Collecting fall leaves with little ones can be an educational opportunity that is loads of fun!

Fall is here, holiday season is here!  Since becoming a mom, one of my most favorite things has been re-experiencing all our traditions with Kysen.  At two-and-a-half, it feels like he is really understanding the concepts of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas more and more (although he wouldn’t wear his Halloween costume).  From Halloween to New Years, this is such a special time for families both new and “seasoned.”

An act as mundane as picking beautifully colored fall leaves from the ground is re-invigorated by the fact that my child has never, up to this age, understood the uniqueness and beauty of this time of year.  I can’t describe how fun it was to watch him discover the beauty of the fall season.  As we were headed home from the playground, a tricky situation because he never, ever wants to leave, I tried to distract him from his I-want-to-stay-at-the-park anguish by looking down at the autumn leaves.  Exclaiming about the reds and yellows and oranges, he easily gave up on his resistance.  And we shared a beautiful moment of harvesting the prettiest leaves of the bunch and discussing their shapes, sizes and colors.  The next day it was pine cones and Kysen was just as enthralled.

There is something so fulfilling in the primitive urge that we as humans have to harvest beautiful things from nature.  Collecting fall leaves is the epitome of this phenomena.  Fall leaves are the free fodder of autumn creativity and I will be posting some craft ideas for you to do with your little ones!  But for the toddler-aged child, this is a wonderful way to introduce concepts like counting, identifying color and shapes and the fine motor skills needed for picking up leaves by their stems and figuring out how to hold a growing collection of leaves and still be able to bend down for more!

What makes this season fun for you as a Momma?  What do you like to do with the fall leaves you collect?      

xo, Kristen
Kristen Hong of Hello Nutritarian

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  • antM says:

    Try pressing the leaves between 2 sheets of wax paper.  Use a hot iron to seal the paper.   Hang up in a window.  Voila!  instant stained glass window.  

    • Miley's Mommy says:

      My mother and I used to do that! I cant wait for Miley to be old enough!

    • FUTURE MRS. W says:

      Me too 🙂

  • hipchicka3 says:

    1 year me & my daughter taped the pressed leaves on our front entrance mirror in a design like the wind was blowing them around  everyone loved!

  • Miley's Mommy says:

    Oh my what beautiful leaves!  This is truly my favorite season and its just beautiful here in NY 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    As a grandmomma I love watchin my grand babies play in the big ol piles of leaves in the back yard!  My baby baby loves to show grandma the prettiest leaves to!

  • everythingofcooking says:

    you’re right, it’s a wonderful timespending! We pick up autumn leaves together with my son every autumn and put them between an old book pages, it’s fun to look them through some time later