I’ve noticed I’ve got a “thing” for candy corn!  It’s the quintessential Halloween candy that everyone immediately associates with this spooky time of year.  From it’s simple triangular shape to it’s graphic yellow, orange and white stripes, it’s also the perfect party theme for your Halloween bash!  A candy corn theme is a great way to go when you have really little ones who don’t yet appreciate punch bowls with floating eyeballs.  Check out this collection of all things candy corn and get inspired to handcraft your upcoming Halloween party!

Alert the ghoulish masses! With a printer and some cardstock you can employ your little minions to help with invites!


INVITATIONS: Fabulous parties are all about the little details; clue-in your guests to the theme of your Halloween party with these simple-to-make candy corn party invitations.  With over 3 weeks till Halloween, you’ll have plenty of time to handcraft and mail out these festive candy corn invites with time to spare (so get working on a homemade costume)!

HOW TO: All you need is some white, yellow and orange cardstock and a simple word processing program (or, heck, be old school and hand-write ’em!).  Make a candy-corn-shaped pattern out of some recycled cardboard (cereal boxes work great) and trace on to your yellow cardstock, these will be the base of the invitations.  After you’ve cut out all of the yellow bases, take your pattern and draw two curved lines (these will be the white and orange stripes).  Cut along the lines and discard the middle yellow piece.  Trace the small piece onto your white cardstock and the big piece on your orange cardstock.  Cut out the shapes and glue accordingly onto the yellow base with a glue stick.

This candy-corn-inspired wreath is made from scraps of white, yellow and orange fabric and is super-easy to make!

CANDY CORN WREATH:  Greet your party guests (and trick or treaters) with this candy corn rag wreath!  For super-simple directions for making a rag wreath check out my Rag Wreath post.  You can even employ your older kids to knot on the fabric to the wreath form.  For another great DIY candy corn wreath idea, check out my Halloween Wreaths post!

Make this super-simple candy corn bark as a treat for guests to enjoy at the party or take home.


CANDY CORN BARK:  Chocolate “bark” is another Christmas favorite that you can easily modify for Halloween.  Check out this Betty Crocker recipe and make with or without the pretzel sticks.  Wrap in clear bags for a take home treat for your guests or serve it up on a festive platter.

Kids love rice crispy treats, make them Halloween-ready by incorporating candy corn!

CANDY CORN RICE CRISPY TREATS:  Take the classic Kellogs recipe to the next level by adding in candy corn, not only will they look super-cute (and match your party theme), they actually taste extremely good (well, I’m biased, I love candy corn!).

This burlap bunting is a cinch to make and would look super-cute adorning your dessert table!

CANDY CORN BURLAP BUNTING:  I can’t say enough about how cute and fun to make burlap bunting is.  Check out my prior burlap bunting post for the technique and just replace with white, orange and yellow paints!

With just a few craft store supplies you can make these candy corn table decorations!  Or put them on a spooky mantle scene.

POM POM CANDY CORN DECORATIONS: Check out this find from!  By using a Styrofoam base and colored pom poms you can make the perfect table-top decorations for your  candy corn themed Halloween party.  Scatter some candies on your table-scape and you’re ready to party!

MORE CANDY CORN DESSERTS: Beef up your dessert table with these other delicious candy corn desserts: Candy Corn Cupcakes, Candy Corn Chocolate Covered Oreos and Candy Corn Caramel Apples!


xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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