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So, should you see Black Swan? The verdict: YES

A lot of people ask me: “Was Black Swan good?”  In short, YES, Black Swan was good!  Of course good to me could be your worse nightmare—and ironically enough that describes an aspect of this movie (you will see, because I have a sneaking suspicion if you are wondering about this movie you will eventually end up seeing it)!

I think a lot of people will end up watching Black Swan because it is so darn alluring!  You have two of the most beautiful actresses on the Hollywood market: Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis headlining the film, you have the New York City Ballet Company, you have Barbara Hershey’s triumphant return, you have beautiful and exotic sets and costumes (and for all the men out there you have a steamy lesbian scene)!

Want to get your boyfriend or DH to watch and enjoy ballet with you?  Pop in “Black Swan” and trust me they WILL finally be into ballet!  The lesbianism between two of the hottest girls in tinsel town will be your man’s reward for staying the course but rest assured they will end up getting just as wrapped up into the twisting and turning plot as you will!

I’m not sure what genre this movie falls into, but here’s what it isn’t: “Black Swan” is NOT a chick flick, in fact the only chick-flickiness aspect to it is its subject matter: ballet, but that is where the similarities end!  It’s not a romance with a happy ending.  I would say it’s a hybrid thriller and horror flick with the artsy feel of an independent film.  It is a film that will keep you in suspense, and will keep you thinking about it days after you watch it!

And that’s how I decide if a movie is good or not: that it keeps me thinking about it after I’ve watched it.

I don’t want to spoil the film for any mommies who haven’t gotten around to renting it yet, so I will save all of my geeky plot analysis for a follow-up post but I can say the basic plot line here: it is about a ballerina who wants to star in a new version of “Swan Lake.”  The veteran headlining ballerina, played by Wynona Ryder, is on her way out and an opportunity arises for this ballerina to become a principal.  Technically she is magnificent at the white swan role.  Her only problem is that she lacks the fire and bravado to play the black swan character.  The film centers on Natalie Portman’s character’s physical and psychological journey to become a principal ballerina.

Barbara Hershey plays Portman’s character’s mother and I hadn’t seen her since “Beaches” with Bette Midler!  She did an EXCELLENT job in this film and you have to remind yourself how different this role was from the sweet and subdued mother she played in Beaches.

I had watched the Oscars before I saw the film and was skeptical about Portman getting the win, but after seeing the film I know that it was well deserved.  There was also the scandal about Portman’s husband, who plays a male ballerina in the film and even more drama about Portman’s body double who did the majority of the dancing in the film.  I saw an Extra or E! news piece about the body double who accused Portman of taking credit for too much of the dancing in Black Swan.  The headline was “Did Natalie Portman really do the dancing in Black Swan?”  The dancer wanted to tell “the truth” to protect “an art form that takes many years to master.”  I can understand someone being offended who is a classically trained ballerina, but it wasn’t just the dancing that earned Portman the Oscar win!  Portman had to move like a ballerina and do some believable dance moves when the camera was on her, but more than that was the psychological core of her character that she had to get across to the audience, and that was what won her the Oscar!


xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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  • Smelly says:

    i totally love this movie! i can really relate to the ballerina played by natalie portman (nina) i have alot in common with her, my wife agrees. i can relate to absolutly everything she does, espeicially the lesbian scene.

  • Clara mc master says:

    yes yes i really do smelly

  • Clara mc master says:

    mabye we can meet up some time and have tea

  • Smelly says:

    yes i would injoy that

  • Anonymous says:

    Great film, I agree with Kristen. You have to see it to know what she’s talking about. Just be prepared to be confused until the end. I know I was…. as a matter of fact my little sis and I watched it together!! Good times 🙂