The Nutritarian Food Prep Power Plan

Dr Fuhrman Eat to Live Plan nutritarian diet review no oil no added salt recipes Dr Fuhrman 6 week plan How Not to Die Dr GregerThe wait is OVER!

Yup, you’re not allowed to say that becoming nutritarian is “too hard”, “takes too much time”, or “you can’t eat normal food” ever again!  No more excuses to fall off track!

Because, if you can follow directions and check things off lists then you can become a weekly food-prepper super-star my friend.

There’s no doubt, Dr. Fuhrman does an amazing job laying out the science behind why we’re all so sick and overweight.  He outlines an aggressive 6-week weight-loss plan that we know works.

But his books fall short of providing us with a live-able way to cook every single meal at home and still retain our sanity!

Welcome to the solution…

nutritarian food prep power plan ebook meal prep Dr Fuhrman 6 week plan diet reviewI’ve been at this for four years now and the one thing I know is: This lifestyle is 100 times easier when you prep ahead!  It’s no surprise then that the #1 most popular post on this site is The Eat to Live Food Prep Guide–it’s been read and shared over 95,000 times!

In the food prep guide, I shared a basic weekly framework and I got a ton of feedback asking for MORE.  You wanted more detailed prepping weeks, you wanted more shopping lists, you wanted more step-by-step instructions and now you’ve got it!

This 117-page guide will turn you into a lean, mean nutritarian-food-prepping machine!

I mean, who doesn’t want their fridge to look like this?

nutritarian food prep power plan ebook hello nutritarian Dr fuhrman 6 week eat to live plan the end of dieting the end of diabetesSTOCKING YOUR FRIDGE FOR SUCCESS

And, really, this is what it’s all about!  When you’re fridge is stocked to the brim with easy-to-assemble-and-heat nutritarian meals there is no room for failure!

When you come home exhausted during the week, after a long day, and have to cook something different for the family–how in the world are you going to stay on track?

It’s a simple principle:  You have to invest the time when you’re not stressed to stay on-plan when you are stressed. 

When I finally understood this and started practicing weekly food prep everything got so. much. easier.  By doing batch cooking on the weekends, I set myself up to have an easy, breezy, week of nutritarian eating!

Well, I’ve organized it all for you!  Four amazing weeks exploring 4 different cuisines…

nutritarian food prep power plan ebook four meal prep weeks dr fuhrman eat to liveNO MORE BORING NUTRITARIAN FOOD

When you’re in this for the long-haul, when you’re out to earn health excellence, when you’re on a mission to reach your ideal weight, it’s going to take time.

That’s a lot of nutritarian meals ahead of you.   Trust me, you don’t want to be dreading the same old salad and soup or rice and beans.  Of course, there’s always a place for simple and easy, but to feel like your thriving on this plan you want to eat familiar food.

How’s mac n’ cheese, fried rice, pizza, pasta and tacos sound?  I though so!

You’ll enjoy a flavorful flight exploring four popular cuisines: American Classics, Asian Fusion, Italian Kitchen and Mexican Fiesta. 

easy no oil nutritarian meals Dr fuhrman eat to live 6 week program nutritarian food prep power planHere are some of the exclusive recipes you won’t find on the blog:

  • Creamy Broccoli Soup
  • Veggie-Sauce Mac N’ Cheese
  • Tofu-Ranch Wrap
  • Thai Carrot & Bok Choy “Noodle” Soup
  • Coconut-Peanut Tofu Tacos
  • Thai Lettuce Wraps
  • Un-Fried Rice & Salad Nourish Bowl
  • Noodle-Soup Nourish Bowl
  • Bean Pasta Minestrone Soup
  • Italian Quinoa Casserole
  • Tofu Ricotta & Eggplant Roll Ups
  • Kale Pita Pizza
  • Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Fajita Veggie Soup
  • Fiesta Spanish Rice
  • Mexican Nourish Bowl
  • Kale & Black Bean Stuffed Red Peppers

no oil salad dressing dr fuhrman eat to live nutritarian 6 week plan salad dressing ideas nutritarian food prep power planHonestly, nothing makes me happier than new oil-free, no-added salt, nutritarian salad dressings!

