Gaining Too Much Weight During Pregnancy

The thing I dread most about the OBGYN is getting on the scale, gaining too much weight and being politely lectured about it by a man with a beer belly hanging over his belt!



The good old days of “you’re eating for two” have been replaced by prenatal Pilates and magazines dubbed “Fit Pregnancy,” featuring articles like: “Jog into your 7-month!” As if it wasn’t enough that we have to compare ourselves to supermodels and celebrities when we’re not pregnant, now we have to compare ourselves to the new generation of yoga-bending, quinoa-eating pregnant mommas-to-be! The problem is, that was just who I wanted to be with my second pregnancy.

I swore I would do it differently this time around. I envisioned myself continuing to eat vegan at least for the first trimester and going on my morning walks everyday! I would stay within my recommended pregnancy weight gain bracket to better allow myself to easily loose the baby weight after the birth! I would NOT allow myself to gain the 78 pounds that I did with Kysen after reaching the lowest weight I had been since college! Yes ladies, the pipe dreams were vivid and they lulled me into thinking this would all be easy.

I had a vision of being the perfectly-pregnant earth-goddess this time around, now it's looking like anything but.

After getting pregnant on our first try, right in the midst of the holiday season, and having a totally different experience than I’d had with my first, my best laid plans were engulfed in the flames of a tumultuous first trimester. With my first pregnancy I had NO morning sickness–I was very lucky then and very naive to think that “it can’t happen to me.” The never-ending morning sickness hit me hard and fast, and was all delightfully kicked off by a bout of gastroenteritis. I went into what my OBGYN lovingly refers to as “survival mode,” since eating was the only thing that temporarily made me feel better from the nausea. When I didn’t eat the nausea got worse, when I was hungry it was almost unbearable. And what did I want to eat? Well, just think the total opposite of a vegan diet! Vegetables made me sick and I insisted that everything I ate was covered with melted cheese! By the end of my 1st trimester I had gained 11 pounds. Then the self-loathing set in!


I honestly feel bombarded my this convenient little ditty (of course being really bitter doesn’t help). My body obviously doesn’t care about what the medical community recommends for pregnancy weight gain. But here it is for your viewing pleasure:

  • A woman of average weight before pregnancy should gain 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy.
  • Underweight women should gain 28-40 pounds during pregnancy.
  • Overweight women may need to gain only 15-25 pounds during pregnancy.


This is the scientific justification that makes the junk up there make sense.

  • Baby = 8 pounds
  • Placenta = 2-3 pounds
  • Amniotic Fluid = 2-3 pounds
  • Breast Tissue = 2-3 pounds (Seriously? That’s it? They obviously haven’t seen mine!)
  • Blood Supply = 4 pounds
  • Fat Stores (for delivery & breastfeeding) = 5-9 pounds
  • Uterus Increase = 2-5 pounds
  • TOTAL = 25-35 pounds (How cute, barf!)

Who are they basing this off of? I am a six-foot person, there is no way my uterus weighs the same as a woman who is 5 foot 3 inches! My body is just plain bigger, so of course my blood supply is more than the average height woman. (Justify much?) Our ideal weights are based on our heights, shouldn’t this be adjusted as well? Can’t they make us a calculator that’s based on our height and frame?


The truth is, staying within the recommended weight range for pregnancy takes the same thing that maintaining your normal healthy weight does: a whole lot of WORK and DISCIPLINE. Controlling your portions and what you eat during pregnancy is especially challenging for me. There is no payoff, like when you’re not pregnant. Normally, if you eat less you loose weight, but when you’re pregnant and you don’t go crazy and eat everything you like you don’t loose anything! You keep gaining–just not as fast and not as much.

Unless you’re blessed with great genes, you are working hard at keeping a healthy weight during pregnancy. I honestly admire the dedication of such mommas, but I’ve realized I’m just not one of them. I also believe that bodies interpret being pregnancy differently, some retain water and pack on weight while others don’t. I’m guessing I can be found in the pack-on-the-weight category.


After my 1st trimester I felt pretty bad about myself. The ideal that I had in my head before getting pregnant was unattainable. I wanted the perfect bump–you know where it is all bump and nothing more–just me with a bump! I had to come to terms that it’s going to be me covered with a layer of fat and then a bump. I’m done beating myself up for not meeting this ideal I had in my head. Some women are blessed with looking fabulous during pregnancy, and that’s just not me. My arms get fat, my legs gets fat, my face gets fat, and I just don’t feel my best. I’ve decided that I don’t have to be anything other than what makes me comfortable. I’m taking a stand! Honestly, I’m not buying the one-size-fits-all pregnancy weight gain guidelines anymore.

What did you expect to gain before you got pregnant? What did you end up weighing? Did you gain more than the recommended range? Are you feeling down about your pregnancy weight gain?


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  1. hipchicka3

    HAHA HA AHA HA! this one cracked me up ! lovin ur honesty I felt the same way when i was preggers with DS just 4 years ago, i’m not going to do that ever again! still laughinf while i type this 😀

  2. SheilaSellsSeashells

    i was one of the lucky ones i only gained 27 pounds with my daughter.  But i am very petite  so the 27 pounds was like 60 on a normal woman. i ate things i wanted it granted was 14 years ago


     EVERYONE I’ve talked to about the 2nd one says it was harder for the weight to come off.  I have no experience yet but DF and I want to have at least 3 kids so you can bet I’m interested to know!


    I am MAKING DF (he’ll be DH by then!!) go with me to see this movie! I already have to book its like the bible of pregnancy my friends say!

  5. lisa

    Aiden is 1 year in August and I am still trying to loose the weight. I gained 38 pounds with him and his is my first I was running 10ks before I got pregnant my energy seems sapped lately I am making a big push to get back to pre-Aiden weight before his birthday so Wish me luck!

  6. QR84LibraMom

    I gained a good bit with my daughter but lost it all that next year . We are plannign to have another next year well see what happens

  7. Anonymous

    Funny stuff here, lol I actually saw this movie in the theater with my girlfriend who is 6 months along we were both busting a gut. Speaking of guts I gained more than I should have to but i lost it all purtty fast so dont sweat it

  8. Gabby R. Wilson

    Just saw this post! You are funnnn-y! My “milk jugs” got huuuge and when my milk got in it was like their own zip code huge! I gained  43 pounds and lost it all after 6 months I only have one so we’ll have to see what happens the 2nd time we conceive baby number 2! Hubbie keeps putting it off but I think we will start trying in early 2013

    1. Gabby R.

      I love this post aint it the truth! I wish to report that with baby number 2 Ive gained waaaay more. Over 50 pounds! l feel like I will never be normal again, three days to go then we will be talking induction thankheavens.


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