my next nail (second from the left) 2 inches away from the first nail.  Do this on the right side as well and there should be two inches in between the 2nd and 3rd nails.  It only takes a few light hammers to get the nails in securely and it didn’t damage the decoration on the nail heads!  You are literally finished at this point!

Jewelry Organizer back view  Here’s a look at the back, with the stand.  Note, the stand can begin to dig into the canvas in the front.  I might at some point put a strip of cardboard across the back of the canvas just where the stand hits to prevent this from becoming an issue.

Jewelry Organizer project Side View by MyMommaToldMe.comTake a look on the side of the organizer to make sure your nails are all nailed in the same amount.  I had to make some adjustments when I did this.  Gosh, I love the bronze hammer details on the sides of this canvas–you have to get this canvas!

DIY Jewelry Organizer Project Decorative Nail close up MyMommaToldMe.comI hope you give this project a go!!  It’s very satisfying to make something simple, functional and stylish so quickly!  We’re talking 10 minutes top, that’s instant crafting gratification!  And if you like any of the necklaces you’ve seen here, shop for them on my website here!

Stay sparkly my friends! – Kristen

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xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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