Cupcake Themed Christmas tree by MyMommaToldMe.comI have a thing for themed Christmas trees (see Frozen Tree, Chinese New Years Tree)!  What can I say?  It started at a young age and I’ve never grown out of it!  Here is my latest creation: a cupcake tree!  Last year my Pinterest board, “Gifts for the Cupcake Queen” was selected for the 2013 Pinterest Holiday Giving Guide–it was the high point of my social-media life and so much fun to put together!  I found this wonderful collection of cupcake ornaments and after Christmas, last year, I set about snapping up all the goodies at clearance prices!  Here’s how I put it all together!

Cupcake Christmas Tree Topper How toIt took me a while to figure out what to do for a tree topper.  I thought about lollipops (but this was about cupcakes, not candy), I thought about cascading bows–then I found a large Styrofoam cupcake Christmas tree ornament at Hobby Lobby last month!  I thought about hollowing the cupcake out on the bottom so I could stick it on the top bough, but then I decided on this clever idea instead!  I took the top tree branch and curved it around into a flat circle-shape on top.  Then all I had to do was adjust it so the cupcake fir snugly on top!  This was a big AHA-tree-decorating-moment for me!

Cupcake Christmas Tree Topper How To MyMommaToldMe.comSo much easier (and prettier) than digging a hole in the Styrofoam!  For more info on how I modified this cupcake ornament to be the tree topper, read here!

Cupcake Christmas Tree Candy Garland MyMommaToldMe.comI couldn’t resist this candy garland (that I scored on eBay last year for $10)!  Even though the tree is decidedly cupcake, I figured these could just be giant nonparelis, dotting the tree with some extra color!

White Artificial Christmas Tree with garlands MyMommaToldMe.comHere’s the tree, all fluffed up, branches separated (it comes packed flat in the box, BTW the tree is from Macy’s Holiday Lane collection–wait till after Christmas, I did and got it for $25!) and adorned with a feather garland and the candy garland.  I got the feather garland from the “Trim” section at JoAnn’s, you’ll need about 6 ft to cover a 3 foot tree.  I love that it looks like whipped cream and hides some of the sparser sections of the tree!

Cupcake Theme Christmas Tree Sweets Candyland MyMommaToldMe.comThe tree lives in my 2-year-old daughter’s room and makes me insanely happy every time I’m in there!  I picked up this white ISALA end table sometime last year, and it fits the tree perfectly in the corner of her room!

For more info on the Cupcake no-sew Tree Skirt, click here!

For more info (and pictures) of the Cupcake Ornaments, click here!



xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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