Being a second-time momma to a 3-month-old has left me little time for crafting or baking!  If you’re like me and itching to spontaneously create something sweet this Halloween do it the smart “I-can-squeeze-it-in-during-her-morning-nap” way and DIP IT IN CHOCOLATE!  Here are some super-easy, super-quick and super-cute Halloween treats!  If you enjoyed the Marshmallow Jack o’ Lantern Pops or the Candy Corn Caramel Apples tutorials you’ll love these dunk-ables too!


What a wonderfully festive chocolate-covered treat! Bag these up or serve with milk at your Halloween bash!


Wondering how to dip the Oreos without using a stick?  Check out this youtube video by Amanda Brayton to master your chocolate-covering skills!  After letting the base shell dry; use a decorator bag to drizzle more white chocolate on the top, press in a candy corn and adorn with yellow, orange and white sprinkles!

Who loves Nutter Butters? My MUMMY does! Couldn't resist!



Nothing new here: creative mommas have been dipping Nutter Butters in chocolates for many Halloweens past! But take it up a notch by double-dipping once in milk or dark chocolate and then drizzling with white chocolate to create those iconic mummy bandages.  Finish with some black-tinted royal icing eyes and your kids will be impressed that their MUMMY made these!

White chocolate dipped cookies make these iconic Halloween ghosts.


Here’s another chocolate-dipped cookie classic that just has to be mentioned.  Class up your ghosts by using Vienna finger cookies and Belgian white chocolate for dipping.  Finish with two mini chocolate chips for the eyes!

Have any favorite chocolate-dipped recipes for Halloween?  We’d love to hear about them!



xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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  • Kristen says:

    Seriously, dip anything in chocolate and it’s good to go!!