Cupcake Christmas Ornament Collection MyMommaToldMe.comAfter a year of collecting cupcake Christmas ornaments on sale (tip: wait till after Christmas to scoop these up, they end up going back on sale next Christmas but cost waaaay more!), I am ready to decorate my my daughter’s cupcake-themed mini Christmas tree!  Check out the completed cupcake Christmas tree here!  Here are some close-ups of my favorite cupcakes in the collection!  Feast your eyes, calorie-free!

Cupcake in a cloche glass Christmas ornament MyMommaToldMe.comLet’s start with my favorite orny!  I found this glass cupcake in a cloche ornament on eBay last year!  I got it for $9.99 and though it’s used, I love it so much, especially because of its pink pedestal!!  Here are some on Amazon that are very similar!  I ended up cutting off it’s silver hanger and hanging it with sheer white ribbon instead This picture had better natural light so I used it instead)!

Red Cupcake Christmas glass blown ornament MyMommaToldMe.comHere’s a shot of my newest ornament in the collection.  I picked up two of these red cupcakes from Hobby Lobby last month!  I love the glass bead glitter and the frost dripping down the cupcake liner!  They retail for $8.99 but I got them during a 1/2 off promotion!

Cupcake tower by Sur la Table Cupcake Christmas tree ornament MyMommaToldMe.comThis is my most expensive cupcake ornament!  I found it online at Sur la Table and watched it go from $25 down to $14 after Christmas, so I snatched it up!  I didn’t want too many larger ornaments since the tree is only a three footer.

Aqua and red Cupcake glass ornament MyMommaToldMe.comThis little aqua cupcake is part of a three ornament set (see details here).  I got five sets of these on sale at Macy’s!  I love their vintage design and coloring!

Pink and silver glass cupcake Christmas ornament MyMommaToldMe.comThis hot pink ornament is also part of the set with the aqua cupcake above (read here for where to buy this set!).  I loved that this hot pink color is echoed in the Styrofoam cupcake ornament I found at Hobby Lobby and modified to use as the tree’s topper!

Click here to see the cupcake Christmas tree in full view and all lit up!

Click here to see how I made a simple cupcake Christmas tree skirt!


xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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