DIY Homemade Halloween Decorations

These cute and classic Halloween decorations are made with clay pots and Styrofoam spheres!

There is no better way to get your children in the Halloween spirit than by making handmade decorations with them.  They will become holiday family heirlooms that you can use to decorate with year after year!

Like I mentioned before, I’m backlogged when it comes to homemade Halloween decorations!  I have so many projects started, planned, or minutes away from completion that I just can’t seem to get finished!  And now that we’re officially on our family vacation (and hundreds of miles away from my craft table) I know that these will be put off for yet another year!

Here are some of the projects I wanted to get working on this year.  These are a bit more time-consuming than the easy Halloween decoration crafts I posted earlier, but just as cute!


These Halloween buddies can inspire the artist in all of us.  The sculptural elements of this project are easily achieved by using upside down clay pots (you can find at any craft store) for the bodies and Styrofoam spheres for the heads.  The clothing for the Vampire and Witch is painted on and adorned with buttons, trimmings, and yarn for the Witch’s hair.  And felt is used for the Witch’s hat and the Vampire’s cloak collar.

Save your family’s milk jugs for this cool Halloween craft!

The Mummy and Werewolf are made by wrapping the bases with cheesecloth.  The Werewolf is then painted grey and a smaller Styrofoam sphere is used for the snout and felt for the ears and teeth.  These seem like so much fun to decorate and I will try my best to get to them next year!


I’ve seen this craft idea all over the web and I saw a young boy with one in my neighborhood that looked awesome!  From the looks of this craft I would say it’s a bit time consuming, but the effect is well worth the trouble.   It looks like an Exacto knife will be needed to cut the rib cage area and regular scissors would do well for the arms and legs.  A Sharpie and some tacks are the only other materials needed to create your own custom skeleton Halloween decoration.

The other great thing about this craft is that the skeleton is waterproof and therefore perfect for an outside decoration.  Some online crafters painted their skeletons with golw-in-the-dark paint for added spookiness.  If you’re interested in doing this craft, just do a Google search for a template as I came a across quite a few, and let us know how the project goes!

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