I’m so excited to share 6 new (freakin’ delicious) salad dressings in this ebook:

  • Creamy Un-Honey Mustard Dressing
  • Hemp-Tofu Ranch Dressing
  • Beet-Edamame Dressing
  • Green Onion & Cilantro Cashew Dressing
  • Sun-Dried Tomato & Bean Italian Dressing
  • Pepita-Lime Avocado Dressing

Oh and some amazing oil-free sauces too:

  • Veggie Cheese Sauce
  • Coconut-Peanut Sauce
  • Cauliflower-Cashew Alfredo Sauce
  • Nutritarian Enchilada Sauce

nutritarian food prep power plan recipes and resourcesHOW TO MAKE IT HAPPEN:

At the core of the Nutritarian Food Prep Power Plan is a 10-prep, 2-day system.  I’ve broken down Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritarian recommendations into a 10-prep system that makes it easy, tasty and effective to eat to live!

It all starts off with a nutritarian primer that goes over Dr. Furhman’s 6 week aggressive-weight-loss plan, common nutritarian challenges, and a how-to on how to set up your kitchen for weekly batch cooking.

Next, is learning the 10-prep system and how it ensures you meet Dr. Fuhrman’s daily recommendations! Finally, I guide you through 4 pre-planned prepping weeks while showing you a “Plug & Prep” system that you can use to create future plans of your own in the weeks and months to come.

But the best part of this plan has to be the resources!  You’ll have detailed weekly menus, shopping lists and Prep Checklists where I actually break down for you, step-by-step what to do during your prepping sessions.

Here are some of the other key resources in the book:

  • the nutritarian guidelines
  • a 6-week countdown calendar
  • a start-up cheklist
  • a pantry set-up list
  • a salad storage guide
  • a master salad bar shopping list

nutritarian food prep power plan facebook support groupLET’S CREATE A NEW COMMUNITY

Another part of the Nutritarian Food Prep Power Plan that I’m so excited about is this exclusive Facebook group.

Here you’ll find additional resources, more recipe pictures and answers to any questions or issues you have!  It’s also a prefect way to share custom weeks with fellow participants.

There are some amazing Dr. Fuhrman Facebook groups out there, but this is the very first that’s solely dedicated to weekly food prepping!

dr fuhrman eat to live 6 week plan nutritarian food prep power plan no oil salad dressing sauces dr greger plant based food prepARE YOU READY?

You have everything you need to start or optimize your nutritarian lifestyle and it’s completely organized and planned out just for YOU!

I’ve dedicated the past 4 years to helping new and seasoned nutritarians get more results.  Now, with the Nutritarian Food Prep Power Plan, I know I’ve given you every possible resource to succeed in your nutritarian lifestyle!

Follow the link below to learn even more, read up on our FAQs and purchase the plan…

nutritarian food-prep-power-plan ebookPurchase the Nutritarian Food Prep Power Plan here!

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Meet Kristen | Hello Nutritarian

Hi, I’m Kristen! I adopted a nutritarian lifestyle over four years ago and have been sharing my experiences ever since. I’ve found that a successful life stems from eating to live and it’s my mission to make this lifestyle doable for everyone who’s ready to end their issues with troubled eating, weight gain and food-related disease! If you make one of my recipes make sure to tag @hellonutritarian on Instagram or Facebook so I can show you some love!

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    1. Ashley Vail

      This is so great, I love your blog and all the great ideas and recipes! Thank you for making the ETL / nutrition life style so much easier!

    2. Rachel

      I’m so glad I found this page! Thank you for sharing your ideas so that this lifestyle is easier for others to follow!

  1. Elspeth

    This is so exciting.. I firmly believe that eating beautiful food is so important and you take beautiful food to the next level. Thanks for the opportunity and all your hard work.

  2. Anna

    This looks so beautiful and helpful! I think the hardest part of the nutritarian lifestyle is the prep. Having an easier way to streamline this would be perfect!! Plus I love all of your photos.

    1. Kristen

      Hi Anna!

      I agree with you! I really tried to come up with a system to make it easier. But doing the nutritarian plan in general is certainly an time investment!

