Valentine’s Day Banners

A heart garland can be as simple or intricate as you and the kiddies desire! Just break out the red craft paint!

One month to go until the day dedicated to love!  As a Momma, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to talk to your kids about love in its different manifestations: familial love, romantic love, the love amongst friends, even puppy love!  Get to talking about love in its many forms while making a simple Valentine’s Day decoration.  Try making this simple heart garland together as a family to get in the loving spirit!

The materials you use for your heart banner can be as simple as white construction paper and crayons or as extensive as breaking out the sewing machine and garment paint!  Keep in mind the age of your children to know which way to tackle this craft project.  I plan on giving Kysen a pink and red crayon and some white paper and cutting them into small flags that I can tape around some string and voila a handcrafted Valentine decoration by a two-year-old!



  • Burlap material (you can use cream or something more natural)
  • heart stencil (you can find at Michael’s)
  • stitch witchery (optional)
  • sewing machine
  • pencil
  • red fabric paint
  • paint brush or sponge
  • white twine or yarn


  1. Cut out your flags: Make rectangles in desired proportion (like 3 by 5 inches, you can base this on the size of the heart stencil you find).  Make sure to leave at least 1/2 inch on top of flag and 1/4 inches around the other three edges to turn under for a cleaner appearance.  You can also leave the edges raw.  If you are going to turn under the edges use “Stitch Witchery” iron on adhesive or use your iron and sewing machine to finish the edges.
  2. Make the hearts: Use your stencil and mark where on the flag you wish for the hearts to be, mark with pencil to keep placement consistent through all the flags.  Using your brush or sponge apply the red fabric paint to the flag using the stencil.  Let dry according to directions on paint.
  3. Attach to twine: Cut twine according to desired length.  Using iron turn the tops of the flags down a 1/4th inch.  Insert the folded flags onto twine and pin in place if desired.  Sew along tops of flags so the top of the flag envelops the twine.  Leave enough excess on the ends to tie the banner up as desired.

Hang your family’s banner in the kid’s rooms or in the living room where everyone can enjoy it!  Take a family picture with the banner then pack it away for next year and make it a yearly tradition!


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  1. hipchicka3

    lovin this idea to cute! i will make this with plin paper with my 4yo daughter we love doing crafty things together thanks!

  2. Miley's Mommy

    Darling banner I might do it in different colors so it could go in Miley’s room permanently, thanks for the idea!

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  4. Mimi

    This looks like a do-able project. Do you have any ideas for easy, handmade Valentines granddaughter Erika can make for her classmates?


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