I showed you how to use these nifty Mickey-Mouse-shaped paint samples to color code your pinata!  Now here are some simple ideas to use them for party hats, centerpieces and a party banner!

For the Mickey banner I got the Mickey Mouse head paint samples at my local Home Depot–as I would walk out of the store each week I would secretly pray that I didn’t get stopped by security with 50+ paint samples in my purse.  I guess I could have blamed it on the pregnancy hormones and being indecisive with the nursery colors–but I’ve seen worse on Pinterest!

Carefully peel off the mickey paint sample from the paper backing–be extra careful because they can easily tear and get fold marks.  Next, I used an all-purpose permanent glue stick to glue two Mickey heads together.  Then, I used a standard hole punch and punched a hole on the top of one of the ears.  I got some jute twine (also at Home depot–hey I had to make an actual purchase some time!) and tied each Mickey to the large piece.  Hang and admire!

I bought these paper party hats at Target for $2.  I just peeled off the mickey paint samples and glue-sticked them onto the front of each hat (they were color-coded to match each child’s pinata bag and gifts).  Then, I found these sticker letters in my mound of scrapbooking stuff and did each child’s first initial and my birthday boy’s age.  Simple!

You can find these balloon weights at the Dollar Tree (yes, for like a dollar!!!).  All I did was peel the Mickey paint samples off (2 of each color) and use that same old glue stick on several of the wires in the bouquet.  I used these to keep the tablecloths from flying away!

Don’t blame me if you get stopped at the door at Home Depot with your pockets full of Mickeys!

xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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  • lisa says:

    Oh geez! I saw those paint cards for so many years and thought that they would be good for something but I just could not imagine what. These ideas are great, yes now I wish I had got some too!

    Yes those hat came out so cute! We are thinking about taking Aiden to Disney World for his first birthday in May. What do you think about taking aq one year old there? Love to know from someone who’s BTDT!

    • Kristen says:

      Don’t even get me started about going to Disney(land or world). We took Kysen for the first time when he was 18 months (we were being responsible), we took Kamryn for the first time when she was 4 months (we were being crazy). For me, it is worth going to Disneyland at any age! My argument always is: you have to entertain your kids anyway, right? Why not do it in the happiest place on Earth (yes, I have considered applying for a job at Disney)! Do it! No regrets only mouse ears!!!

  • Kristen says:

    They sometimes change from season to season but they should be there–you have no idea how stupid I felt that I would pay $2.50 for them at the party stores!

  • traci says:

    I can’t find those Mickey paint chips anywhere 🙁