Eggplant & Red Pepper Pita

Eat to Live Program Dr Fuhrman Nutritarian Recipe Eggplant and Red Pepper pita sandwichHere’s a delicious twist on Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live program’s Portobello & Red Pepper pita recipe!  I had some leftover eggplant after making a recipe (don’t worry, it’s coming!) and I decided to chop it up and broil it in the oven.  And since I had almost all the rest of the ingredients for the Portobello pita recipe I decided to give it a go with the eggplant.  I’m happy to report it’s just as delicious!

Nutritarian Eggplant and Red Pepper Pita RecipeIt’s very easy to make, just follow the Portobello & Red Pepper pita recipe here but sub the eggplant for the mushrooms and onions.  The eggplant will cook at 375 degrees for about 10-15 minutes keep an eye on it until it just starts to brown and it’s ready to come out.  Don’t forget to slather it up with this delicious Tahini-Date sauce–that is an absolute must!


Dr. Fhurman Eat to Live Program Recipe Eggplant and Red pepper Pita

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  1. hazzeltoz

    Thank you so much for this website, your 6-week diary and the recipes. I am only on day 3 and this morning avoided both donuts and bundt cake in the staff lounge at work! This is really hard work, but I’m motivated to finish this week, and maybe even another!

    1. Kristen

      Hi!! I’m so happy you found the site!! Day 3 is a hard one! I have no better advice than to take it a day at a time! Also, weigh yourself everyday this week because it is dramatic how fast it comes off the first week without added salt and oils in your diet! This will also help keep you motivated! Nutritional excellence is hard work but you will be SO proud of yourself at the end of those 6 weeks when everyone else is complaining of gaining weight during the holidays!

      Could you please let me know how you found the site? Was it Google, Pinterest or some other way–I’m trying to get a better gauge! Thanks so much and please keep me posted–I’ll be cheering you on!


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