So, I woke up this morning wondering this question and even though I had set my DVR to record it, I am a mom of a two-year-old when am I actually going to get to watch it?  It will be the first thing I delete when there isn’t enough space to record Kysen’s next Caillou episode!

Big surprise: another athlete won it all!  And he was a man!  Big surprise!  I won’t get started on my whole “it is so much easier for a guy to look like he knows what he’s doing in ballroom dancing versus a woman” spiel—but I will go there if I have to!  Hines Ward did a great job I’m sure (okay, maybe this is a good time to admit that I haven’t really watched any episodes this season, and the only reason I have even cared is because Kirstie Alley was in it).  Anyway athletes have an unfair advantage of knowing what to do with their bodies and being more fit and in shape, generally speaking!  The last season I watched was with Kate Gosselin and in that season the ice-skating and Olympic champ  Evan Lysacek was kicking ass as well.  Evan ended up as runner-up to guess who?  A DANCER, ex-Pussy Cat Doll Nicole Scherzinger (but she was amazing and deserved to win).

So, Hines Ward wins, big surprise!  We all know who should have won and that’s Kirstie Alley!  But Alley can be proud because she is pretty much THE reason that this season of DWTS succeeded in a major way.!  According to the New York Post, Dancing with the Stars beat American Idol in viewership and it is known that Kirsty Alley was a huge contributing factor to that figure.  Marc Berman of Adweek said that “DWTS had the right contestants this season, namely fan-favorite Kirsty Alley, who wound up in the runner-up spot and people were very interested in them, an the contestant they like most—Kisrty Alley—made it right to the end.”

Why do we American women love Kirstie Alley so much?  Well, I can tell you why I love her and want to see her on shows like this: because she honest about the biggest thing a woman has motivation to lie about and that is weight!  She’s been fat, she’s gotten skinny, she’s gotten fat again.  Much like Oprah and the amount of zeros in Oprah’s bank account can give you some idea of how much her honesty with her weight has been loved by the weight-obsessed female population of the good old US of A!  Who doesn’t like a good “I lost the weight story?”  Who doesn’t like a “I gained back all of the weight and more story?” as you are chomping away on your third slice of thin crust!  It’s intriguing and that’s why we watched!

Kirstie Alley on Dancing with the Stars

Kirstie should have won because of the physical transformation she underwent in competition, similar to Kelly Osbourne, the fan favorite is always going to be the underdog or in this case the portly dog!  Which is probably why I also had a brief infatuation with “Dance Your Ass Off,” but I will leave that for another post!

Do you think Kirstie Alley should have won DWTS?

xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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  • Anonymous says:

    O now I just loved Kirstie in that season of the show!  Have you seen the line up for this new season I hardly recognize any of them as being a celebrity only Chaz Bono. Kirstie should have won i agree 100%

    • Kristen says:

      I’m going to be posting about the new season soon, promise!

    • Kristen says:

      I’m going to be posting about the new season soon, promise!