Easy Baked Tofu

Easy baked tofu recipe vegan oil free no oil reduced sodium Dr fuhrman eat to live 6 week plan nutritarian vegan protein recipe easy vegan recipesAre you missing chicken?  It’s okay, we’re all friends here.  So, let’s just get all those food-feelings out in the open, shall we?  Because no one ever said that dramatically changing the way you eat is going to be without challenges!  And I’ve got just the solution for your carnivorous craving–it’s your vegan, nutritarian, and gluten-free solution to classic baked chicken: Easy Baked Tofu.

We’re talking three ingredients here folks…


Yup, get ready to make this Easy Baked Tofu, like, a lot!

You’re going to love this super-simple method for making a savory and healthy tofu with no oil and low salt.


Baked tofu recipe vegan gluten free Dr fuhrman eat to live nutritarian program Dr greger How not to die vegan comfort foodCleaning Up Your Comfort Food

If you’re transitioning (or thinking about transitioning) to a whole-foods-plant-based-vegan or a nutritarian-vegan lifestyle, you’re going to be missing that savory and chewy texture you get from meat.

Maybe you’ve even explored a meat substitute like Gardein chicken strips.

But, let’s face it, processed meat-substitutes are not ideal foods, especially when you’re following a whole-food plant based lifestyle.  They’re overly-processed with lots of unnecessary ingredients (and that’s certainly a polite way of putting it).

Now, tofu is “processed,” since it’s derived from soy milk.  But it’s nowhere near as processed as these test tube vegan “meats.”

Easy baked tofu recipe coconut aminos dr fuhrman eat to live nutritarian recipe dr greger how not to dieEat Your Easy Baked Tofu Strips Responsibly

WARNING: You will want to eat this whole tray of strips (I should know because I absolutely have)!

Now, these Easy Baked Tofu “strips” are completely nutritarian-compliant but the only thing you have to be mindful of is sodium.

When you’re on the nutritarian plan you to want to keep your total sodium intake under 1,000 mg per day.  Dr. Fuhrman says that the fruits and vegetables we eat as nutritarians supply us with about 700 mg of naturally-occurring sodium for the day.  So, that leaves us with a balance of about 300 mg.

This recipe uses Coconut Aminos (instead of the more commonly-used liquid aminos) because it’s lower in sodium.

We’re going to use 1/4 cup aminos for 24 tofu strips so the sodium content per strip is about 45 mg.  I suggest a portion of 4 to 6 strips.

You can find coconut aminos at health food store like Whole Foods and Sprouts. This is the brand I use:


MAKE IT A MEAL:  I love to have a giant salad as my main course and follow it up with these Easy Baked Tofu strips with garbanzo bean pasta (learn more about bean pasta options here) topped with Nutritarian Cheese Sauce.

how to bake tofu baked tofu recipe dr fuhrman nutritarian eat to live program gluten free vegan dr greger how not to dieLet’s Get Baked

Baking releases flavor, it caramelizes the naturally-occurring sugars in your food, and it’s a great flavor-enhancer when you’re eating nutritarian.

This recipe can’t get any easier!

You’re going to press and slice your tofu, then dip it in coconut aminos, sprinkle with no-salt seasoning and bake!

baked tofu recipe image
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Easy Baked Tofu

Savory, 3-ingredient, baked tofu recipe that's vegan, nutritarian, gluten-free and low-sodium.

Servings 24 tofu strips
Author Kristen | Hello Nutritarian


  • 2 packages firm tofu (you can also sub extra-firm)
  • 1/4 cup coconut aminos (you can also sub 2 tbsp. liquid aminos with 2 tbsp. water)
  • no-salt seasoning, to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside (or use a Silpat pad).
  2. Press tofu by removing blocks from packages and placing on a cutting board with napkins on top and bottom.  Add another cutting board on top and allow to "press" for at least 10 minutes. 

  3. Discard wet napkins and cut each tofu block into 12 equal slices. Slice the block in half, then slice each half in half again--now you have fourths. Cut each fourth into 3 slices, about 1/4 inch thick.

  4. Pour 1/4 cup coconut aminos into a small bowl or plate.  Place one or two strips of tofu in the aminos for 1 to 2 seconds on each side.  Once quickly coated place on prepared baking sheet. 

  5. After all 24 slices have been coated, add any remaining coconut aminos liquid evenly on the strips (you can use your fingers or a kitchen brush).  Sprinkle liberally with no-salt seasoning.  

  6. Bake at 375 degrees for at least 50 minutes, the edges will begin to lift off the parchment paper and the strips will be dry to the touch. 

  7. Let the fingers rest for at least 5 minutes before using a spatula to remove.

Recipe Notes

Use as a baked chicken replacement.  Wonderful in sandwiches or pitas, cut into strips for salads or tacos. 

If you’re more of a crispy-tofu-type then you’re going to want to check out one of the most popular recipes on this site: Crispy Tofu

If you give this recipe a try, I’d love to hear what you think!

Let’s live better together!

xo, Kristen

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  1. Hilary Kunes

    Just wondering about soy and estrogen- I am not completely informed if the benefits of soy out way any increase in estrogen. I just bought my first pack of tofu and also some shirutaku noodles- THanks for you thoughts

  2. Sara

    Like Hilary I always thought soy/tofu was ‘bad’ because of the estrogen thing. I’ve never had tofu before but think I’ll give it a try after reading through your link from Dr. Fuhrman 🙂

    1. Kristen | Hello Nutritarian Post author

      Hi Sara!

      I completely understand, it’s such a commonly-thought thing that I hear all the time!

      I’m so happy you found Dr. Fuhrman’s article helpful and that you’re going to tofu a try!! Please let me know what you think!

      xo, Kristen

  3. Winnie

    Okay so I have a little cheat for cooking time. I put my tofu in a panini press to cook and its done in under ten minutes ! Also, Ezekiel bread keeps me from losing my mind ! Your site is a Godsend, cant thank you enough.

  4. Nathalie Carles

    Your website is so helpful!!!! I have started my 6 weeks last Thursday and I religiously follow your recipes and mostly the salad dressing ones.
    I have a question: we are not supposed to have salt but sometimes you use liquid aminos (what we call here in Canada Bragg sauce?) but it is very salty, on the label in the ingredients there is no salt, so why is it so salty and can we use it?
    Thank you in advance for you reply and for your wonderful helpful beautiful website.

  5. Michelle Wild

    This was nothing short of awesome! Thank you so much, this was the first nutritarian recipe I made & I experimented with the seasonings making 1/3 with Kirkland organic no salt seasoning, 1/3 with Mc Cormick Italian seasoning (plus granulated garlic) and the rest with Great Value Salt-free garlic and herb. All were quite good, the Italian seasoning best, in my opinion, then the Kirkland one.
    I’m so happy this made so much as I can just grab the leftovers from the fridge.
    THANK YOU for this recipe111

    1. Kristen | Hello Nutritarian Post author

      Hi Michelle,

      YAY!! I’m so, so happy to hear you love this tofu recipe as much as I do and I love the different flavor combinations you tried too! And WOOP WOOP for getting your first nutritarian recipe under you belt!!

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and a rating! Wishing you miles of success on your nutritarian journey that I hope is to come!

      xo, Kristen


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