Beyonce’s Baby Blue

Beyonce welcomes a healthy baby girl, Blue.

Who is B.I.C.?  An artist featured on Jay-Z’s latest single “Glory”?  No!  It’s Beyonce and Jay-Z’s little bundle of joy: Blue Ivy Carter, who just arrived this past weekend!  It’s been reported that Beyonce had Blue via c-section and the couple paid $1.3 to rent out an entire wing of the Lennox Hill Hospital in NYC where Blue was born.

Apparently there has been a lot of talk about this highly-anticipated birth that until now I had no idea of–I am not an avid twitter-er!  There is the rumor that Beyonce was never really carrying the baby and that a surrogate did, evidenced by a video of Beyone’s belly collapsing during an Australian publicity interview earlier in the pregnancy.  I am usually sympathetic of conspiracy theories but just thinking logically, I don’t think Beyonce and Jay-Z would risk faking a pregnancy and potentially being found out–that would be a severe blow to their public perception which would in turn equal less money.

Now that Blue is actually here, a new conspiracy theory has emerged: Beyonce and Jay-Z are part of the Illuminati as evidenced by them spelling their daughter’s name a certain way.  Apparently, this has been all over Twitter since the name of the babe was revealed (reportedly by good friend Gwyenth Paltrow).  Theorists claim that the initials of Blue equate to the Latin words for “daughter of the devil.”  Imagine being only minutes old and already SO much drama a speculation about your existence!  This is another one I don’t believe and maybe Twitter-ers were just reluctant to give up on the pre-birth baby hype!

What is nice to hear is that Beyonce had Blue via c-section, although nothing is really confirmed at this point.  I hope it is true because any good publicity that c-section deliveries can get these days will only help soon-to-be-mothers that are constantly bombarded with negative c-section stories and opinions.  Time will prove if Beyonce did deliver via c-section, but either way I am sure she and Beyonce are enjoying the wonder and gift of parenting!

I can’t help but choose the word “destiny” when considering that baby Blue turned out to be a girl.  In the 2006 “Kingdom Come” song “Beach Chair” featuring Chris Martin, Jay-Z predicts that he would have a daughter:  “See I got demons in my past, So I got daughters on the way, If the prophecy’s correct, Then the child should have to pay, For the sins of her father, So I barter my tomorrows, Against my yesterdays In hopes that she’ll be okay, And when I’m no longer here to shade her face from the glare, I’ll give her my share of  Carol’s daughter and a shinny new beach chair.”  I remember thinking at the time that it would be crazy if he was right, but hey, he had a 50% chance, right?

Yet more interesting Blue news was gleaned from the private release of “Glory” on Jay-Z’s official website.  In the song, jay-Z reveals that he and Beyonce had endured a previous miscarriage and that Blue was a fighter who made it through.  At the end of the song you also hear a baby cooing and given the fact that B.I.C. is “featured” in the song one can only assume it was baby Blue.  What more fitting way for the musical couple to introduce their bundle to the rest of the world?

As a Momma, do you care about the birth (or surrounding drama) of Blue Ivy Carter?  Do you think it was “right” for Beyonce and Jay-Z to rent out the whole hospital floor (there has been a lot of buzz about this topic on mommy sites)? 

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  1. hipchicka3

    i heard that some parents were not able to see their children in the NICU which was not right, but when ur so freakin famous how do you keep your new baby safe? its a hard thing to balance
    i heard she didnt have the csection after all ts hard to believe first reports

  2. Miley's Mommy

    We love tearing down celebrities even during one of the most “real” and special times in their lives. If i were as popular as Beyonce you better believe id have extra escurity with so many sickos out there. Its about balancing the risks for their baby versus the normal child i think

  3. SheilaSellsSeashells

    With health care costs climbing every year I predict it will cost 1.3 million in co pays to have a baby one day for the rest of us! Honestly I could care less about Bay Blue or her parents 


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