      Thanks for joining the giveaway!

      xo, Kristen

      1. Karen

        I agree with you, Anna, & thank you, Kristen, for all your effort in filling in the gap that Dr. Fuhrman didn’t cover.
        His wife surely takes care of all that in their home having him to consult anytime.
        But, Kristen, you’ve come up with the winner. I look forward to studying your new e-book I just bought.

  3. Adrienne Dodson

    I am also new to nutritarianism. After years of struggling with PCOS, Celiac, blood sugar levels, and dairy allergies I am hoping this will help me take charge of my wellness! Thank you for great resources!

  4. Nickole

    New to all of this and found your site… it has been a huge help! Can’t wait to learn more!! I need to build my “recipe collection” to make this easy and fun for the whole family.

  5. Tabitha Meyet

    Oh I’ve been eagerly awaiting the book release! I love searching out new recipes. Hoping I win a book!

  6. Urvi

    Thanks for your time and energy! I’m really looking forward to prepping like a boss and not eat boring! Attempted my first week, but could certainly use your ebook and community for help for the long haul!

  7. Jen McCook

    I am thrilled that you put the guidebook together! Thank you for making it much easier to implement & enjoy eating nutritarian!

  8. Jordan Stromberg

    I love healthy, colourful food and this seems like it really simplifies everything I would need to do to make that happen daily!

  9. Kayla Zachary

    So excited! I just bought the e-book. I’ve been nutritarian for a year this week! And I am a little overwhelmed still. I am grateful for all the work you’ve put in! 🙂

  10. Alyssa Lipton

    You are an inspiration! I follow and adhere to Dr. Fuhrmann’s philosophy, and agree I could use some more hands-on at-home tips and photos and recipes just like yours! My son has food allergies, specifically sesame and walnuts, so I am always adjusting to maintain a healthy food plan for my family while keeping him safe. Thank you so much for writing your book, providing beautiful photos, and I lovvvvvve the mason jars! I hope I win!

  11. Pam

    I’m loving the book so far Kristen. I really think it is going to help me get prepped more efficiently and can’t wait to try the yummy recipes. I have used your recipes before in fact I am just going into the kitchen to prep the baked tofu fingers. Love these on my salads!! You are amazing and I appreciate all the hard work you put into this.

  12. Taylor

    I read Eat to Live a couple of months ago and started following the plan, but was so overwhelmed with everything! So far, this makes it look much more manageable. Thank you!!

  13. Deb shafeei

    The colorful pics are inspiring! Easy meal prep and tasty nutrition meals is so helpful. Looking forward to getting the book. I prefer a hard copy. Is it available? Thanks!

  14. Kim A.

    I have been wanting to “take the plunge” and start on a healthier eating / kiving path. I feel that this this it will be easy to get start. Thank you for putting this out there.

    1. Kristen

      I’m so, so happy for you both, Ruth!

      And thank you for your ebook purchase! I’m so excited to help you both succeed with weekly prepping!

      xo, Kristen

  15. Kate

    I’m excited to try this way of eating! I’ve been vegan for almost two years and I’ve struggled with what to eat since then. Now that I’m working out regularly, working full time and going to school full time, I find it hard to find healthy meals at the end of the day. I think this plan can give me a healthy, easy boost to my utterly sad diet!

    1. Kristen

      Hi Kate!

      So happy to hear that you’re ready to take your health to the next level!

      I totally hear you! That’s the biggest reason I started weekly prep–waiting till the end of the day to cook is for the birds!

      xo, Kristen

  16. Rebecca

    Becomming vegan a year and a half ago has really led me down a path of ultimate health. I’m just learning about the nutritarian way of eating. I came acrossyoh IG account and was blown away by all the beautiful food you have
    Prepared and as a mom of two young children I can use all the help I can get to make mealtime easier.. looking forward to starting this journey with your guidance!🍏🍎🍊🍇🍍🍆🍋🍠🌶🍉🍅

  17. Alene Tuttle

    What most excites me about this plan? EVERYTHING! I love good food but struggle to think up recipes in a hurry so this should make it easy!

  18. Elizabeth

    Super excited to get organized and be a better me! I always put my family first, now it is time to include me! Looking forward to being healthy to enjoy more activities with my 2 kids and husband. I really struggle with meal planning so this will help a ton!

