Inspirational Quote Printable: How You React

Inspirational Life Quotes Its not what happens that counts it how you react free printableBeing a girlboss ain’t easy.

Can I get an amen?

A few weeks ago I talked about how direct sales has taught me a lot about my weaknesses.  One of the hardest things for me since I joined Stella & Dot is overcoming setbacks.  Typically this comes in the form of party cancellations or rescheduling.

Yup, in the beginning, this would totally get me down.  Pity parties ensued.  Over time I’ve learned how to react.  I came across this inspirational quote on Pinterest (I hoard all of my inspirational life quotes on my Pinterest board, “You Live, You Learn” ), and I knew it was a good one for me to beautify and hang in the office.

Inspirational Life Quotes Free Printable Office Artwork Stella & Dot Yes, even after 2 years in this business, I can still get knocked down by setbacks.

The good news is now I expect them.  I know that every. single. month. they are going to happen.

I’m learning how to plan my calendar to account for setbacks and cancellations.  I’m also trying to set more realistic goals that allow enough wiggle room for the setbacks I know are headed my way.  A

s a girlboss you have to be your own motivator and cheerleader at all times–trying your hardest to stay positive will always help you to keep moving forward!

Inspirational Life Quote Free Printable How you react

Get the FREE .pdf here: How You React Office Art by  Hang this bad boy up with some glitter tape, beautify, and get back to work!

Stay sparkly my friends, Kristen

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