  19. Stephanie___Elizabeth

    Your e-book is SO beautiful!! I am so grateful to have found you on Instagram & am looking forward to being healthier. The nutritarian way of living sounds so perfect, I can’t wait to experience this and see how my family feels after a month of yummy food. The pictures are stunning and the food sounds absolutely delicious. Thank you again Kristen 💕

  20. Heidi Klett

    Hi Kristen, I bought the e-book a few days ago. I know this is going to help me streamline my prep time so that I can eat super healthy in a fast and efficient way. The recipes look fantastic so I’m looking forward to trying these out and keeping healthy eating fresh and exciting!

  21. Kimberley Handley

    Food prepping will make consistently following a nutritarian lifestyle easy of those busy days. Thank you so much.

  22. Jacqueline

    I’m a busy mom, and almost all of my failures in keeping with the diet plan is lack of prep! So glad for you to make it easier!

  23. Lizzy Habib

    I can’t wait to learn more about meal prepping the nutritarian way. I am a music teacher and have to travel to multiple school sites per day. Having my meals (specifically lunches) prepped in advance will really help me stay on track.

  24. Anonymous

    I’m so excited to have the tools your providing to give myself and my family the healthy food they deserve!! I can do this!!

  25. Catrina

    Prepping my meals would take the hassle out of figuring what to make for dinner for myself, my 4 year old who eats a plant based diet, and my meat eating husband.

  26. Marlene

    I’m excited to learn some organizational skills to help me stay on track. I have knowledge and I have tons of recipes but putting that together to make a plan that works eludes me. I face the same questions everyday. What will we eat today?? And I hope to avoid the trap of just going out to grab something and we’ll do better tomorrow.

  27. gina

    so excited for the fact that your book is finally making me a person that can cook! On top of that, I am a healthy cook!” thanks again

  28. Deb shafeei

    I tried Dr F 6 week plan in the past and was successful but got tired and ran out of ideas… so gained a lot of unhealthy weight again:( This system you created looks so well done I’m hoping to implement ASAP to see results soon and keep this healthy lifestyle longer for sustainable health! Tx for your work! I love my book and binder!!!

  29. Wendy

    I just bought the book and can’t wait to check it out. Your beautiful photos really show how delicious healthy foods are.

  30. Marilyn Rose

    As a partially disabled homeschool mom of five (still at home), I need all the help I can get to make quick and easy meals! This plan looks like it for me. I love Dr. Fuhrman, and I look forward to getting into this course!

  31. Stephanie

    Kristen, the book was well worth the wait! I have read most of it, and I love the way you set it up. I’ve been following your blog since changing my eating habits at the beginning of November. I plan to start my 4 weeks this weekend, and am excited for the change in my menu. Thank you, again!

  32. Tamar

    I am a better follower than a leader so having someone else to some of the work sure helps. I am tired of plastic containers in the fridge. I think the jars will fit much better and look pretty to boot!!

  33. Seprettel

    I am excited about giving the nutritarian lifestyle another chance after failing a year ago. I am also excited that my husband is on board this time and wants to reverse his blood pressure issues!

  34. Erika

    This year I am striving to do a much better job at living the nutritarian lifestyle — and not just me – but really including my family – especially my four children! Learning and doing food prep and using your recipes will make it sooo much easier. Since moving back to the U.S. a few months ago I’m surprised how easy we slipped back into the processed food trap– purchasing fruit snacks and granola bars and goldfish …etc. for the kiddos was so easy but I know it does no good for their health. With the new year it’s time to change things around our household! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication☺️!

  35. Ingunn

    Squee! I’ve never tried big-batch food prepping before, but I just had my second baby, and when my husband goes back to work I doubt I’ll have time to cook new meals every day – time to dive into this whole new world!

  36. Caitlan

    I am so excited to be prepared! Sticking to a meal plan is so much easier if everything is ready to eat. Im excited to feel better and be healthier! Your blog makes this seem so much less intimidating!!

  37. Kathe

    Thanks! Great tips and looking forward to trying your recipes too!
    For me a challenging part of being a nutritarian has been that my husband doesn’t want to change his SAD way of eating, resulting in having to make 2 separate menus for most meals, or I just have soup and salad because I’m not up to planning and cooking 2 different menus. The more I have prepped in advance the easier for me as the cook, but also the greater variety and satisfaction in my own meal. Thank you for your blueprint to combat these challenges!

  38. Stephanie

    I just love Dr. Furman and his plan, but like you I have struggled with keeping on plan in a busy everyday world. I’m so excited to have access to a plan that can help me win the struggle!

  39. Cassandra

    I just bought this and am loving it! Thank you so much for all of your time and effort put into creating this!

  40. Diane

    Thanks for this fantastic website! I can’t wait to share it with my sister who turned me on to the Eat to Live book.

  41. Angie Gouchenour

    I commented on your Facebook post, and I can’t get over your vibrant colors! I love the storage in your fridge. I’m an organizer of everything and that is a beautiful site to me. lol Thanks for the chance to enter!

  42. Kelly

    I have Dr. Furhman’s Eat-to-Live book and followed it years ago, but need to jump back on the wagon and your blog has been helping me work up the desire to do just that!

  43. Dora Hernandez

    My sister just told me of your site and that I should follow it. She is right and will be doing so. I have been on a up and down journey of trying to eat entirely plant based. I believe the Nutrttarian Food Prep Plan will help me get there.

  44. Lisa

    I have recently moved and fallen off the nutritarian wagon. Your prep plan looks like exactly what I need to get back on!

  45. Kimberly Bolton

    I’m so excited to have found this and started my journey with you! Thank you for sharing what you found helpful!

  46. Tiffany

    This is my year to work as hard as I can to become nutritarian. Your book can hopefully simplify the plan for me. Thanks for your thoughtful work.

  47. Jodi

    I purchased NFPPP last week, did the two day prep and am on day 3 of the program.
    Thank you! Your book is so helpful and I am enjoying the recipes. I believe food planning and prep is key and your plan has simplified this greatly!

  48. Brittney

    I am super excited for the new book! I’ve been back on the nutritarian track since the new year and am loving it and can’t remember why I ever left 🙂 Thank you for all of your hard work!

  49. Lennox

    Your website is super helpful in terms of coming up with new recipes and strategies. Thank you! I look forward to the e-book!

  50. Samantha Hughes

    I have been working very hard over the last two years to switch to nutritarian eating. It always seems like it comes and goes depending on the amount of time I have to dedicate to it. I am snagging a copy of your book today and I just know that it will help me make a plan, prep, and stick to eat to live forever! I can’t wait! And I would love to win those adorable jars and white lids, too!! Thank you so much for your dedication and behind the scenes support!!

  51. Elspeth

    I bought this a few days ago and am so glad I did. Absolutely worth every penny. Im getting excited for the drawing tomorrow.

  52. Kim Rawson

    I love your amazing recipes. So easy and affordable and amazingly delicious. I’ve passed on the 7 day salad cleanse. The cleansers I’ve done have left me feeling so blah and weak. I felt so revived and energized. So glad to have found you on Pinterest. Looking forward to more exciting information and motivational items you come up with in 2017.

  53. Dana Mills Danner

    I’m halfway through week 1 and love, love, LOVE coming home from work knowing that not only is dinner made, but tomorrow’s meals, as well. All I have to do is plate and eat!

  54. Doris Graumann

    Kristen, thank you so much for creating the tools someone like me needed become successful. I’m very new at this but now have the confidence needed to change my eating lifestyle to a more healthy one. ETL is a great program and there are many testimonials encouraging all of us but with your wonderful book, failure is now out of the question. Thank you for your book, your emails and your blog. Thank you for keeping everyone informed.

  55. Diane Bradley

    Can’t wait to learn better prepping techniques through your book and really look forward to learning ways to incorporate healthy foods. I know I can check off lists and cook on the weekends … just need to learn what to do and when to do it! Thanks so much for the opportunity to enjoy the Mason jars to make things easier! And many thanks for all the beautiful photographs and inspiring words.

  56. Genevieve

    Hi! Is this the place to leave a review for the book? Or is there another place to leave a book-specific review and rating?

  57. Holly Roberts

    I bought the book and read it this week. I am spending the weekend with my pantry and fridge prep and then the grocery store. Thank you for showing up how to up our game.


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